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Light and Sound meditation teacher discusses light and sound meditation

Light and Sound Meditation, What is it Exactly?

[Filmed on 3rd June 2016] What is Light and Sound Meditation? How is it Different?

In this question and answer video I provide an overview of inner light and sound meditation, also known as spiritual or higher light and sound meditation. This is a good introduction to light and sound meditation and topics including what are the lower seven levels of creation including the astral, mental, etheric and physical planes. The video was based on my knowledge of Light and Sound energy at that time, both from direct experience and from my previous teachers. In time my understanding of light and sound would deepen and evolve as I started channelling the books including Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH. Although some of this new information brings about a change in understanding much of the information within this video still holds true and provides a good basis of understanding.

My personal experience is that I was initiated into light and sound energy in 1998 having already meditated for about 16 years. I have since done over 10,000 hours of meditation and at the time of filming the above video had began revealing light and sound energy to students in a process some call “initiation”. I draw on these experiences and also the information shared with me by many of the light and sound meditation teachers that had helped me when I first started.

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