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It is a bold statement to say something is “TRUTH”. After all, unless you have experienced it for yourself it is really just opinion. When you or anyone accepts opinion without first-hand experience then you have belief.

There is nothing wrong with belief, which motivates every single one of us to act. All personal and spiritual journeys start with belief of some kind. In addition there is often an inner drive or growing sense of awakening too.

Transcending Belief to Find The Truth

But the purpose of a true spiritual journey is to discover the truth that a belief alludes to. People sometimes ask, “is The Way Back a religion?“, since we mention God and Jesus.

We make it clear that it is not a religion because we are not asking you to believe anything we write. What we present, and the reason we refer to it as truth, is laid out openly and honestly so that you are guided in “how” to find out for yourself.

Discover What is True for Yourself

For example, if inner light and sound truly exists, then you can experience it for yourself. If it is a universal truth then your experience of it will be consistent with that of other people and will not be defined by your imagination or what others suggest. This is why we say:

The Way Back is a revelatory path to discovering truth for yourself, taking you beyond belief and ideas. Spiritual awakening is not filling your mind with ideas, it is going beyond the limits of your mind and personality to discover the truth of your soul and spirit…

Mark, co-founder of The Way Back Group

If this sounds interesting to you then perhaps you too are a fellow seeker of TRUTH and we wish you well on your journey and are here to support you if we can and if you would like. This website is full of guidance and spiritual teachings. If you are a seeker of truth then we recommend exploring the following:

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The Way Back Meditation Podcast

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The Way Back, Books

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We have produced a number of books discussing spirituality, the soul journey and the bigger picture to help guide you on your personal journey. Importantly 100% of the proceeds from these books goes towards supporting The Way Back’s charitable work.

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