Meditation Podcast with Mark Zaretti

Meditation Podcast

Since 2014 we have produced our meditation podcast to support your soul journey and spiritual growth. You can listen to these podcasts on this site or your favourite podcast app. However please feel free to download them as MP3 files to enjoy them offline at a time and place that suits you. If you’re not sure how to download podcasts there’s help here.

The Spiritual Podcast Series
Mark Presents:

Spiritual Podcasts

These podcasts explore your spiritual nature and are loaded with insights and wisdom to help you get the most out of life. Even if you don’t meditate these podcasts are a great resource. We’re all on a journey of soul development and spiritual growth so wherever you feel you are right now, please enjoy and share these podcasts.”

The Spiritual Podcast Series
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The Way Back Meditation Podcast

Enjoy listening to our podcast on your favourite player. Even if it’s not shown in the list below the chances are you will find it.” – Mark

If you know any other podcast directories that we are listed in or that we could be registered with, please let us know and we’ll do our best to update this list.

Last updated 8th Oct 2020

Meditation Podcast Facts

We don’t charge for these meditation podcasts at all, they are completely free. If you wish to give something back then there are many easy ways you can help support us.
Some of our meditation podcasts refer to Pure Energy Meditation. This was our co-founder Mark‘s first website which predated The Way Back.
Did you know that everything you give your attention to affects your vibration? Listening to them can help raise your vibration because they are loaded with positive energy.
Even if you are not interested in meditation because these meditation podcasts touch on many life subjects including love, your soul and spirit, we hope they lift you up too.
These podcasts can be downloaded as MP3 files, which you can listen to offline as often as you like. You can then listen from your phone, tablet, laptop or any mp3 player. The image below shows where you’ll find the download link on our podcast player.

How to download our podcasts as MP3 files:

Navigate to the podcast episode you are interested in and you will see the podcast player which looks like the image below. As shown in the images, click on the “Download file” link which is just below the player.

Looking for more spiritual resources?

In addition to these meditation podcasts there are also lots of other videos, guided meditations, MP3s and online tutorials on this site because we are passionate about helping you learn to meditate. Above all we want you to enjoy life and we hope these podcasts inspire you.

^ Some of these meditation podcasts may contain guided meditations so please be really careful if you are listening when driving. The guided meditations may make you seriously relaxed and chilled out. Be safe and skip past the guided meditation bits if you are driving. That way you can enjoy them when you can close your eyes and give them your full attention later.

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