Q: Who decides if I can be initiated?

As you read the information in this website and the books you will discover that initiation is a gift and it comes from higher spiritual beings. Ultimately it is a gift through them from God and it starts the journey of your spirit returning to Unity, to God. The decision to initiate is made by these higher spiritual beings, known to some as the Ascended Masters. The energy of initiation cannot flow unless the higher spiritual beings release it.

Before you can be initiated a senior teacher of The Way Back consults with the Ascended Masters to ensure that they approve of the initiation. Their decision is final. It may be “no” or it may be “not yet”.

Initiation is a gift, it is not however a right or something that can be demanded by anyone. Since the highest spiritual goal of any human is to be initiated and to attain enlightenment, then the Ascended Masters would only indicate that initiation should not proceed if there was good reason. Not every person is ready for initiation in this lifetime even if they believe they are. This is why humility and trust are so essential since they prevent ego from being the reason initiation is desired.

The Ascended Masters want everyone to be initiated since it is an important step towards spiritual fulfilment. They also appreciate the fact that your soul is learning over many lifetimes so it may simply be that you are not ready in this lifetime. However the guidance we provide, much of which is channelled directly from the Ascended Masters, will help you prepare for initiation by developing your soul spiritually.

The more your soul develops towards love the more “ready” you are for initiation and if there is synchronicity, the opportunity, and it is aligned with your personal life-plan then you will be guided towards initiation. But even if you do not receive initiation your soul development in this life time will carry with you into the next.

We share many articles and videos about the purpose of the soul journey, because it is through the soul’s growth that you become ready for initiation. No amount of meditation can prepare you unless your soul is spiritually ready. Here is a lovely video which goes into detail about the soul journey and life-purpose. There is also an in-depth discussion on these topics in the comments of an article here.