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Below we provide details of each meditation teacher who is officially recognised by The Way Back. We wish you all the best in your spiritual and soul journey with The Way Back.
– Paula and Mark.

What to Look For in a Light and Sound Meditation Teachers

It is important when you choose a light and sound meditation teacher that you make sure they are experienced and can help you progress on your journey. It is for this reason that an advanced spiritual light and sound meditation teacher is enlightened.

Only an enlightened teacher can reveal spiritual light and sound energy in a process known as initiation. Being enlightened is a prerequisite to being able to initiate but even then not every enlightened person can initiate. Only meditation teachers who are given the ability by the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy can perform initiations.

You will see the advanced teachers of The Way Back shown below.

How a Meditation Teacher Might Help You

The primary role of a meditation teacher of The Way Back is to support you in your spiritual journey. The spiritual journey begins with the revelation of spiritual light and sound energy when you are ready. Some people, however, are not ready because being ready depends on several factors. Most importantly initiation is only possible when your soul has developed.

The Way Back meditation teachers support your soul development. The important relationship between soul and spiritual journeys are at the core of The Way Back teachings.

The Way Back teachers guide followers of The Way Back in the following ways:

Learning meditation which may include classes, meetups, but also online resources which you can find links to at the end of this page. Each teacher has their own style of working but they are all there to support your meditation from beginner onwards.
Sharing the teachings of The Way Back, which include channelled information from higher dimensions, practical advice, the ethos and principles behind The Way Back and importantly learning about The Six Virtues and core teachings.
Practical advice and support from your meditation teacher. At The Way Back we do not charge for teaching and we do not ask anything of you, we simply offer encouragement, advice, support and guidance because we are all in this together.

Meditation classes

The Way Back is more than just a meditation class, it is a way of life supporting soul development and spiritual growth. Support is important and we encourage you to get together with friends and family to practice and enjoy meditation. Learning and exploring spirituality and meditation with others enriches your own journey.

The video below gives you an idea of what a meditation class would be like. This video was created in 2018 to support meditation teacher Mark‘s course of free meditation classes, under the Pure Energy Meditation name.

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