Q: I have done a lot of meditation already, will that speed things up?

It stands to reason that a lot of meditation experience should mean that you are more ready for initiation compared to someone with little or no experience. But experience over many decades has shown time and again that sometimes those with the most experience struggle to progress. This may surprise you but it makes sense when we truly understand that true initiation reveals access to energy and consciousness that is beyond the comprehension of your mind. In fact the single biggest obstacle to meditation on light and sound is the habits of the mind.

A person who has practised meditation, such as mindfulness, mantra, TM, kundalini, yoga, affirmations, visualisations and the like has been working in the mind and creating a powerful and repetitive mental habit. That does not mean they cannot progress, but often what is seen as a support is actually a crutch. Another challenge faced by those who have been students of some “spiritual meditation” groups is that they have been given a lot of information and ideas which may not actually be relevant or helpful for spiritual light and sound meditation. There is often a lot of letting go of ideas, expectations and dogma before they are neutral enough to start preparing properly for spiritual progress.

So whereas an inexperienced meditator must learn to meditate, an experienced meditator must unlearn how not to meditate. Prior experience does not mean you are more ready, though it may help. This is good news for those of you who have never meditated. Many who have attained enlightenment started meditation on light and sound having had little to no prior experience. They were pure like a blank canvas.