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How Prayer Works. Prayer beyond religion

When people talk of prayer it often evokes the idea of prayer being a religious act. But prayer, that innate desire to appeal to a benevolent higher intelligence, has always been a fundamental aspect of human behaviour. Prayer existed before the religions of mankind were created. Whether you call it "prayer" or something else, it is beyond the governance of any specific belief system.

In its purest form prayer has nothing to do with religion. To understand the real purpose of prayer beyond those limits imposed by its use within religious ceremony, you have to first remember that you are part of something amazing. What you are part of is greater than what you are conscious of in your every day life; you are a spiritual being, you come from absolute Love and you are divine in nature.

As a soul who is alive on Earth at this time, you have never been alone. This life you have is a chance to explore the opposites of duality and to learn, from the contrast duality presents, important life lessons about Love. To help guide you through these lessons you came into life with your own personal Spirit Guide who has been with you from when you were born. Your Spirit Guide is with you throughout your entire life, including right now as you read this. They will be with you until after you have died and you can then return to your true soul nature.

As a spiritual being you are more than just your mind, emotions and body, but for most people this awareness lies dormant. Those who practice meditation or who are naturally more spiritually awake may have awareness of their consciousness beyond their mind, emotions and body. But you can develop it with practice.

It is within the stillness of this higher awareness that you can become aware of your Spirit Guide. But whether you have experienced this or not, and whether you believe it or not, your Spirit Guide is always there, and it is through the medium of prayer, in its purest form, that you can communicate with your Spirit Guide.

To "pray" is to consciously place yourself into a state of humility, neutrality, and gratitude, aligning with Love and letting go of ego. From within this stillness you can ask for guidance from your Spirit Guide. Your Spirit Guide like you is part of something even bigger. They are a part of the Spiritual Hierarchy, a unified loving collective of Spiritual Beings who include Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels and have "The Creator" at their centre.

It is through the grace and coordination of the Spiritual Hierarchy that your life-plan was carefully chosen and you were given the gift of this life, and also the many lives you have lived before. Your soul knew this all before it came into this life to learn valuable lessons, but in coming here you have temporarily forgetten about them and how you are connected to them through love.

But your soul still remembers and this manifests as an innate, almost intuitive knowledge and it is this deep knowing that drives you to seek spirituality, or to ask for "guidance from above", and thus to pray.

But for many people this innate drive and seeking of a higher truth leads them into religion, which on the surface offers some comfort and seems to satisfy their need to belong to something bigger. For some they had no real choice and were simply born into a culture which indoctrinated them into a religious belief system. Within religion the connection to that which is truly divine gets diluted and obscured in the ceremony, beliefs, and actions of being religious.

How Prayer is Often Lost in Religion.

Religions are based on a central figure or figures (messiah, prophet, saviour, guru, deity, etc.) and since they are no longer with us then those within a religious organisation try and represent them on earth. These worldly figureheads like the pope, imams, priests, gurus, preachers and so on are then regarded as "special" and above ordinary people like you. Such religious leaders command authority and you are encouraged to view them as the custodians of your connection back to the divine. Religion provides you with prescribed fixed words to pray with. You are encouraged to confess your sins to your religious leaders and ask them for forgiveness. Any questions you have about your higher spiritual nature of your soul are directed to a book written by other people, or to your religious leader.

In so doing religion has placed another person in between you and your divinity. Religious prayer often becomes the reciting of another persons ideas, and spiritual communication has been reduced to "pass the message on". In religion you become detached from your direct connection with the divine, your Spirit Guide and the Spiritual Hierarchy. The worshipping of a deceased prophet, saviour, guru or spiritual master, no matter how inspiring or spiritually awake they were in their lifetime means your prayers are directed at them and you are distracted from communicating with your actual Spirit Guide. That historical person, in their passing, may well have ascended into the Spiritual Hierarchy, but their role will not be to gather your prayers and to handle your personal requests. Some of the past spiritual teachers do watch over humanity, but unless your vibration is extremely high then they would not directly hear your prayers.

But your Spirit Guide is there all the time waiting for you to address them with your questions, desires and requests for help.

When you think of past spiritual figureheads it is useful to understand that, for example, Jesus wasn't a Christian and Buddha wasn't a Buddhist. Religions form a long time after the teacher lived. These inspiring teachers were spiritual and they prayed and communicated with the Spiritual Hierarchy, primarily guided by their Spirit Guide. It is this example that you are being reminded to follow. Jesus for example did not use a middle man, he went directly to the Source, just as you can too.

In the freely available book which was channelled from Divine Intelligence, you can learn more about the levels of higher consciousness and how you share a bond of Love with the Spiritual Hierarchy and your Spirit Guide. With this loving connection in mind you can explore the case of Jesus who was given "The Lords Prayer" by his Spirit Guide for him to use as  an invocation for communication with Divine Intelligence. In other words Jesus channelled the Lords Prayer from his Spirit Guide who gave it to help Jesus align even more with Love and to form a stronger bond with his Spirit Guide and thus Divine Intelligence.

A Spiritual Understanding of "The Lords Prayer"

On the left you see the Lords Prayer as it is known and on the right you see a spiritual translation, line by line as guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Religious Version: The Lords PrayerThe Spiritual Understanding
Our Father, which art in heaven, Our Lords, who are in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name. Sacred are your names.
Thy Kingdom come. So that I may ascend to heaven,
Thy will be done in earth, I will follow your guidance in the 3rd dimension.
As it is in heaven. Living as you do, aligned with Love. 
Give us this day our daily bread. Allow to manifest what we need to live our lives.
And forgive us our trespasses, And forgive us when we are not aligned with Love.
As we forgive them that trespass against us. As we forgive those that are unloving towards us.
And lead us not into temptation, And guide us away from our ego.
But deliver us from evil. Keep us protected from negativity.
For thine is the kingdom, You oversee all manifest dimensions from your seat of Love,
The power, and the glory, You are limitless in your love and capacity to help. 
For ever and ever. You are always there.
Amen. So be it. 

Our Lords, who are in heaven:
The members of the Spiritual Hierarchy within Divine Intelligence, reside on a higher Dimension, which being much more aligned with Love is literally "heaven".

I will follow your guidance in the 3rd dimension:
For this gift of life you are living your soul and the Spiritual Hierarchy have chosen specific life lessons. This is the will that you learn certain things. In doing so your soul will evolve to a higher frequency becoming more aligned with Love. This is what it means to "do their will", to learn your life lessons.

Living as you do, aligned with Love:
There are 5 qualities or virtues of character which help you to become more aligned with Love, they are Humility, Gratitude, Respect, Non-Judgement, and Unconditional Love. This is how the Spiritual Hierarchy conduct themselves towards each other and towards you.

Allow to manifest what we need to live our lives:
All manifestation happens through the Spiritual Hierarchy, with your Spirit Guide's support.

How Do You Really Learn to Pray?

Prayer is how you can make direct communication with your Spirit Guide, and also with the Spiritual Hierarchy as a collective whole. It is important in your development during your life, empowering you to ask for help, to seek guidance, and to voice your desires for what you wish to manifest. The "Cosmic Law of Neutrality", which respects the sanctity of your "freedom of choice" means that if you do not ask your Spirit Guide for assistance then they cannot offer it. If you do not ask, you will never get.

Understanding how important spiritual prayer is we offer the following guidance on how to pray:

Align with Love First:

The "connection" between you and your Spirit Guide is not in your mind, and does not respond to the will of your personality or ego. Clarity comes from stillness, humility, neutrality, and from Love. Before you pray allow the qualities of the 5 virtues of Humility, Gratitude, Respect, Non-Judgement, and Unconditional Love, to grow within you. Demonstrate each virtue towards your Spirit Guide. This opens the channel and allows you to become more receptive to your Spirit Guide.

Be Specific About Who you Intend to Communicate With:

There are many amongst you who have communication with higher beings, but few who are in contact with their Spirit Guide. Between where you are on earth and the higher realm (heaven), where resides your Spirit Guide and the Loving Collective of Spiritual Beings known as the Spiritual Hierarchy, there exist many lower beings. Many of these lower beings are simply deceased people who have yet to let go of their attachment to their personality and return to the Light, to soul essence. Because their vibration is closer to yours than your Spirit Guide, then it is easier to communicate with them. But in so doing many people mistake these discarnate beings or other lower dimensional beings for their Spirit Guides.

Know then that it is only your Spirit Guide and the Spiritual Hierarchy who know your life-plan and who are dedicated to your wellbeing. It is a wise person who seeks only to communicate with their Spirit Guide.

Your Spirit Guide is there to assist you in realising your life-lessons and evolving your soul vibration. But they are also there to protect you and guide you on your spiritual journey, which begins with initiation into Light and Sound Energy.

As a simple guideline,

a) if you have a question or need guidance on a matter concerning yourself, then you address your communication to your Spirit Guide.

b) If however you are asking on behalf of another person(s) then address the Spiritual Hierarchy as a collective.

You communicate with your Spirit Guide or the Spiritual Hierarchy by having a strong intention to communicate with them and no other. By setting this intention, which you can vocalise internally if you wish, for example "I communicate with my Spirit Guide and only my Spirit Guide, who is from the Spiritual Hierarchy", then your communication is directed at them. Intention is very powerful and in this way it is similar to making sure you have dialled the right number before making a phone call.

Avoid Being Over Prescriptive:

When asking for a change in situation it is best to avoid being fixed on the outcome and how it should manifest. For example, if you are praying for more financial security for you and your family. Avoid telling your Spirit Guide how you want this to be achieved, such as "I pray for a promotion" or "I pray I win the lottery".

You have no real idea how the infinite universe may bring you the wealth you need. So praying for things to happen a certain way is imposing limits on how they can happen. Instead you could pray "I pray that the money I need comes to me so that I can have more financial security". Let your Spirit Guide and the Spiritual Hierarchy work out the details. This is one reason humility is vitaly important, because it is ego which seeks to control manifestation, while your soul simply trusts Divine Intelligence and lets things happen. The ego presents limits and blocks, the soul is open to help and lets love flow freely. Trust the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Respect Other People's Freedom of Choice:

Every person is on their own soul journey and will learn from their own triumphs and mistakes. You cannot protect people from duality or decide what is best for anyone else, only yourself. Although it may have its roots in compassion and caring, you cannot make people do what you think is best. Do not pray for this. For example, you cannot pray that someone likes you; that someone stops doing something because you don't like it; or that someone else has misfortune so that you can benefit.

In situations where there is a conflict of interests you can pray for change towards the greater good. For example if you are being bullied, you cannot pray that the bully comes to harm. But you could pray that "the situation is resolved for the greater good of all concerned". You do not know what lessons the other person has to learn but since you are all connected then where one suffers you all suffer. It is not Love to wish harm or suffering on another, as to do so is to wish it upon yourself.

Avoid Attachment to the Outcome of Prayer:

The 5 virtues create a stillness within which you can connect with and embody Love. True Love simply accepts and does not need anything to change. Life as you know it in the third dimension is meant to be enjoyed, explored and fun. There is nothing wrong with asking for things to manifest, as this is part of the process of learning life lessons. You can't learn from something if you do not first experience it. Every request you send to your Spirit Guide is received with neutrality and Love. What you can manifest is determined by its alignment with the resonance of your own vibration and alignment with your life-plan.

Not everyone is meant to experience material wealth for example, but where one person has life lessons in the material world, another may have life lessons in loss, or Love, or freedom, or giving. There is no judgement, it is your purpose to notice what you enjoy and are drawn towards and to ask of the universe for it. This includes for events, experiences, emotions, as well as physical things.

But do not become attached to the things you seek, for you do not truly know what would serve you best. Ask and then "let go", allow your Spirit Guide and the Spiritual Hierarchy to deliver to you that which would serve you best. For example if you notice that you like the way a person makes you feel, the nature of the mind and emotions is to then become attached to that person, to the point where you convince yourself that they are the only one that could make you happy. It becomes about them and you lose the fact that it was because of how they made you feel.

Where the fool might pray to make that person theirs, the wise person would pray to have someone in their life with whom they could feel all those things and more. The fool would waste a lifetime hoping that one person wants them, whereas the wise person, having asked, lets go of their attachment to the person they first desired and the universe can then deliver to them a person of even greater compatability and synergy (or the person they desire, if it is meant to be).

You know what you like but you don't always recognise what is good for you. Ask for what you like but do not be attached to how you get it. Let go.

Respect That Timing is Everything:

Every event in your life creates ripples and these ripples affect all other things in your life. The path you weave is delicate and your Spirit Guide is there to guide you, should you only but ask. They see the big picture and working as part of the collective whole, they understand how your thread is woven into the fabric of all lives. When you pray for something, respect that timing is everything. You may want three things in your life and you may think you need them in a certain order and at specific times, but the universe wants what is best for you. So it may be that the order you get them is not what you expect. And the timing not what you desire. If you try to enforce the timing of things then you are not respecting the balance and interplay of all that moves within duality.

Respect that if you are meant to have something in your life and you pray for it, that the timing will be chosen for the greatest good of all concerned and for the highest possible outcome. But do pray and do ask. If you do not ask, you cannot get.

It is Alright to Ask for Help:

Many people have misunderstood what being spiritual means. They feel that it is wrong to ask for help or to ask to have their lives enriched by events, other people, or worldly things. This stems from the idea that the world is here to trip you up, to distract you. While this is true for people who are asleep, if you are awake, practicing the virtues, seeking out and walking your spiritual journey, and consciously communicating with your Spirit Guide, then the world is your playground within which you can learn about Love.

All things come from Love, and everything, and every moment is a chance to learn more about Love. To not ask is to deny your guide and the Spiritual Hierarchy the chance to teach you how all manifestation comes from Love and that you truly are worthy of being Loved and receiving Love. Let Love flow freely, listen to and pray for your hearts desires.

If you are practiced in humility, gratitude, respect, non-judgement, and unconditional Love then your requests will be naturally aligned with what your soul needs to evolve and Love can flow to you in the form of that which manifests.

What Would you Do in a World Without Religion?

Imagine waking up tomorrow and there was no more religion. For many it would be a time of crisis, some people would feel lost. But prayer belongs to you and not religion, and you would have the ability to seek guidance directly from Divine Intelligence, just as you have right now. Why would you seek answers from other people, when you have the gift of prayer to ask questions of your Divine Spirit Guide directly? Why would you confess to your religious leaders and ask them for forgiveness when you could ask the "Lords in heaven" for forgiveness directly?

Religion has always been the call to give away your power and "trust in someone else", whereas spiritual maturity is self empowering by allowing you to "trust in your own direct experiences".

Prayer allows you to communicate with Divine Intelligence and the spiritual journey allows you to reconnect with Divine Intelligence. There is no need then for the religions of man in the life of one who has awoken. Seek the truth.

If anything in this article resonates with you and you would like to explore true prayer in a neutral and loving way, or to understand more about the spiritual journey then please get in contact.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 11:36

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Did you know? This is a "channelled article" which means it was channelled from spiritual beings. Many people on earth are able to channel to some extent but it is important that you appreciate the following: A person may channel any of the following: 1) their mind and imagination, which is the most common thing people channel. 2) their soul, 3) deceased people, 4) any number of lower spiritual beings, not all belong to the Spiritual Hierarchy, 5) in rare cases their spiritual guide, 6) in very rare cases the Spiritual Hierarchy may choose to communicate with a person.
When channelling, the average accuracy for someone is usually low. For example a person who is initiated into light and sound and therefore has more potential to channel is on average less than 20% accurate when communicating with their spiritual guide. What this means is that 80% of the time though they think they are channelling their spiritual guide they are actually just channelling their imagination.
I started meditating on Light and Sound in 1999 and realised enlightenment in 2009. I have spent hours each day since 2016 learning how to channel under the guidance of ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, so that I can accurately receive and share these articles with the public. Each article I channel comes directly from the ascended masters and I only write what is requested by them. Much of the early channelling work went straight into the book. To ensure accuracy every sentence is checked many times before publication and this is done not just by myself but by other experienced enlightened channellers. In my classes I teach meditators on The Way Back how to channel and communicate directly with their spiritual guides too. My goal is to empower people to have direct access to guidance from their spiritual guides who themselves are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
Information from the Spiritual Hierarchy is consistent but you will notice that guidance sometimes changes, for example in the case of "how to protect your energy". This is natural because as the humanity changes spiritually, then the potential of each meditator and their needs will evolve too. If information changes then I will revise the articles and place a note to that effect. - Mark