How to still your mind in medition

Calm Mind: How to Calm Your Mind in Meditation. Is it even Possible?

Often you hear people saying things like “I can’t make my mind still enough to meditate“. Another classic complaint is “my mind can’t be calm“. Similarly people sometimes ask “how do you calm your mind in meditation?”.

Well this video is all about your mind and how it is during meditation from an observational perspective. Mark discusses the nature of your mind because understanding this can help you overcome limits. As a result of understanding thoughts better you can find more stillness within your meditation.

The video above is also available to download as a free MP3 podcast. For even more inspiration then we have lots of podcasts and guided meditations to dowload.

#03 “Can You Still Your Mind?”

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#03 "Can You Still Your Mind?"
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Meditation Podcast - Mark Zaretti
What’s the secret to a good meditate?

Is it really a calm mind?

In a more recent video I explore the steps to easily go into meditation. From that video you will discover that it’s not about your mind so much as your heart. So I really recommend watching that video too.

Update: 10th Jan 2020. Over the years since I made this video (2016) I have channelled a lot more information about meditation. I’ve also learnt more about how the mind works. Because I want you to enjoy meditation this new information will be available in book #3. The information and observations in this video above are still of value to anyone exploring meditation. I wish you all the best in your meditation! – Mark

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