Q: When Should I Channel Different Energies?

All channelling work involves bringing energy from higher dimensions down into the 3rd dimension and works through your chakra and meridian system. The energies channelled therefore come through you, not from you.

Because channelling involves presenting your higher chakras to the energy then it is not advisable to do any channelling during the darkest period of the day. As explained in the FAQ about the best times to meditate, from about 02:00 till 06:00 the planet where you are is darkest.

Those beings and things that are negative, including those on higher dimensions, tend to come out when it is dark. If you were channelling at that time then the brightness of your chakra system would attract them to you.

It is therefore for your wellbeing that we highly recommend that channelling work is only done after 06:00 in the morning and you stop before 02:00 in the night.

Channelling Unconditional Love

In the video series on love we talked about channelling unconditional love and explain that there are time limits on when it can be done. However we are always working to bring down the most up to date and accurate information and so in early September 2020 we got newer information about channelling which is shared above. This led us to discover that the timings discussed in that video were not fully accurate.

We’re passionate about providing the most accurate information and for this reason we are making this FAQ available to keep you up to date. What we now understand is although it is best to channel unconditional love before 22:00 you can actually channel unconditional love any time. But because of the consideration discussed above we strongly recommend that you do not do any channelling between 02:00 and 06:00.

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