Light and Sound meditation teacher discusses light and sound meditation

Energy Meditation on Inner Light and Sound, What is it Exactly?

In this question and answer video I provide an overview of inner light and sound energy meditation, also known as spiritual or higher light and sound. This is a good overview to the light and sound energy and topics including what are the lower seven levels of creation including the astral, mental, etheric and physical planes.

The video [Filmed on 3rd June 2016] was based on my knowledge of light and sound energy at that time, both from direct experience and also from my previous meditation teachers.

What is energy meditation on light and sound?

In time my understanding of light and sound would deepen and evolve as I started channelling the books including Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH.

Several years after this video was filmed I channelled much more refined information about light and sound and how to meditate upon it, much of which is available in book 3. Although some of this new information brings about a deeper understanding much of the information within this video still holds true and provides a good foundation for anyone considering advancing to energy meditation.

My personal experience is that I was initiated into light and sound energy in 1998 having already meditated for about 16 years. I have since done over 10,000 hours of energy meditation and at the time of filming the above video had began revealing light and sound energy to students in a process some call “initiation”.

I draw on these experiences and also the information shared with me by many of the light and sound meditation teachers that had helped me when I first started.

A Brief History of Light and Sound Meditation

The Light has always existed, but it is only recently within humanity’s spiritual evolution that we have had the potential to access it. One of the first spiritual teachers was Lord Krishna and later on Quan Yin, both of whom are now what some people refer to as ascended masters, or inner teachers.

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How Spiritual Light Different to other forms of Light meditation?

Several thousand years later and there are now about 65 groups on the planet teaching “light and sound energy meditation” and it can be confusing for a seeker of truth to know what to make of the variety of choice. Naturally there are many questions including:

  • Q “Are they all revealing spiritual light or are some revealing lower forms of inner light?
  • Q “Why do some claim that initiation is possible without touch while others say it must be done through touch in the same way that Lord Krishna and Quan Yin first did it?
  • Q “How do I know if I have been initiated and what should I expect from light and sound meditation?” – this article on initiation may interest you.

Our goal is to educate, to shine a metaphoric light on the subject and to spark your interest. Many followers and members of The Way Back first started with other groups and so we cover a wide range of experience and backgrounds. Ultimately there is only one Source and only one spiritual light and we hope that the information you find on this site helps guide you on your spiritual journey to discover your true and amazing potential. Whichever fork in the road you choose to take, we are here to help, if we can.

We hope you enjoy the video above and feel free to share the information on this site with any other fellow seekers of TRUTH. There are many more resources and videos on this site related to the subject of energy meditation.

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