Progress in Meditation

How to Prepare to Progress to the Next Step in Your Meditation

How to prepare to progress to the next step in your meditation

The question of how to progress in meditation is never more relevant than when there is the opportunity to experience much more advanced forms of meditation like spiritual light and sound meditation. There are aspects of progression that may be beyond your own personal control, for example, receiving the gift of Light cannot be demanded or made to happen, it will only be given when you are ready. But getting yourself ready is within your control and the advice within the video above is very helpful for anyone wishing to progress.

Update 10th January 2020: Since the video above was filmed I have channelled a lot more information about how to help people progress in meditation. I would say that all the advice above still holds true and the new information adds to this advice. One of the key things to advancing is your own level of ego, and this applies to everyone. Understanding the role ego plays in holding you back in life and in meditation can really set you free. The book The Way Back: The Six Virtues will really help with this understanding and the Six Virtues are the foundation upon which progress spiritually can be made.

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Sometimes too people get stuck in a rut in terms of their meditation and can even remain doing the same thing day in and out for years without any sense of progress. An example of this was Mick who had done transcendental meditation for several decades. He had reached a plateau and wasn’t going any further. In this video below he shares his experiences of what it was like to suddenly progress, when he was given guidance from a more experienced meditation teacher:

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