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Experienced Meditation Teachers

When choosing a light and sound meditation teacher it is important that they are experienced and also that they are able to help you progress along your journey. It is for this reason that those who are recognised as being spiritual light and sound teachers are all enlightened, since only an enlightened teacher can reveal spiritual light and sound in a process known as initiation. Being enlightened is a prerequisite to being able to initiate but even then not every enlightened person can initiate. It is only those who have been given the ability by the Spiritual Hierarchy that can do this. Below we provide details of those enlightened teachers who are recognised by The Way Back. They may at times be assisted by members of The Way Back who are initiated but have yet to finish their own journeys, however your principal teacher should be one of the below. We wish you all the best in your journey.
– Paula and Mark.

Meditation classes

The Way Back is more than just a class, it is a way of life that embraces and supports soul development and spiritual growth. Support is important and we encourage you to get together with friends and family to practice and enjoy the journey of meditation, learning and exploring together.

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