Q: Should I be Channelling Spiritual Light?

When talking about channelling spiritual light, this refers to light that comes from the 6th dimension or above and is therefore only available to people who are initiated. There is also light on lower dimensions but this is not spiritual.

As with any form of channelling it is important to only do channelling work between 06:00 and 02:00, in other words: not when it is very dark. For more on this topic see the FAQ on channelling energy.

Should You Be Channelling Spiritual Light?

There have been times when there has been a need to channel spiritual light but it is not always the case and any work involving spiritual light should be orchestrated by the Spiritual Hierarchy who are the ones who grant access to the spiritual light.

Only initiates can actually channel spiritual light because it requires the crown chakra to have been opened. Even if you are initiated the following must be observed though:

  1. You must only channel light, if you are instructed to do so by one of the advanced meditation teachers. It is not something you should do without guidance.
  2. Light must only ever be channelled to a place, for example a town, county or even a country. It could even be to the entire planet Earth.
  3. Light must never be channelled towards people. If a person is meant to receive light then they must be initiated and then they would get the light directly from the source. If you channel light at them from the 3rd dimension then it is arriving in a way they cannot receive. If you do this then the Spiritual Hierarchy may remove your access to the light in order to protect the other people.
  4. Spiritual light must never be used for any geometry work. Learn more about geometry.
  5. Light is a very special spiritual gift and must be respected.
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