Q: What is the difference between The Way Back Meditation and other forms of Meditation?

This is probably one of the most common questions and it is a very good question to ask because not all types meditation will have the same results, even if they look similar (eyes closed, sitting comfortably).

To understand what makes one type of meditation different from another you need to first appreciate that you are special and that you have different parts to yourself. Namely these include your soul, spirit, consciousness, mind, emotions, etheric body, aura and physical body.

Different kinds of meditation interact with different parts of you. For example mindfulness meditation, as the name suggests will work with your mind and although that is of benefit it has nothing to do with your soul or spirit.

Breath meditation, chanting, yoga, walking meditation and these kinds of approaches are all involving the body and so, while they can relax you and be of great benefit to your health and wellbeing they will not reveal higher consciousness that is nothing to do with your body.

The list is really quite long so below we’ve listed some of the popular types of meditation and what it is they are working with:

Breath: body, mind, etheric and aura

Chanting: body, mind

Crystal: etheric and aura awareness

Kundalini: body, etheric and aura based energy

Mantra: mind

Mindfulness: mind

Visualisation: mind

Yoga: body, mind

The Way Back approach starts by teaching breath meditation to prepare you for advanced meditation, but it is only seen as a beneficial tool, a “stepping stone” to something more profound. Although mantras have been historically used in rare cases these too are only a means to an end and are not considered meditation to The Way Back.

The Way Back meditation starts when a person gains access to the spiritual light and sound energy of God, in a process some people call initiation. Many people, just like you, have experienced this for themselves and have benefited from “light and sound meditation“.

Spirit based meditation, not mind based

What makes this kind of meditation different from other forms of meditation is that it is not based on any of your parts that you can experience using the many forms of meditation above. These spiritual light and sound energies work directly with your spirit and as such The Way Back meditation is spiritual rather than mental in nature.

It is through this light and sound energy that your spirit and your awareness are raised up and you get to discover something new, rather than more of what you already had access to. This is one of the common and defining experiences of those who begin light and sound meditation: that there is a whole new form of inner experience which has nothing to do with the body, emotions, chakras, aura, etheric body, mind, kundalini or imagination.

What we have discussed above is only a short answer, to fully understand how special this type of meditation is you have to experience it because this is not an intellectual journey, it is one of experience, revelation and ultimately love… that simply cannot be put easily into words.

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