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Love in your heart chakra
Teacher Mark

U n c o n d i t i o n a l – L O V E

“One cannot talk honestly of a spiritual journey; of things like the spirit, the soul, truth and light, without always coming around to talk of unconditional love. It is the cornerstone of your spiritual journey and the motive force behind your soul’s desire to develop. It is why you exist.

Love, a deeper understanding

Although you probably know a lot about the subject of “L O V E “, have you ever considered any of the following questions?

  • What exactly is it? An energy? Emotions?
  • Where does love really come from?
  • Has it always existed?
  • Is unconditional love actually the same thing?
  • Where does it go when it enters me?
  • What does it do to me?
  • How can I be more unconditional in how I am?
  • What purpose does it play in attaining enlightenment?
  • What happens to my soul and spirit if I lack it?
  • Can I consciously send it to other people?
  • How can I make the world a better place?

Love – The Video Series

Our teacher and co-founder Mark presents a powerful series of videos that answers many questions about love and unconditional love. These videos are ideal for anyone to watch, whether you are interested in meditation or not because he filmed them in order to help all people.

If you are on a spiritual journey to enlightenment then there are key insights within these videos that explain why you may be stuck and what you can do to change that. Furthermore they provide insights that will help you get more from your meditation and to experience greater joy within.

It’s recommended that you watch these videos about love in the order they are presented and watch each one fully as there are key bits of information throughout, and of course feel free to share this information with others, because as you’ll learn we are all connected by love.

1. What is Love

In this first video we look at what love is, and understand how it relates to our spiritual and soul journeys. You can listen/download the podcast here:

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#13 "About Love Part 1: Hidden Knowledge"

2. Sending to Others

In this second video we explore how to send love to others. This includes intentionally but also explores what happens when we are in a loving relationship with someone. Note: update on the timings for channelling unconditional love. Listen to the podcast or download the mp3 audio here:

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#14 "About Love Part 2: Sending Love To Others"

3. Receiving

This third video explores the wonderful gift of receiving love from others and how the different types of this energy affect you. Want to listen to the audio only or perhaps download this as an mp3:

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#15 "About Love Part 3: Receiving Love"

4. Fill Yourself

Completing the journey brings us to the fourth video in which we learn how to bring this amazing energy directly to ourselves. Note: an update on the timings for channelling unconditional love. Below you can get the podcast or download the audio:

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#16 "About Love Part 4: Fill Yourself With Love"

More Inspiration:

L O V E cannot be fully understood from four humble videos. In fact as explained in the last video it is not an intellectual pursuit but rather learning a way of being. To help inspire you here are some more videos that touch on the subjects of love and unconditional love as well as some suggestions for further inspiration. Given with love.

If you would like even more inspiration then have a look at our guided meditation mp3s and our podcasts.

Paperback: The Way Back, The Six Virtues

The Way Back, The Six Virtues

In several of the videos above the subject of The Six Virtues is mentioned. This companion book explores how to develop The Six Virtues which are the key to becoming more unconditionally loving in your life.

All proceeds from this book go towards supporting people.

Articles about Love

It is impossible to discuss spirituality, the soul, spirit, God, light and sound meditation or indeed life without talking about the subject of love. Love really is at the centre of all that is good in life and so we share some more articles to inspire you:

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