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Healing Meditation: an Empowering Form of Breath Meditation

Breath meditation is a fundamental step in accessing many of the health, wellbeing, and psychological benefits from meditating. People have reported healing effects from meditation like better sleep, reduced blood pressure, and decreased levels of stress and anxiety.

My most favourite thing about meditation is that it helps me to relax. I relax when I watch television but my mind is still thinking about other things, but in meditation I and my mind feel still. I am much calmer when I meditate as it takes the stress away and it helps me to sleep much better.

A Young Teenager

A Young Teenager

On a recent visit to the doctor for routine blood pressure readings, when the doctor placed the cuff on my arm, I started to use the breathing techniques as learned in your meditation classes. The doctor was baffled as the first reading was high but the subsequent readings were normal. The breathing techniques are obviously making a difference. The doctor had been going to increase my blood pressure medication but didn’t as a result of the improved readings. Thank you Mark! Cheers Pearl Lewis.

Pearl Lewis

Pearl Lewis

Hi Mark, I just wanted to thank you for my first meditation session, it was amazing! It stayed with me all day and I meditated before going to bed, slept straight away and didn’t wake once, slept 11 hours! Meditated before getting up this morning too. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU.

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Michele J

Michele J

I run the staff health and wellbeing programme and as part of our choose wellbeing month at the end of 2013, we invited Mark to run an hour long meditation session. We had just over 20 staff attend and the feedback was great. People saying that they felt totally energized afterwards, and that it gave them just that quiet 25 to 30 mins just to decompress at the end of the day really. People also said it was a really thought out session and they really appreciated the time just to take some time to be still at the end of the day. Following on from our session Mark recorded a podcast for us with a quick tutorial dispelling some myths around meditation and offering some hints and tips.

Gemma Wright

Gemma Wright

NHS Employers, Leeds

Learning this meditation technique is easy and enjoyable when given proper guidance like the video above. But the benefits of breath meditation go well beyond healing because it can also help prepare for your spiritual journey.

Make Meditation Part of Your Daily Healing Routine

Once you have watched the video above then below is an extended version of just the guided meditation. This makes it easier to practice this empowering and healing form of breath meditation. The more you practice the more benefits you get.

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As well as watching the video above you can also listen or download this guided meditation as an MP3.

[21] Counting Breath – Guided Meditation

The Way Back Guided Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Guided Meditation Podcast
[21] Counting Breath - Guided Meditation

Did you know that we have over 20 free guided meditations for you to enjoy?

Many people start meditation because they are looking for wellbeing and health benefits. However they often then discover that there are even more benefits from meditation. Experience has shown that there are four main reasons why people might want to start meditating. Healing is one of them, we discuss the other reasons here.

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