spiritual guidance from ascended masters

Spiritual Guidance: Channelled Teachings of Ascended Masters

An appreciation of the bigger picture helps us understand the spiritual importance of channelled teachings and guidance. Channelled information is any information that comes from a higher dimension to a person on the 3rd dimension. It is obvious then that the quality of the information is dependent on several factors:

  • Firstly the quality depends on the source of the information which in simple terms is “who is giving the information?”.
  • Secondly on the quality of the communication, which you could think of as how strong is the signal.
  • Finally the ability of the person to accurately receive the information.

Therefore it would be wise for us to explain more about these factors to you before presenting any information. After all the internet is full of people making all kinds of claims.

Who Provides the Spiritual Guidance?

Throughout history a small number people who were high of virtue in life became ascended masters when they died. Such people included some of the spiritual teachers of old and they now live on within the higher spiritual realms.

Some of these ascended masters have chosen to spiritually guide humanity towards the light. In order to do this they sometimes interact with living people to give them specific information.

However there are many different types of consciousnesses and beings between you on Earth and the ascended masters above. Duality exists on all of these dimensions and so just as it is for you on Earth these higher beings are varied too. Some beings on higher dimensions are good and want what is best for humanity. Conversely though, despite romantic idealism, not all that is on higher dimensions is positive.

This is why the source of information is so important. Because even if the channeller is very capable, the information is only as good as its source.

The Quality of Communication

There are two main ways of gaining information. The first is by psychic means and is available to every person. But it takes a lot of practice and even at its best it is limited.

The second way is only available to enlightened people and its strength depends on the development of the crown chakra. Enlightenment is amazing and can be thought of as having a channel from the source.

Irrespective of the method used to establish communication, it will only happen if both parties wish to make communication. What this means is that even if you wanted to speak to an ascended master, you would not be able to unless they also wanted to communicate with you.

The Ability of The Channeller

The final factor is the ability of the channeller to gain information. This comes down to clarity, neutrality, and state. Clarity means that they are able to be receptive without distraction. Neutrality means that they are able to receive information without their mind getting in the way or contaminating the information with personal bias or prejudice.

The importance of state when channelling is not well understood at this time. Put simply it is easier for a person to channel if they have a state of consciousness that is at least as high as the source they are channelling. Therefore in theory initiates and enlightened people are more able to channel, but in reality their average level of accuracy is fairly low.

The reason is that although enlightenment establishes the connection to the highest source, it is only through practice and intervention from the ascended masters that their channel is widened and developed.

Spiritual Guidance & Common Sense

So now you understand that there are different ways of communicating, that not everything that can be communicated with is necessarily good and that not all communication is accurate. The challenge of gaining accurate spiritual guidance is further compounded by the fact that the easiest thing for a person to channel is their own mind, consciousness, ego or imagination.

For a channeller to be significantly accurate they would need to have advanced states of spiritual development, at least enlightened. The channeller would then need to have developed their abilities. The ascended masters active involvement is however the most important factor.

Don’t Trust Blindly

There is no real way for your to have certainty in another person’s claim to be able to channel. The reason is that the factors governing accuracy cannot be measured on the 3rd dimension. Therefore we encourage you to be mindful of this and don’t follow any guidance blindly. It is wise to be discerning with what you read.

There are however things you can do to help yourself with discerning the truth. Just as a channeller must be neutral and have clarity to work well, these qualities can also help you.

When any person reads information, they normally filter it through their mind, changing it based on their own bias. However if you are still, neutral and unemotional when reading, then you can absorb the information cleanly without tainting it. But something else can also happen, when you read in this clear and neutral way.

From neutrality you can become aware of the truth or falsehoods within the information. Some people refer to this as “it resonates with me“. Truth will always sit well with someone who is neutral and coming from a state of peace and love. The reason being that your soul and spirit which are on a journey to love, will recognise truth.

By contrast ego, which is the seat of bias and prejudice, will not necessarily accept or recognise truth. So put simply: relax, become neutral, humble and non-judgmental and see what resonates with you when you read.

Where Do These Channelled Spiritual Guidance Articles Come From?

spiritual guidance from ascended masters

Mark started meditating in 1981 and he was initiated into light and sound meditation in 1999. He would often sit for between 3 to 10 days at a time and in 2009 he attained enlightenment. He realised then that there was more potential and that enlightenment was really a beginning not an end.

By 2015 Mark was directly channelling his spiritual guide, or so he thought. Mark did not realise at that time that it was actually an ascended master. Please understand that Mark was not trying to make contact with ascended masters however they wanted to work through him and were waiting for him to be ready.

Mark received his first channelled article over a number of days in September 2016.

In Pursuit of Truth

Once Mark had received the information he then spent many hours rechecking every sentence. He also asked other enlightened meditators, who were equally capable channellers, to cross check his work before publishing it.

Mark insisted upon this methodology of cross checking for all his future publications because he was passionate about truth and accuracy.

It became clear to Mark as work started on the second channelling that it would be more than just a single article. Over the next 30 days he channelled for between 6 to 14 hours a day and when it was complete he published it as the book “Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH“. It was also during this period that the ascended masters revealed to Mark that they were the source of his information.

Endorsement From Other Groups

Mark visited his old teacher who had initiated him, reconnecting with that teacher and his wife after many years. Mark showed them a draft copy of the unpublished book. The old teacher’s wife was also practicing the art of channelling and later that evening she received a message from beings on higher dimensions. She gave Mark a copy of that transmission which included:

“…you are very special people with your own very specific jobs which are far reaching… We do congratulate Mark on his willingness to put together the very important teachings…”

3 Dec 2016

Mark channelled a number of articles over the next two years and you will find them presented below. In some cases Mark did not know the topic until the channelling began. Whereas other articles were direct spiritual guidance in response to specific questions he asked.

Although the spiritual guidance articles below stop after October 2018, the channelling work continued and may become available in the future. Some of the recent videos reveal some of this channelled spiritual guidance.

A Natural Evolution of Information

The Ascended Masters do not simply give information for the sake of it. They only give what is needed at the time and only answer the question asked. Each new piece of information leads to the advancement of humanity’s spiritual understanding, which naturally leads to further questions. As our understanding has evolved we have asked further questions and added new information to some of the articles bringing them up-to-date.

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