Q: How do I know if I am ready for initiation?

Since the spiritual journey is always moving forwards into the unknown then you cannot know if you are ready for what is to come next. Your teachers, having already progressed, will have a better appreciation for what “ready” means and they can guide you.

Readiness for initiation requires several things including:
1) That you are practising The Six Virtues in your everyday life.
2) That you are spiritually developed. This has nothing to do with philosophical or intellectual understanding. It has a lot more to do with humility and a desire to let go of “self” and discover “truth” through experience.
3) That you are in good mental health and old enough.
4) That it is in accord with your life-plan and the wishes of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
5) That you are practised in basic meditation and can sit comfortably in stillness.

As you review the list above you may realise that some of the things are under your control but some of them are not. Ultimately it is not up to you and cannot be judged by you but keep in mind that your teacher wants you to be initiated IF it is what is meant to happen.

As you read the different information on this site you will understand that the spiritual journey runs in parallel with your soul journey and both are amazing, essential and of great benefit. Experience has shown that the best approach is to be open to the possibility of initiation but to focus on the part of your journey you are already on, because every step is vital. If you are meant to be initiated then everything will line up and things will happen naturally and harmoniously. If you try and push things forwards you ultimately create tension and resistance where there was none. Trust.