The History of Light and Sound Meditation

What is Light and Sound Energy

We provide a brief History of the Light and Sound meditation which The Way Back teach. Spiritual light is one of the highest manifestations of love within duality, flowing from The Source, spanning all the spiritual realms downwards to eventually reach the lower realms that we as people on Earth are aware of.

These lower realms include the physical universe, as well as what are sometimes referred to as the astral, mental, and intuitive planes. Through awareness in meditation of inner light and sound energy your spirit is guided along the way back to The Source, Unity, God.

The Spiritual Hierarchy: behind the History of Light and Sound Meditation

Beyond everyday human awareness, on much higher spiritual dimensions through which this spiritual Light and Sound Energy flows, are found ancient beings of love, energy and light. These spiritual beings collectively orchestrate the flow of this spiritual energy into the lower realms.

They are many, and they are all one, a collaboration of loving intent. We know their members by many names, “the Creator”, “Ascended Masters”, “Angels”, “Light Beings”, “Spirit Guides”, “Masters and Lords of Light”, and so on, but very few people know them by direct experience, beyond imagination or the mind even though they are referenced throughout history, not just in relation to light and sound meditation.

Together they are known as the Spiritual Hierarchy and they watch over and guide each and every soul, and it is through them that you came to be here in this particular life which was chosen to help you raise your vibration.

Your Life-plan and Your Spiritual Journey

Your Soul and Spirit come together on the 3rd Dimension where duality provides the contrast needed for the illusion of choice. Choice only exists within duality, and without choice there can be no learning. Thus each life provides your soul the opportunity to learn “life-lessons” that were pre-determined by the Spiritual Hierarchy in order to help you learn about love.

By learning these lessons, over many lifetimes, your soul’s vibration raises towards Love, and when high enough, it will incarnate into a life that has the potential for your Spirit to return to The Source by seeking out a connection to spiritual Light and Sound Energy, thus starting your spiritual journey.

It is important to understand that as a human living on the 3rd Dimension you are given complete freedom to make choices. At every step along your spiritual journey you have total freedom to embrace the gift you have been given and to align more towards Love and devotion to Truth, or use it to try and enhance your sense of self, falling back into the comfort of habits and ego.

This is true for everyone including spiritual masters, meditation teachers and students alike. No matter how amazing a gift you are given, you may choose to use it for the greatest good or to remain trapped within your ego. This is because no matter how far along your spiritual journey you are your soul always has the choice to learn the contrast between love and ego.

So that those souls that are ready can start their spiritual journeys, at times throughout history the Spiritual Hierarchy have sent advanced souls to incarnate as spiritual teachers to guide those ready back towards Love.

Some teachers, known as “spiritual masters” were able to connect their students to light and sound energy. Once connected they could meditate on higher spiritual planes allowing their spirit to return to The Source, thus realising their Enlightenment.

Each spiritual master left a legacy of stories, inspiration and knowledge about light and sound energy often becoming traditions and belief systems. But it is not enough for a seeker of truth to learn from history or books about light and sound energy, or to have beliefs. Light and sound meditation must be experienced in your lifetime because meditation without light and sound energy will not reveal absolute truth or show your spirit the way back to Unity.

However, the Spiritual Hierarchy of higher beings are never absent and when there is need they send a new Master to bring spiritual Light and Sound Energy back to the world. Just like the setting and rising of the Sun, when it is darkest, then light returns. Each seeker of Truth who gains access to Light and Sound Energy helps raise the collective vibration of mankind, and also has the potential to follow the Light guiding the way back to Unity.

The Steps Along the Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey has always started with what is sometimes called “initiation”, a process in which the enlightened teacher/Master reveals inner spiritual light and sound energy to their student. Initiation grants full access to the lower spiritual realms, which are beyond the everyday realms of body, emotions, mind, and even intuition. With access to spiritual dimensions the student has the potential to become aware of spiritual light and sound energy. Through regular meditation on this energy the student’s spiritual awareness deepens until ready to expand further into love and Light. This greater expansion is often called “second initiation” and happens when the student is given more spiritual energy. They now have the potential to transcend their mind and the lower spiritual realms, exploring amazing levels of higher spiritual consciousness. Finally when the student is ready there is a third initiation releasing more energy to allow expansion beyond all spiritual dimensions and all of duality to attain “enlightenment”, returning their Spirit to The Source.

The spiritual light and sound energy for initiation flows directly from pure love, from The Source, and is given as a gift of Grace from the Spiritual Hierarchy. First initiations are transmitted by the touch of a living Master, or someone they have enlightened, who can then act as a neutral conduit between the student and The Source. The release of the energy for initiation is enabled by the kindness and compassion of the higher light beings who are the custodians of spiritual light within the spiritual hierarchy. Thus a true Master or teacher of light and sound meditation is humble in their understanding that they are not the cause of the energy, but are working with the Spiritual Hierarchy to share it with others.

The Irish Master

When looking at the recent history of light and sound meditation on Earth then one of the most significant moments happened in the 1970’s when one such master, able to initiate and guide people to enlightenment, emerged in the UK.

Having been initiated by the Divine Light Movement, this UK based Irish man soon realised his true nature as an enlightened master. Guided initially by the Ascended Masters, he started revealing light and sound energy to his meditation students. The Irish Master’s group went by many names over the years and over many years he revealed light and sound energy to hundreds, enabling some to even attain enlightenment.

In the mid 80’s his group was disbanded and he then went on to relocate and start teaching again under a different group name a few years later. With his new group he taught his students that the goal was enlightenment and beyond that there was nothing more.

He did not share his knowledge of the Spiritual Hierarchy or the ascended masters. He actively taught that there was no such thing as reincarnation or the idea of a soul and under his teachings Jesus and other past masters were dismissed. He created an environment where he was the sole authority of spirituality.

He was only focused only on initiating and enlightening people and he never revealed to his students their full potential or taught them how they could channel energies to help the planet.

To address many of these issues around 2010 the Spiritual Hierarchy started reaching out to a few of those he had enlightened. In doing so they intended to help make spirituality available to many more people and provide an alternative path.

The Alternative Light and Sound Group

In a break from how things were normally done in the recent history of light and sound meditation groups, The Spiritual Hierarchy found a few amongst those that the master had already enlightened who were receptive to spiritual contact and reached out to them.

One such person was an enlightened woman in the UK who was already communicating with beings on the dimensions below the Spiritual Hierarchy. They were able to reveal to her that they were behind the work that her master had started and they asked her and her husband to establish an alternative light and sound meditation group.

Awareness of the Spiritual Hierarchy soon spread and other enlightened people were also guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy to become involved in this new movement, building upon, and evolving the great work that had started over 40 years before. The focus of this alternative light and sound meditation group was to make the spiritual light and sound energy much more accessible to people all over the world, and to allow people to progress more rapidly towards enlightenment without needing second and third Initiation directly.

To achieve this the higher light beings started to regularly release vast amounts of spiritual light to the planet in what were called “Grace Periods“. During these periods those people who were already initiated had the potential in their meditation to make the further spiritual expansions (second and third initiations) to ultimately realise enlightenment.

Any person who became enlightened, had the potential to initiate others provided they could maintain their connection to light and sound energy, were able to be neutral, and they respected the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Whereas the Irish Master’s tradition had strict rules, sometimes with years of preparation before initiation and often decades of meditation on light and sound energy before progressing towards enlightenment, by contrast the new alternative group saw people initiated often with only a few hours of preparation, and many of the rules were relaxed.

With such ease of access, within several years the gift of light and sound energy had been given freely to thousands of people across the planet. Some of these new students realised their enlightenment within days, weeks, or months.

Guidance and Information From the Spiritual Hierarchy

With many more people finding it easy to be initiated into light and sound energy the Spiritual Hierarchy chose to provide guidance and teachings to mankind by revealing important spiritual information about the origins of light and sound energy, the soul, spirit, life after death, details of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and guidance on how to become more aligned with the Spiritual Hierarchy and LOVE. At the core of the Spiritual Hierarchy’s teachings were the need to develop The Virtues of:

  • Humility
  • Gratitude
  • Respect
  • Non-Judgement
  • Unconditional Love

They also provided detailed guidance on how to maintain a high vibration and protect your energy. This information was channeled as a book, articles, and videos, via two experienced enlightened teachers who were able to work and communicate closely with the Spiritual Hierarchy. Collaborating with other enlightened teachers around the world they made this guidance freely available for all people, from all groups, backgrounds, and traditions.

The Balance Between Spirit and Soul

Unprecedented in the history of light and sound meditation was the fact that any suitable Enlightened person could initiate, which when coupled with the Grace Periods enabling progress, meant that inner light and sound energy spread rapidly around the planet.

But many forgot or were never told that the gift of light and sound energy is given by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Many people focused only on the act of meditation and the experiences of the energy it revealed, and knowledge of the Spiritual Hierarchy and their teachings were not shared widely. Thus many were not even aware of the vital importance of developing the virtues within their personality and raising their soul vibration in order to integrate with the spiritual expansions they were getting from meditation.

Without integrating spirituality into their lives by working on their soul journey many meditators in this new group, including enlightened people, eventually lost their connection to the light and sound energy and were no longer able to initiate others or be aware of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Sitting back in their lower awareness during meditation, many did not even realise they had lost their connection, since even the lower levels of stillness in meditation are vast. Some continued to give initiations with the best of intentions, but lacking a connection they were unsuccessful in doing so and thus many genuine seekers of spirituality failed to receive initiation.

However a small number of enlightened people in various countries did embrace the teachings of the Spiritual Hierarchy, focusing on embodying the virtues of Humility, Gratitude, Respect, Non-Judgement, Compassion and Unconditional Love. As they grew in dedication to truth and serving the greater good, their spiritual consciousness grew and their ability to communicate with the Spiritual Hierarchy was further strengthened.

The Spiritual Hierarchy granted additional abilities to perform advanced forms of healing, to send spiritual energy around the planet, and to work for the benefit of the planet with new forms of light. Those in this small group started to channel increasingly more light, healing, protection energy and love into and around the planet and have brought about much of the recent changes in consciousness that people are starting to notice.

Constant Support and Evolution

The Spiritual Hierarchy were constantly observing the situation on Earth and saw how many people were not following their guidance to align with love and the Spiritual Hierarchy, losing their way and not fully realising the potential of the gift they had been given. A change was needed to bring things back on track.

The History of “The Way Back” light and sound meditation group

In early 2018 the Spiritual Hierarchy started working more closely with those around the world who had embraced the virtues and demonstrated a devotion to truth and helping others. The Masters of Light changed the way the energy for “Grace Periods” was sent to the planet. The energy itself was changed so that it no longer provided second or third Initiations, but instead would help to strengthen the depth of meditation for those who already had access to light and sound energy.

They gathered a small number of enlightened teachers together who had embraced the virtues and instructed them to create “The Way Back“. This is the history of that light and sound meditation group and they were taught how to work directly with the Masters of Light to release to students who were ready the spiritual energy for second initiation and then third initiation to progress people to enlightenment. Several enlightened people from the Alternative Light and Sound Meditation group were also invited to be involved.

The Way Back continues to this day and provides a holistic path to enlightenment, ensuring that people who are seeking truth are given the spiritual energy and are also given the advice and guidance needed to not only attain Enlightenment but to fully integrate it into their lives so that they benefit fully.

Whereas throughout history light and sound meditation groups have focused only on spreading access to the energy, The Way Back encourages that people develop their souls and well as their spirits so that they can become ambassadors for love and truth, serving humanity to help all people on Earth to live in peace and to spiritually awaken.

Those enlightened teachers around the world who were doing great work in the alternative group and who had maintained a strong alignment with love and their connection to the Spiritual Hierarchy were encouraged to continue initiating people into light and sound energy. To help all people interested in their own development the teachings and guidance of The Way Back were made publicly available so everyone, not just those directly involved in The Way Back group could benefit.

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