Q: Can meditation be dangerous on my energy system, I mean Chakras?

Meditation, as we teach it, is a perfectly natural process and as you progress onto the light and sound energies, then most people find it even easier to sit for longer periods.

The light and sound energy do not really touch your bodily chakras, since it is a superconsciousness experience; rather than bringing this energy into your body and chakra system, your awareness is guided into higher realms by the light.

In terms of the more traditional forms of meditation like breath, mantra, kundalini and so forth, all of which operate within the chakra system and mind, we recommend the simple counting breath, but only for a few minutes. We hardly ever recommend mantras except if they are essential, and we do not endorse or teach kundalini, because it is a distraction as it keeps your awareness more in your lower vehicles. Mindfulness, although a useful life-skill is not used as it can actually hold people back from deeper spiritual awareness.

The Way Back meditation in contrast to these is centred on stillness and letting go, rather than lots of “doing“. It is very gentle and yet with the revelation of higher light and sound energy, it can be profound.

What we have observed is that if a person already has blocks in their chakra system, which often stem from their own negative thinking or from trauma in life (physical/emotional), then they may struggle with longer meditates and have a lack of ease with meditation. Where appropriate we can help support such people but would not necessarily suggest they progress until they are ready and their blocks are resolved.

Similarly if a person has had a history of mental health issues including being diagnosed as bipolar, or are on any anti-psychotic or anti-depressant medication then they should be very cautious about any form of meditation and seek medical advice. It is not that the meditation is a risk, but rather they may not be ready for experiencing stillness and sitting with themselves on the inside.

Those who are followers and members of The Way Back have constant and on-going support from their advanced teachers, and if any specific guidance is needed it can be given. We encourage people to be self-responsible and to take things at the pace they are comfortable with, after all it is your personal journey.

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