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Invitation to Join The Way Back

Welcome and congratulations!

If you are seeing this page then it means someone thinks you are a wonderful and spiritual person and they would like to invite you to join The Way Back online community, giving you access to the member’s only part of our website.

The Way Back

We are a voluntary non-religious group of spiritual people who have God, unconditional love and spiritual growth at the core of our teachings and experienced based practice.”

Our Online Community

Our private members social network provides a safe environment for you to engage with and be supported by like-minded beautiful souls.

Features of the member’s only part of the site:

  • Access to our private forum with a wide range of spiritual, supportive and interesting topics.
  • Our simple social network where you can add friends, share comments and inspiration.
  • Join in video conferences for online meetups, classes and discussions.
  • Privately message other members with our inbuilt email so you don’t need to use your own/work email.
  • Chat online with other members either one-to-one or in a group chat.
  • See who is online.
  • Optionally add a photo and banner image to your profile.
  • Share and enjoy inspiring photo galleries, for example from group meetups.
  • Access our members only events calendar so you know when local or online meetups are happening.
  • Access archived spiritual posts and articles which are no longer available to the public
  • Much more…
  • But most importantly the value of the community is the amazing people there, just like you!

The following podcast gives a little more insight into The Way Back and the guidance and teachings we share.

Your Journey, Your Choice, Your Way

Your relationship with God and your spiritual journey are personal and private and we really respect that. Not everyone wishes to be actively involved in group activities, video conferences or meetups and that is perfectly alright too. We are here to support you, wherever you are on your personal journey. So we wish to make it clear that you can still sign up without any obligation to become involved in the social/community side of things. In this way you can still access and benefit from the member’s only spiritual resources provided. Once logged in you can change your notification settings so as not to be disturbed.” – The Way Back team

Online Application Form

    Please enter your full name like "Joe Bloggs".

    Please make sure you've typed this correctly. We will get back to you on this email address.

    Please provide your mobile number so we can text you your password.

    Please let us know where you are based, for example "Rome, Italy" or "Canterbury, UK", we have members from all around the world.

    Please write the name of your The Way Back teacher or sponsor as this will help with your application.

    We care passionately about supporting The Way Back community so this is your opportunity to tell us a little more about you to help us understand why you would like to join, how we can support you and which parts of 'The Way Back' teachings resonate most with you.

    I confirm that the email address and mobile number provided are genuine and belong to me and that I am at least 18 years old.

    I wish to join The Way Back online community website and I am genuinely dedicated to exploring The Way Back to God, a more profound spiritual awakening and helping others too.

    I understand this is not the place for:

    1. Spam, advertisements, business promotion or links to commercial/unrelated sites.

    2. Inflammatory, threatening, harassing or abusive comments.

    3. Adult content, profanity or pornography.

    4. Illegal content, copyrighted materials, or other illegal content.

    I value The Way Back teachings and will do my best to support the community by contributing in a loving and positive way.

    When you fill in this application you will get a confirmation email from ‘’ so please make sure you have added us to your trusted contacts otherwise the email may get lost. We respect your privacy 100% and will not share your details with anyone. The application email will be deleted once it is no longer needed.

    TWB Community
    Meditation Master Mark Zaretti

    It is 100% free and private

    It does not cost anything to join our online community because The Way Back is 100% not-for-profit run by a group of volunteers who are dedicated to supporting anyone who genuinely wants to discover what it truly means to be spiritual. We teach that it is possible to go beyond just believing and to actually experience knowing God in your life. For those wanting to explore meditation then we can help prepare you for a far more profound experience which may include spiritual light and sound meditation.
    If you’ve not already explored our teachings, listened to our podcasts or watched our videos then I’d recommend having a look around this site first. – Co-founder Mark