Meditation for Anxiety and Stress

Make the Best Decision: Stress & Anxiety Free with Meditation

When it comes to each big decision in life, you might find yourself becoming stressed or anxious. After all, we don’t want to regret our choices. In 2016 I recorded a two part video series addressing this very issue. I did this because people kept on asking me questions like:

  • Can I get answers to my questions from meditation?
  • Is it possible to know the right thing to do?
  • Can I tune in and be guided to make the best choice?

In 2020 I merged the two videos together to create a new podcast which focusses on using meditation to make the best decision.

#26 “Make the Best Decision: Stress free with meditation”

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#26 "Make the Best Decision: Stress free with meditation"

However the two videos provide extra content not found in the podcast above. In particular video part 1 goes into detail about tuning into your future’s potential through divination. I therefore give a spiritual insight into the basis for tarot, scrying and dowsing.

Video Part 1: Overcoming Stress and Anxiety Over Decision Making

In this video we discuss how meditation can be used to overcome stress and anxiety involved in making a choice so that by using meditation you can make the best decision.

This video also investigates more esoteric aspects of choice making including tarot, scrying and things like this.

If you have a choice or decision such as which job to apply for, stay or leave a partner, relocate or stay, these kind of big decisions then using the techniques shown here you can tap into a more powerful state for deciding, which comes from stillness.

We also explore a little of how people sometimes actually create their own anxiety and stress.

Video Part 2. Guided Meditation for Making the Best Decisions

Mark Zaretti Meditation teacher
Do you have stress and anxiety over decisions?

Meditation to make the best decision

Many people feel anxiety over decision making because they don’t want to get things wrong. Often there is a conflict between logic and emotions when there is a choice. It is for this reason that meditation can help since it creates a still place outside of your emotions and mind. When you sit in this inner stillness you can be more intuitive and answers come much easier.
The benefits of meditation go well beyond overcoming decision anxiety and can help resolve general stress and anxiety. We provide lots of practical guidance to help you learn meditation.

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