Q: What Does “Channelling” Mean?

Channelling means consciously bringing either energy or information down from higher dimensions and either into you or through you.

Channelling information

This requires establishing a connection between yourself and a higher source of information so that you can “bring down” the information. This is discussed in more detail on the page where we share such channelled information.

Channelling Energy

This is the conscious act of bringing specific types of energy down from sources on higher dimensions through you into the 3rd dimension. Typically to then pass these energies on to others, for example in the case of healing work.

We have provided a number of examples of this in some of our articles and videos:

The key to channelling is that it requires 1) the ability to make the connection and 2) the ability to be neutral enough to allow the energy/information to come through you without you getting in the way. As such those who are advanced meditators naturally have a greater ability to channel.

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