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9 ways to Improve your Meditation

9 Ways to Improve Your Meditation if you Feel Stuck

VLOG #2, 9 Ways to Improve your Meditation if you are Stuck or Struggling.

In this video I discuss nine different ways you can improve your meditation if you feel stuck or blocked to get deeper, stiller and into more profound levels of awareness. The advice in this video will help you whether you are a complete beginner or someone with years of experience. Even if you are not stuck in your meditation, some of the ideas presented may help you to improve your meditation, taking your meditation to the next level.

I created this video to help people whether they are beginners or much more advanced, including those meditating on the spiritual light and sound energy. It’s the kind of video I wish I had watched when I first started meditating. I know what it is like when you feel like “you have reached a limit” or “plateaued” in your meditation. We’ve all been there and it is through sharing advice like these different ways to improve your meditation that we can all learn and grow spiritually. If you’ve found this helpful please share it with others and help support us too.

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