Q: Should I be raising my kundalini energy before initiation and what is kundalini?

Kundalini is an energy that comprises of two parts, one is yin and the other yang. This energy naturally moves around your body interacting with your chakras (energy centres). In some yogic and tantric practices a lot of emphasis is placed on “raising the kundalini“. But raising the kundalini, although an interesting and sometimes powerful or profound experience, is not necessary and is not actually that spiritual.

There is no new consciousness revealed and there is no lasting change, it is, like so many things just a nice experience. Because kundalini regulates your body’s functions including temperature then there is a slight risk that over-stimulating the kundalini if you have energy blocks within you, may lead to discomfort or worse.

On the spiritual journey of Spiritual Light and Sound energy, there is no need to practice kundalini, which is just one of the energies found in the lower vehicles of every person. The seeker of truth is encouraged to discover that which is higher than these realms. Curious phenomena like kundalini are much easier to explore when you have gone beyond the limits of the bodies that contain them.

Another perspective on Kundalini:

You can also find this video on YouTube.

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