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We genuinely welcome and support anyone from any background and as you can see from the image below we have interest and followers all over the world covering all age demographics with an even balance between women and men too.

What Does it Mean to be “following The Way Back”?

Anyone who is actively interested in, shares, or supports some or all of the positive work, ethos, teachings and guidance of The Way Back can be considered to be “Following The Way Back“. Here are just some examples of activities connected with being a follower of The Way Back:

  • Wanting to develop your soul to embrace unconditional love and peace by exploring The Six Virtues and our other teachings.
  • Having an interest in exploring your spiritual nature which may include learning how to meditate and regularly enjoying meditation.
  • Aspiring towards light and sound meditation or having started light and sound meditation as a “first initiate“.
  • Appreciating that there is more to life than just what you can touch and see and that spiritual guides and higher spiritual teachers exist.
  • Attending our free training courses, talks or workshops.
  • Organising/attending meditation meet-ups with other followers to share, encourage and support each other, including in meditation.
  • Seeking out and being taught by one of The Way Back Members or Teachers.
  • Reading the various spiritual articles and books of The Way Back.
  • Sharing your positive experiences and knowledge of The Way Back with others to inspire them.
  • Actively engaging with The Way Back, for example by following and supporting us on social engagement sites (see below).
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The Way Back: MEMBERS

As you progress along your journey then there is the opportunity to become formerly recognised as being a “member of The Way Back“. Being a member of The Way Back is recognition that you are truly living and embracing the ethos, teachings and guidance of The Way Back and are fully dedicated to your soul and spiritual journeys.

Members of The Way Back are known and watched over by the Spiritual Hierarchy and may at times receive assistive energies and be entrusted with higher wisdom from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Below we provide guidance on what it means to be a “Member of The Way Back“:

  • Irrespective of your background you are being taught and guided by a recognised teacher of The Way Back.
  • You have been initiated into light and sound and have demonstrated a commitment to daily meditation. If your initiation was not by The Way Back then it has been verified as complete by them.
  • You are embracing the ethos and principles of The Way Back in everyday life, including The Six Virtues.
  • The Spiritual Hierarchy have confirmed you are a member via one of the recognised The Way Back advanced meditation teachers.

The Way Back: TEACHERS

The Way Back goes much further than a belief or philosophy and has the potential to reveal spiritual states of consciousness that literally go beyond your imagination and mind. Of course there’s no requirement for anyone to meditate or to progress, but it is important that the opportunity is made available for those who really want to take it further. Even without starting the meditative journey, you can benefit from the teachings and ethos of The Way Back, which at its core is all about having more love and peace in your life.

For those of you who do want to explore further and find out for yourselves what light and sound meditation is all about then it is vital that you have a teacher who can help you. Being spiritual, even if you are enlightened does not automatically make you a teacher, and there is absolutely no requirement for anyone who is spiritual, even when enlightened, to teach, because your spiritual journey is personal.

Being a teacher is a calling and it requires that you can work with the Spiritual Hierarchy since the gift of spiritual light and sound energy does not come from you, it comes through you from them. Therefore only those who have reached a certain stage in their journey and who the Spiritual Hierarchy have chosen will be asked to teach. Some teachers will support meditators and a few advanced teachers will be given the ability to initiate. Below we outline what you should look for in a light and sound meditation teacher of The Way Back.

  • Teachers of The Way Back have already realised advanced spiritual states under the guidance of The Way Back including second initiation and enlightenment.
  • All recognised meditation teachers of The Way Back are listed on this website and all adhere to and share the same ethos, principles and guidelines.
  • Teachers of The Way Back do not ask for payment for their teachings. When you wish to support The Way Back you can do so voluntarily here.
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