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Light and Love is a Choice

Editors note. As human consciousness and the amount of Light on the planet evolves, then the guidance we receive from Divine Intelligence also evolves. This article will be kept up to date. Last edited 2nd Nov 2018. With Love.

Love is absolute Unity, what some people call “The Source”. It is the state of Enlightenment and it is from this Unity that duality is created. The first “thing” to manifest within duality is pure Light, which is energy flowing from Love, from The Source. The purpose of duality is to provide contrast and because all things within duality have an edge creating a limit, then the edge of Light is contrasted with Darkness, the corollary of Light. Darkness does not have its own energy and is not created from Love. Darkness, which is only found in duality is the absence of Light.

As Light flows down through the different dimensions it differentiates into increasing levels of complexity manifesting the spiritual dimensions and spiritual beings found within them. These beings from spiritual Light includeMasters of Light, Lords of Light, and Light Beings, all of whom are aligned with Love and, understanding their origin, are servants of Light and hence Love. Collectively these beings along with others aligned with Light are sometimes called the Spiritual Hierarchy and are found mainly on the 7th Dimension. Lower in vibration, within the 6th Dimension, your soul comes into being and at times takes on human form on the 3rd Dimension in order to learn about Love through the amazing contrasts the manifest world provides. All learning requires contrast and your soul journey is one of exploring how the choices you make within duality can either raise your vibration towards Love, or as a contrast, lower it into Darkness.

Where Does Ego Come From and What is its Purpose?

In order to have the illusion of choice and thus learn, your soul must temporarily “forget” that its true nature is Light and Love and so it enters into the temporary vehicles of mind, emotion, and body. As a consequence of identifying with these limited vehicles your ego forms and becomes the contrast to Love. The ego thus affords you the possibility of making choices that are not aligned with Love. The freedom you have to choose ego, which creates fear and selfishness, or Love provides the opportunities for your soul to learn. Thus because of ego every choice you make is ultimately a choice that takes you either more towards Love and Light, or one that takes you more towards the ego and Darkness.

What is Your Life Vibration?

When you were born your life took on the same vibration as your soul, and since all souls come from Light and Love then every child is born positive in vibration and aligned with Love. No one comes into the world negative. If you make choices, even unconsciously, that are led by ego, then your life vibration drops away from Light and thus more into Darkness and negativity. Your vibration in this life can be thought of as a measure of your alignment with Love up to this point. Your soul, like all souls on this planet, is on a journey to explore how your choices affect your vibration. Your specific life lessons were pre-chosen based on your starting vibration and karma, to give you opportunities to have lessons that will raise your vibration. The goal of your soul journey over many lives is to raise your vibration as high as possible towards Love.

At the end of your life when your physical body dies and you (the soul) let go of your body, emotions, and mind, your life vibration may be higher than the vibration of your soul before this particular life, in which case your soul's vibration is raised up closer to Love. Conversely though, the net result of the choices you have made throughout your life may mean your life vibration is lower than your soul's vibration, in which case your soul's vibration is not lowered, however you will have more karma to work through in your next life.

How Do The Choices You Make Affect Your Vibration?

How strongly each choice you make affects your vibration depends on how conscious you are of your true nature and aware you are of your connection to Love. A more spiritually awake person who knows that their true nature is Light and Love, and yet who consciously chooses to serve their ego and thus Darkness will cause their vibration to drop much more than a person who does not know their true nature and thus who serves their ego out of ignorance. This is because the higher your vibration the more energy you put into every action, thought, and deed. The more energy behind your choices then the more impact each choice has on your life's vibration.

Your Soul, Spirit, and Personality in Harmony

Your soul, which resides within you during life, is the source of your innate positive virtues such as courage, honesty, and a sense of justice. Your spirit which comes from absolute Love provides the raw neutral energy and potential, that spark of life, which animates your life. Your personality which is arranged around your body, emotions, and mind is from where you make choices which direct how this neutral spirit energy is spent. If your choices are focused towards Love then you raise your vibration making you more vibrationally positive. If your choices are focused on your ego or motivated by the fear ego creates then this neutral energy feeds negativity and your vibration drops. Your energy represents your potential to change your vibration. So the more energy you have then the more potential you have. When you have been initiated into Light and Sound Energy, you have an open channel, through your crown chakra, allowing Light (and Sound) energy from higher spiritual dimensions to flow through you and into your lower vehicles. This means that behind each thought and intention there is much more energy. As you progress further along your spiritual journey, eventually realising Enlightenment, then your connection to The Source increases and the amount of energy you “channel” into your lower vehicles also increases. Being connected to Light and Sound (what some call initiated) means you have more potential energy to raise your life vibration, but remember that your life vibration is not determined by the energy you can access but by the vibrational outcomes of the choices you choose to make within the lower realms of duality. Initiation gives you access to more energy and awareness in higher spiritual realms. Enlightenment takes you beyond all realms and you become The Source. But since both initiation and Enlightenment do not “happen” to the lower vehicles of your personality then they do not automatically raise the vibration of these lower vehicles making up your personality. It is through making choices aligned with your higher spiritual consciousness, and thus Love, that you raise your life's vibration.

Consciousness, Awareness, and Presence

For spiritual growth it is important to understand the interplay between consciousness, awareness and presence. Your “consciousness” represents the vibrational limits of where you can explore. From birth your consciousness includes physical, etheric, astral (emotions), mental, higher mental, intuitive, and atmic levels. This means that your consciousness is primarily on the 3rd Dimension with some awareness of the 4th Dimension and a little on the 5th Dimensions. Your “awareness” describes what you are noticing within your consciousness at any particular time. So if you are only aware of your body, emotions, and mind, then your awareness is mainly in the 3rd Dimension. How “present” you are within your awareness is determined by how much of your overall focus or energy is given to the subject of your awareness at the time.

What this means is that your “personality”, consisting of your body, emotions, mind, and thus ego are not your consciousness, but are really just “bodies” that you naturally rest your awareness on and identify with out of habit, becoming present within them. The process of initiation, which starts the spiritual journey towards Enlightenment, gives you consciousness on the 6th Dimensions. Through regular meditation on Light and Sound your spiritual vibration raises and subsequent initiations reveal consciousness in the higher spiritual dimensions up to and including the 8th Dimension, the limit of duality. Beyond duality is Unity, The Source, within which there is no consciousness, simply being-ness.

What Happens in Meditation

Meditation, even before access to the higher spiritual dimensions through initiation into Light and Sound, is the practice of letting go of your attachment to your mind, emotions, and body, and hence your ego. By letting go of your ego your awareness can move into higher vibrations within your consciousness revealing that you are so much more than your personality. Your natural attachment, as a soul within human form, is to your personality, and ego. Your life vibration reflects your orientation to Love. The more aligned with Love you are then the easier you can let go of your personality and ego. The more you align with your ego, which is the opposite of Love, then the harder it is to explore your spiritual nature. The ego acts like an anchor making it harder to let go. The ego is always present and the lower vehicles of mind, emotion, and body are always located within duality, where they are affected by the Light and darkness they encounter. If your attachment to ego gets too strong, or your life vibration becomes too negative, as a result of negativity and darkness in your life, then your connection to your higher spiritual dimensions closes down. This is why even as an Enlightened person you can still become negative, if you are not maintaining and protecting your life vibration. Since the purpose of life is to raise your vibration and your life is within a very dualistic environment then it is important to understand how to maintain a positive vibration within duality.

How to Maintain and Protect Your Positive Life Vibration

Understand that everyone on the planet is affected by Darkness and Light, which together are the highest expression of duality. Once you are initiated you have the potential to access much higher spiritual dimensions and can be a conduit for spiritual Light. This spiritual Light is much faster than the light of your mind, emotions (astral), or physical world. This means you can then bring spiritual Light, which is Love flowing in the form of energy, down into creation. In doing so you can raise your own life vibration and also that of the environments around you. It is by channelling Light that you truly change the world. Without this connection to higher spiritual dimensions then you only have access to the light within your everyday awareness, which is mainly mental and emotional, and so you are limited to using the energy you have within your own aura. This is why you may find negative environments so draining, because your own energy is literally being consumed to try and balance the vibration of your environment.

We understand that hearing about negativity and darkness can bring out fear in people but by understanding that fear is caused by the ego, and that your true nature is Light, which diminishes Darkness. Then the only thing to fear is fear itself. If you give attention to your fear then you give attention to your ego. The ego is always there but you also always have a choice whether to give in to fear or to surrender to Love.

Because you exist within duality then you can experience the opposites of Light and Darkness, positivity and negativity. Just as there is silence and noise, hot and cold, yin and yang. When you are an initiate then you have access, through your opened crown chakra, to allow Spiritual Light to flood into creation. This happens when you connect with the Light in meditation regularly. First the Light fills you up, then when you are full it can flow from you or you can channel it with intention into and around the planet. This is the potential every initiate and Enlightened person has. But unless you consciously choose to connect with the Light and Sound Energy regularly and choose to channel it then it remains just potential and does not manifest. Even on a spiritual journey you always have choice.

The Gift of Choice

The key word is “choice” and this choice can be conscious or unconscious. From the unconscious choices people make there are those who are naturally positive and more aligned with Love. There are those who are unaware of their choices and are for the best part neutral, and there are those who have chosen their ego and so become negative in vibration, moving towards Darkness.

As you become more awake and conscious of your choices then you can choose to be aligned with Love and thus raise your vibration becoming more positive. You have the potential to choose your ego and thus serve darkness too. Remember a conscious choice has more impact on your vibration than an unconscious choice, because being conscious means being present and focusing your energy. On the planet at this time there are those who are consciously working to raise their vibration and to align with Love and there are those who are consciously choosing darkness and negativity. That is the freedom of choice each soul has. This does not mean that those who are choosing Light, necessarily know about light, but simply that their choices are motivated by Love. So they will be more likely to demonstrate “service to others” and kindness. Conversely those who are choosing Darkness may not know about Darkness, but their choices are motivated by their ego. They will be more likely to demonstrate “service to self” and meanness.

There are also beings on lower levels who, while not as conscious as humans, will be aligned with Love or darkness and thus have a positive or negative vibration. These are found in the 2nd Dimension and their energy, negative or positive can affect objects, plants, animals and even humans.

On higher dimensions than your everyday awareness on the 3rd Dimension, there are also beings which naturally have more conscious awareness than you. These higher levels within the 4th to 7th Dimensions also are within duality and so the spectrum of Light and Darkness is also represented by the different beings there. Some of these beings can have an affect on people too since their vibrational consciousness overlaps with yours. Your minds and emotions exist within the 3rd dimension and a little on the 4th Dimension and so can respond to the vibrations of beings who can be present on the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. The reality of duality is that from the 1st to the 8th Dimension there is duality and throughout the 7 lower dimensions, within which there are many conscious entities, there is always duality being expressed. This means that not every being that exists on higher dimensions is positive in vibration, just as not every person you meet on this dimension will be positive in vibration.

Once you are initiated into Light and Sound energy your consciousness includes up to 6th Dimensions, there is then a second expansion to include the 7th and 8th Dimensions. Once you are Enlightened your consciousness is present on every dimension within duality, and your spirit reconnects with Unity. Your body, emotions, and mind are still just limited vehicles on the 3rd Dimension, and despite your higher consciousness these lower bodies are still influenced by the vibrations they encounter within their respective environments.

To understand this consider temperature. There is no hot or cold within the state of Enlightenment as all duality is reconciled and Enlightenment is the neutral unconditional Love of Unity. If an Enlightened person stands outdoors in the extreme cold of winter, their body will get cold. If you let your body get too cold then it will suffer and may even be damaged. Similarly if you allow your mind to be exposed to extreme negativity then it will be affected becoming more negative. If you expose your emotional body to extreme negativity, such as anger, jealousy, envy, fear, and so forth, then your emotional body will be affected becoming negative too. Cold environments make your body colder. Negative environments make your emotions and thoughts more negative.

This is true whether you have never meditated or if you are initiated or even Enlightened. To understand this is to understand that your personality is not that which is initiated or Enlightened. As an initiate with access to higher dimensions, and more so as an Enlightened person with access to all dimensions, you can channel higher energies from spiritual dimensions. These higher dimensions are more aligned with Love, and have a higher vibration of energy and so can raise your vibration and also your environment's. Those beings which serve Light on the 7th Dimension can protect your lower vehicles including your mind, emotions, and body from negativity, because only Light has energy and can pervade Darkness. Remember though that everything within duality and especially the personality has a choice. So protection only happens through intention and conscious choice.

Your Life and Enlightenment, The Drop and the Ocean

Your soul comes from Light and upon attaining Enlightenment you realise that everything is one and you are Unity. This is not a philosophical, intuitive, or intellectual realisation, this is being Unity. The “you” that you identify with as your personality is a small part of that great oneness. If you are aligned with Light then the beings of Light on the 7th Dimension, who serve Love are connected to you through Light and Love. Known to some as the Spiritual Hierarchy, they are the architects of the life you are living. The Master of Karma created your life plan for this life to help your soul to evolve more towards Love. If you have been initiated then it was though the Lords of Light that this happened. Your Spiritual Guide on the 6th Dimension, has been with you from the moment you were born and will stay with you until your passing and their role is to guide you in your life plan, and to protect your energy and wellbeing. But because you have “choice” then your guide can only help you if you ask. The Spiritual Hierarchy may have set out the plans for your life, but just as an architect may have designed your house, it is you that decides how it is decorated.

In order to come into human form, you had to lose your awareness of your connection to your Spiritual Guide and Divine Intelligence in order to fully experience duality. But now that human consciousness is waking up you are being reminded in order to give you the choice to reconnect if you want. It is just potential unless you choose to act.

This is why your Spiritual Guide on the 6th Dimension, who is part of the Spiritual Hierarchy and is highly aligned with Love respects your right to choose, understanding that it is a vital part of your learning experience. As such your Spiritual Guide will never tell you what to do; never dictate your behaviour; never give you unsolicited information; never manipulate how you feel; never deceive you in any way.

Negative beings within lower dimensions than your Spiritual Guide say the 6th, 5th, 4th, or 3rd Dimensions do not respect your right to choose. Being of a higher vibration than that of mankind some regard humans in the same way some humans regard animals, simply food or entertainment. If you consider how some people treat animals, keeping them in terrible conditions, slaughtering them for food without care, using them for amusement etc. it becomes easier to understand how other beings of much higher consciousness than mankind, who are not aligned with Love, may have similar disrespect for humans. To some beings humans are just lower beings, like cattle or sheep are to man. Remember that within duality there is Light and Dark, hot and cold, Love and ego. The variety of life, consciousness, and orientation to Love you can experience within the physical world around you is a reflection of the larger planes of consciousness you exist within. As some people say, “as above so below” meaning that duality exists here because it exists on higher dimensions. Imbalances created here affect other dimensions too.

Protection is Natural

So just as you protect your body from physical cold, you can also choose to protect your subtle bodies and your personal vibration too. So how do you protect yourself and maintain a positive vibration?

First Let us Consider How We Raise Our Vibration.

Understand the Vibrational Consequence of Your Choices.

Because your vibration is affected by the choices you make then you can learn to become more conscious of the vibrational impact of your choices. This is not about following a strict code of conduct, morals, ideology, beliefs, or indoctrinated canon, but rather to be consciously ask yourself “will this choice raise my vibration more towards Love?”. Another question you may ask is “Am I acting from Love or from fear and the ego?”

Let Love In

The conscious choices you make are within your mind, and so impact on your lower vibrations where your thoughts and actions resonate. Since your life vibration is a measure of your alignment with Love then by directly allowing Love into your lower vehicles you can raise your vibration. You can do this even before you are initiated since Love exists on every dimension. The most important aspect of this is your intention. Avoid trying to visualise Love coming in, since all visualisation is done with the mind. Instead have the intention to allow the highest vibration of Love to enter into you. It does not matter if you are aware of it or not, what matters is that you genuinely express your intention. Energy follows intention so just having intention is enough to begin channelling Love into yourself.

Meditate On Light and Sound Energy

It is beyond the scope of this article to fully explain meditation on Light and Sound, but consider that Light (and Sound) energy originate from The Source. They are the highest vibrations within duality and by giving your attention (presence) to them your awareness is guided back to The Source. Initiation means that your consciousness has expanded and that you have an open connection to Light and Sound. As you fill yourself with Light you align more with Love. The more you align with Love the more ease you have with being aware of Light. By using the connection you strengthen the connection.

Foster Those Qualities of Personality Which Diminish Ego

These qualities include humility, gratitude, respect, non-judgement, and unconditional Love. These qualities apply to self, to others and to The Source and those beings within Divine Intelligence that serve Light and make initiation possible for you. Much has already been written on this.

Now Let us Consider How You can Protect Your Vibration

What does it mean to ask for protection?

Your mind and emotions are within the lower dimension along with your body which is within the 3rd Dimension. As such your personality, which is associated with these lower vehicles is on the 3rd and 4th Dimension. It is your mind, emotions (astral), and physical body that are most located in duality and therefore most sensitive to the effects of Love and Light (positivity) or Darkness (negativity). Negative vibrations within the mind will make your thoughts negative, your emotions darker, and your physical body unwell. The opposite is also true: positive vibrations aligned with Light and Love will have a positive influence on your mind, emotions and your body.

  Positive Vibrations Negative Vibrations
Mind Humble
Emotions Feeling love
Feeling happy
Feeling content
Feeling joyful
Feeling light
Feeling centred
Feeling hatred/anger
Feeling unhappy
Feeling dissatisfied
Feeling miserable
Feeling heavy/down
Feeling lost
Body Healing

This table gives a few simple examples of positive and negative vibrations expressed through the different bodies you have. It is not a complete list and is here just to show examples to help you understand how your vibration manifests in each of your bodies.

Asking For Protection

Above duality and all vibrations is Unity, The Source, which is pure unconditional Love. From this unconditional Love, Light comes into being and flows down through all dimensions. There are beings of Light from the 7th to the 4th Dimension and highest of these are Divine Intelligence which includes your Spiritual Guide. As a personality on the 3rd Dimension you can ask your Spiritual Guide on the 6th Dimension for protection. By asking for protection your Spiritual Guide is able to shield your lower bodies from being influenced by negative energies on all dimensions. This is possible because being located on the 6th Dimension they have a faster vibration than your lower bodies and also any beings or entities on the 5th and 4th Dimensions that may try to interfere with your energy.

Even when you are initiated and have consciousness up to the 8th Dimension and subsequently when Enlightened and your consciousness includes all dimensions, your mind, body and emotions are still only on the lower dimensions. Being Enlightened or initiated does not mean that your lower vehicles are automatically protected.

Protection energy is active and has structure and so must be consciously constructed and directed from the higher dimensions downwards. So your Spiritual Guide on the 6th Dimension can protect your lower vehicles from the 6th down to the 2nd Dimensions, but your mind cannot since it cannot construct or direct energy on higher dimensions, which are beyond the realm of the mind.

Why Do You Need Help?

To some it may seem strange that you would have to ask another being for help, even when Enlightened, but remember that the state of Enlightenment is limitless absolute Love and is neutral and so there is no action or movement within Unity. Protection is only needed within duality and so must originate within duality. It is the ego of the personality that sees itself as separate from Divine Intelligence and the flow of Light through all dimensions. In Love and Unity, there is no separation, and each identity is a part of a whole. It is only the ego which would resent having to ask for protection because it requires humility to accept that the personality is part of something much bigger.

You, your soul, your Spiritual Guide, the Lords of Light and Divine Intelligence are all part of the whole and all come from Love. The identities of “you” and “them” simply arise because of limits within duality, but all really are just different vibrations of the same Light. Similar to the way the lungs, heart, and brain are all different and yet all part of the same body. It is when these different organs work together allowing things to flow naturally that the body is healthiest.

Because you have the gift of choice and that gift is respected by your Spiritual Guide who is a part of Divine Intelligence, then it is your personal responsibility to ask your Spiritual Guide for protection. Your Spiritual Guide cannot help you if you do not ask.

Why Do You Need Protection?

Every person who is born comes from Light and Love, and is born positive. How spiritual they are depends on their soul's vibration but every soul aspires towards Love. Light is the manifestation of Love and has energy. Darkness, the opposite of Light is the absence of Love and has no energy. If a being is aligned with Love then it is nourished by Light. If a being is aligned with Darkness then it must take energy from a being which has energy.

This is why negativity is drawn to positivity and this is one of the reasons you have your Spiritual Guide, since their role is to protect you. Without duality there is no experience and without duality, which includes Light and Dark, there can be no experience of Love. All experiences, all learnings, and all growth require the contrast duality provides. In order to learn about Love and Light your soul needs to be in an environment where there is also Darkness providing the contrast.
Protection prevents negative beings from “feeding” off your energy and interacting with your mind, emotions, and body. This applies to you whether you are initiated or not, whether you are Enlightened or have not meditated yet.

Remember that being initiated means that you become a channel for higher Light and have more energy. But even before initiation you have the light of your lower vehicles and the energy of your aura. Many of the problems humanity face are caused by beings on different dimensions interfering with the energy and thus vibration of people. Some people will have within them negative entities that much like parasites drain them of their energy and keep their vibration down. With time these negative beings drag a person down turning them negative too.

Negative beings from higher dimensions have more “intelligence” and will try and manipulate people via their egos, working at the level of thoughts and emotions. Often leading them towards habits or behaviours which will cause them to become further detached from their connection to Light and Love. If you are consciously aware of them, perhaps because you are very psychic or clairvoyant, or practiced at channelling, then they will deceive you into thinking you need them and they are good for you. This is why you have been given information on how to tell the difference between your Spiritual Guide and other beings.

Protection For Enlightened People

Now that you understand about asking your Spiritual Guide for protection it is important if you are Enlightened to understand that since your consciousness exists on all dimensions you can also directly channel “Protection Energy”. This Protection Energy (PE) is made available by the Divine Intelligence and works in a similar way to the protection your Spiritual Guide can give you. If you are Enlightened you are encouraged to do both. First ask your Spiritual Guide for protection as that is instantaneous and then channel Protection Energy by having a very clear intention (not visualisation). The freely available book explains in more detail how to channel and remember it is essential that you are neutral and aligned with Love in order to channel.

Protection For Initiated People

As a first initiate your awareness has access up to the 6th Dimension. As a second initiate your awareness has access up to the 8th Dimension. These dimensions and initiations are explained in detail in the freely available book. Whether a 1st or 2nd initiate you are encouraged to ask your Spiritual Guide for protection and to also ask for Emerald Light. The protection from your Spiritual Guide will protect your from negative energy, whereas Emerald Light will protect you from negative intentions of other people. Emerald Light was only given to the planet in the last year and there are those who have been channelling it to the planet in order to protect innocent people from abuse by other negative people. As an initiate you can bring this Emerald Light down around yourself for protection too.

Protection for Non-Initiates?

Even if you have never meditated or you've not been initiated, you still have a connection with your Spiritual Guide. Whether you are aware of them or not, they are always there for you. At any time that you feel you need protection then you can ask your Spiritual Guide for protection.

  Ask Spiritual Guide for Protection Channel Protection Energy
Anyone on the planet Yes, daily Not possible
Initiated into Light & Sound Yes, at least once a day, and whenever you feel the need. Not possible
Second Initiate Yes, at least once a day before midday, and whenever you feel the need. Not possible
Enlightened Yes Yes, must be done every day, between 6am and 12am, can be repeated later in the day if needed.

Please note this table was updated in Spring 2018. As humans evolve collectively then the advice, guidance and energies made available from the Spiritual Hierarchy evolve also. For more understanding of protection please visit TheWayBackMeditation.org

How Often Do You Need Protecting?

As a general guideline you are encouraged to ask for protection from your guide at least once a day. The same is true of channelling Protection Energy if you are Enlightened. But if you feel you need more protection then you can ask more often. There are those who have learned to protect their energy before doing any energy work such as healing, channelling, or meditating. Protection Energy from your Spiritual Guide will last about 24 hours.

Can Everyone be Protected?

In order to receive protection from your Spiritual Guide, or to channel Protection Energy you need to be aligned with Love and Light. This is because the protection comes from Divine Intelligence who are servants of Love, and the Protection Energy, being a form of energy comes from Light. Any person who has a negative vibration or who has consciously turned their back on Light and Love coming from their ego can no longer receive protection or channel it as they are no longer aligned with Light. This is where the advice above on how to raise your vibration can be helpful to realign with Light and Love.

Humanity is evolving, as many more people are being initiated and accessing spiritual Light. This is the reason why humanity's consciousness is raising. But it only happens through conscious focus on the Light and people making the choice to serve Love. Divine Intelligence are the highest level of servants of Light and Love and are working with people across the planet. As things evolve then the energies that people can access also change. Some of what is written here is new to Mankind and is relevant to this time. Be aware that new energies may come into being and that the advice may evolve as people raise their vibrations further.

Remember it is your choice.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 11:19

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Did you know? This is a "channelled article" which means it was channelled from spiritual beings. Many people on earth are able to channel to some extent but it is important that you appreciate the following: A person may channel any of the following: 1) their mind and imagination, which is the most common thing people channel. 2) their soul, 3) deceased people, 4) any number of lower spiritual beings, not all belong to the Spiritual Hierarchy, 5) in rare cases their spiritual guide, 6) in very rare cases the Spiritual Hierarchy may choose to communicate with a person.
When channelling, the average accuracy for someone is usually low. For example a person who is initiated into light and sound and therefore has more potential to channel is on average less than 20% accurate when communicating with their spiritual guide. What this means is that 80% of the time though they think they are channelling their spiritual guide they are actually just channelling their imagination.
I started meditating on Light and Sound in 1999 and realised enlightenment in 2009. I have spent hours each day since 2016 learning how to channel under the guidance of ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, so that I can accurately receive and share these articles with the public. Each article I channel comes directly from the ascended masters and I only write what is requested by them. Much of the early channelling work went straight into the book. To ensure accuracy every sentence is checked many times before publication and this is done not just by myself but by other experienced enlightened channellers. In my classes I teach meditators on The Way Back how to channel and communicate directly with their spiritual guides too. My goal is to empower people to have direct access to guidance from their spiritual guides who themselves are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
Information from the Spiritual Hierarchy is consistent but you will notice that guidance sometimes changes, for example in the case of "how to protect your energy". This is natural because as the humanity changes spiritually, then the potential of each meditator and their needs will evolve too. If information changes then I will revise the articles and place a note to that effect. - Mark