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To understand “The Way Back” you first need to understand that you are already on a journey, one that your soul has been travelling for many lifetimes. In fact “you” are on this journey right now. The “you” that is on this journey is not just your body or your mind, these are things that change over time and ultimately come to an end. The real “you” is much more eternal. It is your soul and your spirit that, although often confused as being one and the same, are actually two separate parts that combine to make you unique and at the same time spiritual. Your soul is on a journey spanning many lifetimes and your spirit is waiting for your soul to be ready so that it can begin its spiritual journey. The Way Back, guides your soul journey and prepares you for your spiritual journey and as such it is a holistic spiritual practice, which goes much further than belief alone.

Your Soul Journey and Life-Lessons

Your soul comes into life on Earth in order to learn important life-lessons which will raise its vibration and in doing so align itself more closely with Unconditional Love. Life on Earth is school for your soul, and you chose to be here. Of course sometimes you may wander off your life-plan and The Way Back teachings will help you to understand how to fully embrace and align with your life-plan helping your soul to develop quickly and to avoid unnecessary karma.

By following your life-plan your soul’s vibration becomes higher and it develops important soul qualities including wisdom, compassion, and spirituality. When you are present in the moment then every experience in life is a chance for your soul to grow and over many lives your soul has the potential to awaken spiritually. When you are ready you will be drawn to a spiritual journey. Understanding your soul journey, karma and life-lessons

Your Spiritual Journey

Your soul, which you may sense as your “higher self”, was created so you could experience and learn from duality. Your spirit was created so that when you had learned enough about love, you could be guided within meditation to transcend the limits of duality to discover “Unity”, which can be called “God” or “The Source”. Reaching Unity is known as “enlightenment” or “God realisation” and is the goal of the spiritual journey.

When you choose the path of love in life then your soul evolves and becomes more spiritually receptive and aware. When, over many lifetimes, your soul has reached a high enough spiritual awareness, you will be born into a life when there is the potential for the spiritual journey to begin, incarnating at a time and place where there is a spiritual teacher who can reveal spiritual light to you. Such teachers come infrequently and in the past have included Lord Krishna and Quan Yin. Other teachers have also come to help guide humanity towards the light such as Jesus who taught about forgiveness and love, and Master Djwal Kwul who brought esoteric spiritual teachings to the planet.

These spiritual teachers all ascended on their physical deaths and continue to guide humanity from higher dimensions. They are known to some as the “Spiritual Hierarchy” and to others as “Ascended Masters”. Each was once like you, a person who lived on Earth. In life they fully embraced the path of love and had God and unconditional love in their hearts. Because the higher spiritual journey is one of experience and revelation transcending belief then they were not religious, but were spiritual. They knew and directly experienced for themselves the divine in life and continue to guide humanity to do the same, because that is your spiritual potential too. You can know the truth from your own experience.

The spiritual journey begins when you have developed an ability to meditate in stillness and are then given access to spiritual light and sound energy through a process called “initiation” in which an enlightened teacher, working directly with the Spiritual Hierarchy opens your crown chakra to vast spiritual planes which go beyond personality and your own limits. By meditating on this light and sound energy, coupled with further developing your soul, you can attain enlightenment. This is something every person has the opportunity to do but it is only possible when your soul has developed enough and a spiritual teacher is present on the planet. If a spiritual teacher is not present then the soul journey is vital to prepare you for when the spiritual journey is next available.

Consider that your spiritual journey to Unity is like a thirsty person in the desert walking towards the water well. Working on your soul is like making sure you have a water bucket so that when you finally arrive at the well you can fetch the water and bring it back into your life.
If your soul development is overlooked then even if the spiritual journey is travelled there is no way to bring it back into your life. It is only by developing your soul that you can really integrate higher spiritual states into your life and completely awaken as a spiritual person.

This is why the teachings, channelled wisdom, and meditation guidance of The Way Back regard the soul journey with the same importance as the spiritual journey and supports you along every step of the way.

The spiritual journey via the revelation of inner LIGHT takes your spirit beyond your personality to realise enlightenment: Unity. Your soul journey aligns your personality with the qualities of Unity so that you are neutral and of high enough virtue to allow this divine state to emanate from you into your life, revealing TRUTH. When both your soul and spirit are supported then YOU are supported by both. A soul that is not ready may struggle to progress spiritually and to really experience stillness within meditation. For this reason The Way Back teachings about soul development are invaluable to any seeker of TRUTH.

The Way Back was founded in 2018 as a not for profit to help guide genuine seekers of truth on their soul and spiritual journeys. All of the teachers had themselves spent many years developing their souls and had all attained enlightenment having followed the spiritual journey with light and sound meditation for decades. Since a spiritual journey is one of revelation and truth, they discovered for themselves the presence of the ascended masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Working directly with these higher teachers they channel guidance and teachings to help genuine seekers of TRUTH.

Paula and Mark, Founders of The Way Back

This website was created to bring together and make available these teachings which have come from the ascended masters: Jesus, Saint Germain, Quan Yin, Master Djwal Kwul and others. It also shares the lessons the enlightened teachers of The Way Back have learned from many decades of meditation practice.

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