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Initiation is the process of a Meditator sitting down in meditation and being given a permanent connection to higher Light and Sound Energy by someone who is already Initiated. The meditation teacher giving the energy is often referred to as an Initiator. Typically the Initiation takes place over 2 days during which the Meditator sits and does longer meditations of between 1/2 hour to 1 hour broken up with gentle teachings and guidance from the Initiator. They may sit for 6 or more hours on each day. Where this happens is important as it is supportive of the Meditator to be able to sit somewhere comfortable, quiet and free from distractions and so some people rent a room or some act as a Host and let the meditator use their own meditation room.

There are naturally logistics and expenses such as the Initiator travelling, food and accommodation, and then there is the time. It is important to understand that the Spiritual Energy revealed during initiation is not created by the Initiator, but comes from Divine Intelligence, from Love and is a gift. This awareness that Initiation is a gift, which is not earned or bought sits at the heart of the Initiation.

The Spiritual beings on higher dimensions who direct the flow of Spiritual Light and Sound Energy have communicated in the past that "Initiation is FREE". They understand that mankind at this time has a difficult relationship with money. Money can corrupt people, but even if it is handled with kindness it can bring up issues in others. But life is never black and white and this has raised genuine questions like what about the costs of covering travel or providing food? There is not one of us who teaches this meditation for free who is does not encounter financial considerations. Having to hire halls to teach in. Having to pay for long distance travel costs to go and initiate people etc.

More Guidance on Money

I have been communicating directly with the Spiritual Hierarchy on the questions above as it is useful to get clarity on the issue of money in relation to Initiations:

  • Initiations are free.
  • It is OK to receive donations towards accommodation and/or travel costs for the Initiator.
  • The Initiator cannot receive payment for their time.
  • Initiation must be given as a "gift".
  • The Host must not profit from the Initiation.
  • The Meditator can voluntarily "contribute" towards costs including food.
  • If the Meditator cannot afford to contribute they should still be Initiated.
  • Lack of money should never be an obstacle to someone being Initiated.

At the core of the Initiator should be humility.

At the core of the Host should be charity.

At the core of the Meditator should be gratitude.

All honour the Spiritual Hierarchy.

What was very clear as I channelled this information was the choice of words, for example "donation" has a slightly different meaning from "contribution" though both are voluntary. The last four lines really bring to attention that it is the intention of the person which is important. Acting from humility, charity, and gratitude.

What is beautiful about this meditation is that initiation is empowering and that with regular meditation and an open heart you can realise Enlightenment once Initiated. Once Enlightened you may be able to Initiate others and help spread Love. The information above has been channelled directly from the Spiritual Hierarchy because we asked for clarification. Each of us is empowered and we should look to this guidance as guidance and not fall into the trap of seeing this as a rigid set of rules. For example it says "the meditator can contribute to the cost of food", but that doesn't mean they have to. It means that it is OK if the meditator wants to. The host may want to pay it forward and provide the food as an act of support and charity. An Initiator may have a sponsor who will pay for their travel and accommodation so that the meditators do not need to. What this really means is that the spirit of humility, charity, and gratitude should be the guiding principles. These qualities are not fixed but fluid, they flow and can be expressed in many ways. When you are aligned with Love then humility, charity and gratitude become second nature so really the guidance above could be summarasied as "Act with Love".

Having been Initiated, helped guide others towards Initiation, realised Enlightenment and gone on to Initiate other people I am so humbled and inspired by the process and hope that this guidance simply helps even more people make the most of this amazing opportunity.

In this article I use terms like Initiation, Spiritual Hierarchy, Spiritual Guide, and channelling. To get a deeper understanding of what these are and to find out more about soul, spirit and Enlightenment you can download my free meditation eBook which provides more detail, context and guidance.

Posted by Mark Zaretti at 00:56

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Did you know? This is a "channelled article" which means it was channelled from spiritual beings. Many people on earth are able to channel to some extent but it is important that you appreciate the following: A person may channel any of the following: 1) their mind and imagination, which is the most common thing people channel. 2) their soul, 3) deceased people, 4) any number of lower spiritual beings, not all belong to the Spiritual Hierarchy, 5) in rare cases their spiritual guide, 6) in very rare cases the Spiritual Hierarchy may choose to communicate with a person.
When channelling, the average accuracy for someone is usually low. For example a person who is initiated into light and sound and therefore has more potential to channel is on average less than 20% accurate when communicating with their spiritual guide. What this means is that 80% of the time though they think they are channelling their spiritual guide they are actually just channelling their imagination.
I started meditating on Light and Sound in 1999 and realised enlightenment in 2009. I have spent hours each day since 2016 learning how to channel under the guidance of ascended masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, so that I can accurately receive and share these articles with the public. Each article I channel comes directly from the ascended masters and I only write what is requested by them. Much of the early channelling work went straight into the book. To ensure accuracy every sentence is checked many times before publication and this is done not just by myself but by other experienced enlightened channellers. In my classes I teach meditators on The Way Back how to channel and communicate directly with their spiritual guides too. My goal is to empower people to have direct access to guidance from their spiritual guides who themselves are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
Information from the Spiritual Hierarchy is consistent but you will notice that guidance sometimes changes, for example in the case of "how to protect your energy". This is natural because as the humanity changes spiritually, then the potential of each meditator and their needs will evolve too. If information changes then I will revise the articles and place a note to that effect. - Mark