Q: Should I do Geometry Work?

There are a number of popular ideas out there about getting meditators to create geometric shapes or grids around the planet using visualisation techniques.

Some of these ideas suggest that people who have access to spiritual light should make these geometries and grids out of light.

To help you understand why this is not a very good idea, and not something that is helpful for the planet it helps to better understand geometry.

The Limits of Geometry

Geometry is one of the fundamental building blocks of the lower dimensions including the 3rd dimension. Everything you can see and touch is made of geometry and colour.

At the highest spiritual level is simply love and immediately below that is light. Geometry comes a lot further down and so in the pursuit of spirituality even geometry must be transcended.

As Below, So Above

When looking at geometry it helps to keep in mind the principle of “as above, so below” which can also be stated as “as below, so above”. It means that what we find in higher dimensions is often repeated in lower dimensions, and visa versa.

So when people on the 3rd dimension talk about creating geometry from spiritual light which comes from much higher dimensions then we need to ask why? Spiritual light flows in a straight line, it is higher than geometry and comes from where there is no geometry. Geometry is all about edges, limits, structures. If we think about geometry on the lower dimensions and see how it is used and demonstrated then we can understand it better.

Rigid geometry, such as a straight line, a box, a pyramid and so forth, are not natural shapes. In nature even a river meanders, a tree may grow upwards but its shape is tapered and uneven.

The only defined geometries seen large-scale on the planet are man-made and artificial. On a microscopic scale you can find basic geometry in the form of crystal structures, for example the square shape of salt crystals. But those who are more aware of the different types of consciousness will understand that the mineral kingdom is even lower in vibration than the human kingdom and so is even further from the source of light. Of course you may refer to sacred geometry but these pure geometric shapes are not naturally seen on the 3rd dimension.

Going Against the Harmony of Nature?

When mankind introduces geometric structures into the world it usually disrupts harmony, for example a fence to create borders. In the case of a grid, they are almost always used to contain things, to limit free passage; to keep animals trapped or prevent them escaping.

In video tutorial #13 about mandalas you get to explore the effect of looking at the simple geometry of a square and many people find that it creates tension in them and is far from relaxing. A grid is lots of squares and even a pyramid has a square in its base and these are not generally considered to be positive geometries.

Although the motivation of many such initiatives are well intentioned the creation of grids or geometries made of energy or light is not in harmony with the natural order of things and is certainly not how spiritual light is intended to be used.

If you have been advised to visualise geometries or to use light in a geometric way we would urge caution, at least until you ascertain the source of the guidance. The Spiritual Hierarchy, who make such light available, have never asked that spiritual light be used in this way. If they needed something like this done they would simply do it themselves.

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