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God and You

When talking about God it can easily be mistaken for theology or religion but on The Way Back we are referring to something far greater. What is most important to us is that you find and strengthen your own personal relationship with God, bringing God more fully into your everyday life.

We cannot tell you or describe to you what God is because God is beyond words and doing so would simply form the basis of a belief. Instead our goal is to help you discover for yourself the truth of what God is. When you experience something directly then you no longer need to be satisfied with mere belief or idea because you now have a deep inner knowing that cannot be taken from you.

The spiritual journey on God’s light means you are guided by God back to the source of love. Upon enlightenment a person is filled with God’s light and love in their spirit and they know God. It is drawing upon these profound spiritual perspectives of both the journey and the destination that The Way Back shares what our founders have experienced, and which is given to inspire you.

Podcasts about God

#33 “How do I Have More God in my Life?”

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#33 "How do I Have More God in my Life?"

#20 “I Wish #3 I’d Known about God”

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#20 "I Wish #3 I'd Known about God"

Articles about God

Videos about You and God

We have a number of inspiring videos exploring our relationship with God.

As with all our guidance please remember that ultimately the relationship between you and God is personal and what matters most is what you discover for yourself. The guidance we give is meant to inspire and guide you but the real journey starts when you sit in stillness and “welcome God into your heart and your life“. God bless you.