Q: What is it “the way back” to?

There is a specific reason for the name which will probably make more sense as humanity and Earth evolves spiritually. For now it’s easiest to understand as the name referring to “The Way Back to SPIRITUALITY“, which also means it is “The Way Back to LOVE“. One of our founders has also suggested that perhaps it means “The Way has come Back” since much of the teachings and books are channelled from the ancient spiritual teachers.

While it is entertaining to speculate on the name, it is important to understand that the name was given, and that there is significance. But it is also valuable to turn the question around and ask you that as someone who follows The Way Back, “where has it led you?” and “what have you discovered?“.

Because what matters most in your life is what you know to be true from you own experiences and The Way Back is ultimately here to reveal to you TRUTH that transcends any form of belief or imagination, since it is founded in direct experience and inner realisations.

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