Q: Will Reiki Hold me Back on my Spiritual Journey?

Paula, who co-founded The Way Back in 2018 was a fully qualified and professional Reiki master for many years. Not long after she received initiation and advanced in her spiritual journey she stopped working as a Reiki healer because she discovered that she now had access to much more powerful forms of healing.

Reiki energy originates in the 5th dimension and can be quite useful for healing. However upon initiation you would have access to the 6th dimension where spiritual awareness begins and so would have access to much higher forms of healing and energies.

This information that is shared with you now only became known in 2020 as a direct result of working with initiates who were struggling to get further into their meditation. It was through exploring the cause of their problems that a deeper understanding of how Reiki energy works came to light. There is no judgment about those who use Reiki for the good of themselves and others, rather the information is shared to give you a deeper understanding so that you can make informed choices in life. Shared with kindness.

Where does Reiki come from?

The Reiki symbols do not come from the Spiritual Hierarchy of humanity and although they provide some healing potential they are grounded within the lower realms due to their nature which is geometry and form. Because of their source and how they work they are not suitable for someone who is intending to go into more spiritual and higher experiences or who wishes to attain enlightenment.

You can be initiated if you have previously been Reiki attuned, including level 1 to 3, similarly if you have had treatment from those attuned in the past you can still be initiated. However because of the limiting nature of working with symbology, which is a form of spell, and the lower 5th dimension energies involved you may struggle to progress if you carry on performing Reiki or receiving it once you are initiated.

Knowing this then if someone chooses to continue working as a Reiki practitioner or receiving healing from a practitioner they cannot be supported further on The Way Back as they are choosing to undermine their spiritual development and prioritise a lower form of energy and practice over the higher spiritual light energy.

Those who wish to help heal others and themselves can be guided in how to do so and many of the advanced The Way Back members do a lot of healing work. In keeping with the ethos and principles of The Way Back, no one charges for their healing work and it is always given freely without condition. Healing is a gift that comes through us, not from us.

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