Light and Sound Meditation FAQs

We regularly receive questions about The Way Back and meditation and so we have created this FAQs (frequently asked questions) page to bring them all together. If you have any questions about The Way Back or The Way Back Meditation then please Contact us and we will do our best to answer, and if its a question that would help others we will share it below. We also host a forum for followers of The Way Back at My.TheWayBack, where there is more guidance, advice and support.

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FAQs About Energy Work (4)

All channelling work involves bringing energy from higher dimensions down into the 3rd dimension and works through your chakra and meridian system. The energies channelled therefore come through you, not from you.

Because channelling involves presenting your higher chakras to the energy then it is not advisable to do any channelling during the darkest period of the day. As explained in the FAQ about the best times to meditate, from about 02:00 till 06:00 the planet where you are is darkest.

Those beings and things that are negative, including those on higher dimensions, tend to come out when it is dark. If you were channelling at that time then the brightness of your chakra system would attract them to you.

It is therefore for your wellbeing that we highly recommend that channelling work is only done after 06:00 in the morning and you stop before 02:00 in the night.

Channelling Unconditional Love

In the video series on love we talked about channelling unconditional love and explain that there are time limits on when it can be done. However we are always working to bring down the most up to date and accurate information and so in early September 2020 we got newer information about channelling which is shared above. This led us to discover that the timings discussed in that video were not fully accurate.

We’re passionate about providing the most accurate information and for this reason we are making this FAQ available to keep you up to date. What we now understand is although it is best to channel unconditional love before 22:00 you can actually channel unconditional love any time. But because of the consideration discussed above we strongly recommend that you do not do any channelling between 02:00 and 06:00.

When talking about channelling spiritual light, this refers to light that comes from the 6th dimension or above and is therefore only available to people who are initiated. There is also light on lower dimensions but this is not spiritual.

As with any form of channelling it is important to only do channelling work between 06:00 and 02:00, in other words: not when it is very dark. For more on this topic see the FAQ on channelling energy.

Should You Be Channelling Spiritual Light?

There have been times when there has been a need to channel spiritual light but it is not always the case and any work involving spiritual light should be orchestrated by the Spiritual Hierarchy who are the ones who grant access to the spiritual light.

Only initiates can actually channel spiritual light because it requires the crown chakra to have been opened. Even if you are initiated the following must be observed though:

  1. You must only channel light, if you are instructed to do so by one of the advanced meditation teachers. It is not something you should do without guidance.
  2. Light must only ever be channelled to a place, for example a town, county or even a country. It could even be to the entire planet Earth.
  3. Light must never be channelled towards people. If a person is meant to receive light then they must be initiated and then they would get the light directly from the source. If you channel light at them from the 3rd dimension then it is arriving in a way they cannot receive. If you do this then the Spiritual Hierarchy may remove your access to the light in order to protect the other people.
  4. Spiritual light must never be used for any geometry work. Learn more about geometry.
  5. Light is a very special spiritual gift and must be respected.

There are a number of popular ideas out there about getting meditators to create geometric shapes or grids around the planet using visualisation techniques.

Some of these ideas suggest that people who have access to spiritual light should make these geometries and grids out of light.

To help you understand why this is not a very good idea, and not something that is helpful for the planet it helps to better understand geometry.

The Limits of Geometry

Geometry is one of the fundamental building blocks of the lower dimensions including the 3rd dimension. Everything you can see and touch is made of geometry and colour.

At the highest spiritual level is simply love and immediately below that is light. Geometry comes a lot further down and so in the pursuit of spirituality even geometry must be transcended.

As Below, So Above

When looking at geometry it helps to keep in mind the principle of “as above, so below” which can also be stated as “as below, so above”. It means that what we find in higher dimensions is often repeated in lower dimensions, and visa versa.

So when people on the 3rd dimension talk about creating geometry from spiritual light which comes from much higher dimensions then we need to ask why? Spiritual light flows in a straight line, it is higher than geometry and comes from where there is no geometry. Geometry is all about edges, limits, structures. If we think about geometry on the lower dimensions and see how it is used and demonstrated then we can understand it better.

Rigid geometry, such as a straight line, a box, a pyramid and so forth, are not natural shapes. In nature even a river meanders, a tree may grow upwards but its shape is tapered and uneven.

The only defined geometries seen large-scale on the planet are man-made and artificial. On a microscopic scale you can find basic geometry in the form of crystal structures, for example the square shape of salt crystals. But those who are more aware of the different types of consciousness will understand that the mineral kingdom is even lower in vibration than the human kingdom and so is even further from the source of light. Of course you may refer to sacred geometry but these pure geometric shapes are not naturally seen on the 3rd dimension.

Going Against the Harmony of Nature?

When mankind introduces geometric structures into the world it usually disrupts harmony, for example a fence to create borders. In the case of a grid, they are almost always used to contain things, to limit free passage; to keep animals trapped or prevent them escaping.

In video tutorial #13 about mandalas you get to explore the effect of looking at the simple geometry of a square and many people find that it creates tension in them and is far from relaxing. A grid is lots of squares and even a pyramid has a square in its base and these are not generally considered to be positive geometries.

Although the motivation of many such initiatives are well intentioned the creation of grids or geometries made of energy or light is not in harmony with the natural order of things and is certainly not how spiritual light is intended to be used.

If you have been advised to visualise geometries or to use light in a geometric way we would urge caution, at least until you ascertain the source of the guidance. The Spiritual Hierarchy, who make such light available, have never asked that spiritual light be used in this way. If they needed something like this done they would simply do it themselves.

Channelling means consciously bringing either energy or information down from higher dimensions and either into you or through you.

Channelling information

This requires establishing a connection between yourself and a higher source of information so that you can “bring down” the information. This is discussed in more detail on the page where we share such channelled information.

Channelling Energy

This is the conscious act of bringing specific types of energy down from sources on higher dimensions through you into the 3rd dimension. Typically to then pass these energies on to others, for example in the case of healing work.

We have provided a number of examples of this in some of our articles and videos:

The key to channelling is that it requires 1) the ability to make the connection and 2) the ability to be neutral enough to allow the energy/information to come through you without you getting in the way. As such those who are advanced meditators naturally have a greater ability to channel.

FAQs About Initiation (7)

In order to be initiated a person must be at least 18 years old. Although in rare situations it is possible if the person is a little younger it is inadvisable. It is only once a person is 18 years old that their aura is suitably formed to allow initiation.

As you read the information in this website and the books you will discover that initiation is a gift and it comes from higher spiritual beings. Ultimately it is a gift through them from God and it starts the journey of your spirit returning to Unity, to God. The decision to initiate is made by these higher spiritual beings, known to some as the Ascended Masters. The energy of initiation cannot flow unless the higher spiritual beings release it.

Before you can be initiated a senior teacher of The Way Back consults with the Ascended Masters to ensure that they approve of the initiation. Their decision is final. It may be “no” or it may be “not yet”.

Initiation is a gift, it is not however a right or something that can be demanded by anyone. Since the highest spiritual goal of any human is to be initiated and to attain enlightenment, then the Ascended Masters would only indicate that initiation should not proceed if there was good reason. Not every person is ready for initiation in this lifetime even if they believe they are. This is why humility and trust are so essential since they prevent ego from being the reason initiation is desired.

The Ascended Masters want everyone to be initiated since it is an important step towards spiritual fulfilment. They also appreciate the fact that your soul is learning over many lifetimes so it may simply be that you are not ready in this lifetime. However the guidance we provide, much of which is channelled directly from the Ascended Masters, will help you prepare for initiation by developing your soul spiritually.

The more your soul develops towards love the more “ready” you are for initiation and if there is synchronicity, the opportunity, and it is aligned with your personal life-plan then you will be guided towards initiation. But even if you do not receive initiation your soul development in this life time will carry with you into the next.

We share many articles and videos about the purpose of the soul journey, because it is through the soul’s growth that you become ready for initiation. No amount of meditation can prepare you unless your soul is spiritually ready. Here is a lovely video which goes into detail about the soul journey and life-purpose. There is also an in-depth discussion on these topics in the comments of an article here.

Many people use the word initiation to mean lots of different things. For example some people talk about being “initiated into TM meaning they were taught how to do mantra meditation and received a mantra; in Reiki the word “initiation” is used to describe each level of learning. Other groups talk about initiation in terms of being given secret postures or attending a ritual.

Mantras, mudras (postures), mindfulness, breathing techniques, chants, rituals, postures, ideas, visualisations and so on are all fundamentally activities that you do either with your body or with your mind. Initiation is not a doing thing although there is a prescribed process, the process is not the initiation. Initiation is the opening of the crown chakra and the creation of higher consciousness along with the revelation of spiritual light and sound energy.

Because it is an ancient thing then there have been a number of teachers and awareness of initiation exists in many cultures. This means there are many teachers who use the word and some who even perform a ritual or process. But despite the fact that there are about 65 groups claiming to be doing light and sound initiation, the reality is most are ritual and process without the actual substance.

Consider it like this: a person could talk about initiation, they could do the process of initiation on you and you would not be initiated. The reason is simple. Initiation requires the involvement of enlightened higher spiritual beings to be involved and to allow the flow of energy and to create the higher consciousness. Without their involvement there may be process, there may be knowledge but there is no initiation.

Since initiation is accessing spiritual energy you have never accessed before using a consciousness you have never had before via a crown chakra that has never been open before then it becomes easy to understand that mantras, mandalas, words, postures, rituals and the like are not initiation, even if the teacher uses such a word. This is not said to devalue such activities but rather to help the seeker of truth understand that all activity has a limit and it is only via initiation into spiritual light and sound via the cooperation of the higher spiritual beings who support humanity that it is possible.

Since the spiritual journey is always moving forwards into the unknown then you cannot know if you are ready for what is to come next. Your teachers, having already progressed, will have a better appreciation for what “ready” means and they can guide you.

Readiness for initiation requires several things including:
1) That you are practising The Six Virtues in your everyday life.
2) That you are spiritually developed. This has nothing to do with philosophical or intellectual understanding. It has a lot more to do with humility and a desire to let go of “self” and discover “truth” through experience.
3) That you are in good mental health and old enough.
4) That it is in accord with your life-plan and the wishes of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
5) That you are practised in basic meditation and can sit comfortably in stillness.

As you review the list above you may realise that some of the things are under your control but some of them are not. Ultimately it is not up to you and cannot be judged by you but keep in mind that your teacher wants you to be initiated IF it is what is meant to happen.

As you read the different information on this site you will understand that the spiritual journey runs in parallel with your soul journey and both are amazing, essential and of great benefit. Experience has shown that the best approach is to be open to the possibility of initiation but to focus on the part of your journey you are already on, because every step is vital. If you are meant to be initiated then everything will line up and things will happen naturally and harmoniously. If you try and push things forwards you ultimately create tension and resistance where there was none. Trust.

It stands to reason that a lot of meditation experience should mean that you are more ready for initiation compared to someone with little or no experience. But experience over many decades has shown time and again that sometimes those with the most experience struggle to progress. This may surprise you but it makes sense when we truly understand that true initiation reveals access to energy and consciousness that is beyond the comprehension of your mind. In fact the single biggest obstacle to meditation on light and sound is the habits of the mind.

A person who has practised meditation, such as mindfulness, mantra, TM, kundalini, yoga, affirmations, visualisations and the like has been working in the mind and creating a powerful and repetitive mental habit. That does not mean they cannot progress, but often what is seen as a support is actually a crutch. Another challenge faced by those who have been students of some “spiritual meditation” groups is that they have been given a lot of information and ideas which may not actually be relevant or helpful for spiritual light and sound meditation. There is often a lot of letting go of ideas, expectations and dogma before they are neutral enough to start preparing properly for spiritual progress.

So whereas an inexperienced meditator must learn to meditate, an experienced meditator must unlearn how not to meditate. Prior experience does not mean you are more ready, though it may help. This is good news for those of you who have never meditated. Many who have attained enlightenment started meditation on light and sound having had little to no prior experience. They were pure like a blank canvas.

Kundalini is an energy that comprises of two parts, one is yin and the other yang. This energy naturally moves around your body interacting with your chakras (energy centres). In some yogic and tantric practices a lot of emphasis is placed on “raising the kundalini“. But raising the kundalini, although an interesting and sometimes powerful or profound experience, is not necessary and is not actually that spiritual.

There is no new consciousness revealed and there is no lasting change, it is, like so many things just a nice experience. Because kundalini regulates your body’s functions including temperature then there is a slight risk that over-stimulating the kundalini if you have energy blocks within you, may lead to discomfort or worse.

On the spiritual journey of Spiritual Light and Sound energy, there is no need to practice kundalini, which is just one of the energies found in the lower vehicles of every person. The seeker of truth is encouraged to discover that which is higher than these realms. Curious phenomena like kundalini are much easier to explore when you have gone beyond the limits of the bodies that contain them.

Another perspective on Kundalini:

You can also find this video on YouTube.

Paula, who co-founded The Way Back in 2018 was a fully qualified and professional Reiki master for many years. Not long after she received initiation and advanced in her spiritual journey she stopped working as a Reiki healer because she discovered that she now had access to much more powerful forms of healing.

Reiki energy originates in the 5th dimension and can be quite useful for healing. However upon initiation you would have access to the 6th dimension where spiritual awareness begins and so would have access to much higher forms of healing and energies.

This information that is shared with you now only became known in 2020 as a direct result of working with initiates who were struggling to get further into their meditation. It was through exploring the cause of their problems that a deeper understanding of how Reiki energy works came to light. There is no judgment about those who use Reiki for the good of themselves and others, rather the information is shared to give you a deeper understanding so that you can make informed choices in life. Shared with kindness.

Where does Reiki come from?

The Reiki symbols do not come from the Spiritual Hierarchy of humanity and although they provide some healing potential they are grounded within the lower realms due to their nature which is geometry and form. Because of their source and how they work they are not suitable for someone who is intending to go into more spiritual and higher experiences or who wishes to attain enlightenment.

You can be initiated if you have previously been Reiki attuned, including level 1 to 3, similarly if you have had treatment from those attuned in the past you can still be initiated. However because of the limiting nature of working with symbology, which is a form of spell, and the lower 5th dimension energies involved you may struggle to progress if you carry on performing Reiki or receiving it once you are initiated.

Knowing this then if someone chooses to continue working as a Reiki practitioner or receiving healing from a practitioner they cannot be supported further on The Way Back as they are choosing to undermine their spiritual development and prioritise a lower form of energy and practice over the higher spiritual light energy.

Those who wish to help heal others and themselves can be guided in how to do so and many of the advanced The Way Back members do a lot of healing work. In keeping with the ethos and principles of The Way Back, no one charges for their healing work and it is always given freely without condition. Healing is a gift that comes through us, not from us.

FAQs About Meditation (11)

Have you ever heard of the saying “mind, body and spirit”? It means that what you are is more than just your mind and body. You have a spirit, and also a soul too! These are just as important as you mind or your body. In fact, some might say they are more important since they will outlast your body and mind as you know it.

But you live on the planet in the physical world and so your body is the most obvious part of you, don’t you think? And because of all that thinking then your mind seems like it is pretty important too. And of course life, work, family, relationships, sex, entertainment, eating, sleeping and everything else can take up all of your time. In fact it can be exhausting just thinking about it!

But is that how it is meant to be? Is your life so full that there is no time for you? Of course some things just cannot be ignored, such as eating, sleeping, or looking after children. But something magical happens when you start to put your spiritual journey first. When you stop and say, “my soul matters!“, because your very life on Earth is all about your soul.

So if things feel out of control and you are being pulled in many directions then the chances are that things really are out of “control” and you are being pulled in the wrong direction. Perhaps it is time to get your life back on track and embrace some “me time“.

This does not answer the question above” you say, but wait, perhaps it does. When you focus on all the things that get in the way of you enjoying stillness and meditation then you give them power. But when you stop, make a stand (or sit) against all the busyness and go into your stillness in meditation, even if just for a couple of minutes a day, then something amazing happens. You become powerful.

When you start to focus on your soul and your spirit then you start to attract solutions to the problems that are consuming your time. You start to see things more clearly and it is as if you are guided to avoid making choices that would drain you, like you are tapping into your inner wisdom.

There is always time for you, but you have to take it. Make that first step, even if it is just 2 minutes… close your eyes, be still, awaken.

If you would like to learn how to meditate then there is a wonderful Beginners Guide to Meditation, a free video meditation course, and there are also free guided MP3 meditations for you to enjoy.

Firstly this is normal and it means you are tired. Often when Mark would run long meditations over several days for students he would say to them on day one that “if you need to sleep then sleep. If you are that tired then it is better to just get some rest and meditate later.

Of course there are things that you can do to reduce your chances of falling asleep:

  • Avoid lying down to meditate, after all it is better to meditate sitting upright.
  • Do not meditate in bed.
  • Sit upright. Good posture supports good energy flow.
  • Do a little bit of yoga or tai chi before meditating. If you don’t know these then just do some light exercise to get the blood flowing a bit, such as walking on the spot or a few star jumps.
  • Try and meditate at a different time. Perhaps try the morning if you are always sleepy in the evening.
  • Do the counting breath meditation deeply for about 3 minutes at the start of the meditate, to bring fresh energising energy into your body.
  • Avoid meditating after a heavy meal as it is normal to feel sleepy on a full stomach.
  • Open a window and let some fresh air into the room.
  • If it is a persistent problem then seek professional nutritional guidance as sleepiness may indicate an underlying problem such as excessive sugar intake, wheat intolerance or adrenal exhaustion. And of course if you suspect any health problems then see your preferred medical practitioner.
  • Meditate with friends or family. Many people find that the support of having others with you helps you to remain present and enjoying the stillness. If no one is available where you are then find a meditation buddy and you can remotely meditate together and then call or text each other afterwards to see how you each got on. To find others interested in The Way Back you can follow us on our social media (see links at the bottom of this page).

“That’s a great question and it would be impossible to do it justice in a single FAQ response. In book 3 I have already dedicated chapters on the subject of Karma. But that book is not yet published and so I’ll do my best to answer this question briefly below. However please understand that this is a big topic, and one that, once you understand it better will revolutionise your perception of life…”
Mark Zaretti – June 2020

Keeping things simple, Karma happens when the thoughts you have are out of alignment with your spirit. I say thoughts because all your actions and feelings come from your thoughts. Your spirit is fundamentally good and seeks the highest love, that which comes from the source.

So the more you are aware of your spirit’s guiding influence (love) then the more you live a life without karma. But this “spiritual” awareness only really happens in stillness and in the absence of ego. Meditation, even the simple practice of being still, creates the environment whereby your soul and spirit work together and you learn to unite with your spirit and be more guided by it.

The more you meditate the more you have the potential to become “in tune” with your life-plan and your spiritual nature. If you already have karma from previous negative thoughts (leading to actions) then the sooner you are aware of the thoughts that caused it, and put an end to that way of negative thinking which leads to negative actions, then the sooner the karma will resolve.

So again it is the stillness of meditation that creates the space within which you can become more aware of your thoughts and therefore begin to break the habits of those unhelpful and negative thoughts, finally becoming more awake and in-the-moment. It is when you are living this way that you can chose more easily to stay positive and avoid making karma. You, after all, are responsible for all your karma in this life.

Everyone experiences karma though, because although often thought of as punishment it is actually there to teach. There is a relationship between your actions and your karma and your intuition is how you decipher the relationship. What this means is that the more intuitive you are the more you will connect the dots between what you do (action) and any karma that creates (feedback).

Because meditation strengthens your awareness within higher dimensions then it also helps you to become more intuitive. As a person progresses after initiation to advance further along their journey their level of intuition can increase significantly and once a person is enlightened then their relationship to karma and intuition evolves further.

Ultimately karma originates in the realm of everyday life and meditation allows you to explore beyond that realm. It is the intuitive maturity which meditation provides the potential for that means a person who meditates has the potential to understand and therefore resolve their karma with more ease.

The word journey gets used a lot for example a “spiritual journey” or “your journey to enlightenment” so it is natural that this would make you think that there is movement and distance involved. The idea of a long journey might even put some people off.

When I first discovered light and sound energy the master who taught it told everyone it would take between 10 and 20 years to progress and that was doing 2 hours every day and 6 hours once every weekend, not to mention 3 day, 5 day, 8 day, 12 day meditates of up to 15 hours a day! It is a wonder that anyone got to the proverbial end.

Fast forward many years and since The Way Back has been teaching we have discovered that the truth is that it is not really about a long hard journey down a never ending road. The quickest anyone I have initiated on The Way Back has gone to Enlightenment was just 9 hours of meditation. Others have realised second state within minutes of being initiated.

Certainly I don’t think it’s a long journey, and perhaps it never needed to be. We don’t charge at all for our initiations or our teachings which is why we work as a not-for-profit, and so what we want is for people to get the most from their meditation and to progress at the right pace for them.

So if meditation is not a journey then what is it? One metaphor would be to say that it is learning how to let go of all that keeps you attached to your mind and body. Of course that in itself wont reveal higher states, but when you can really let go and you also have the energy that allows access to higher spiritual realms then the “journey” can be very rapid indeed.

“It’s not moving, it’s letting go!”

Some people find it really easy and others have in the past struggled along a hard and difficult Path. The Way Back has at the core of its practice the right balance of attention to what is needed to overcome those things that hold people back. Namely (1) we help people to develop their soul’s spiritual awareness, since this is what helps you to let go of your mind and body. (2) We help people to develop inner love since love is at the core of the journey. (3) We help people to progress by revealing light and sound in a process known as initiation and we provide lots of practical and useful guidance and support.

The journey, if there is one, is to attain enlightenment and that means to discover the Source, God, Unity. It is not an intellectual process but one of the heart, soul and spirit and so we teach and guide you how to develop your soul and heart through The Six Virtues, setting your spirit free.

“I would not call it a ‘journey‘, I would call it ‘evolving‘ or
losing oneself to find ONE SELF‘ “

Mark Zaretti

Meditation, as we teach it, is a perfectly natural process and as you progress onto the light and sound energies, then most people find it even easier to sit for longer periods.

The light and sound energy do not really touch your bodily chakras, since it is a superconsciousness experience; rather than bringing this energy into your body and chakra system, your awareness is guided into higher realms by the light.

In terms of the more traditional forms of meditation like breath, mantra, kundalini and so forth, all of which operate within the chakra system and mind, we recommend the simple counting breath, but only for a few minutes. We hardly ever recommend mantras except if they are essential, and we do not endorse or teach kundalini, because it is a distraction as it keeps your awareness more in your lower vehicles. Mindfulness, although a useful life-skill is not used as it can actually hold people back from deeper spiritual awareness.

The Way Back meditation in contrast to these is centred on stillness and letting go, rather than lots of “doing“. It is very gentle and yet with the revelation of higher light and sound energy, it can be profound.

What we have observed is that if a person already has blocks in their chakra system, which often stem from their own negative thinking or from trauma in life (physical/emotional), then they may struggle with longer meditates and have a lack of ease with meditation. Where appropriate we can help support such people but would not necessarily suggest they progress until they are ready and their blocks are resolved.

Similarly if a person has had a history of mental health issues including being diagnosed as bipolar, or are on any anti-psychotic or anti-depressant medication then they should be very cautious about any form of meditation and seek medical advice. It is not that the meditation is a risk, but rather they may not be ready for experiencing stillness and sitting with themselves on the inside.

Those who are followers and members of The Way Back have constant and on-going support from their advanced teachers, and if any specific guidance is needed it can be given. We encourage people to be self-responsible and to take things at the pace they are comfortable with, after all it is your personal journey.

In a lot of traditions the “Third Eye” or “Brow chakra” is seen as the spiritual chakra. A chakra is an energy centre and most of them are connected to different parts of your aura and your subtle energy bodies.

In the case of the third eye chakra, it is associated with your mind. When you put your awareness on the third eye chakra it can stimulate experience and it can lead to you becoming aware on the lower dimensions, which may include awareness on the 4th and 5th dimensions.

Keeping things simple these dimensions are higher in vibration that you normally experience and so awareness of them can seem pretty amazing. But they are not “spiritual” in nature and although there can be useful insights and experiences, there is no growth of consciousness or spiritual development there.

Most of the personal change you would experience would fundamentally be a shift in your “understanding” and “philosophy”, corresponding with the brow chakra being the centre associated with the mind. Therefore such meditation is a mental based approach.

We do not recommend that you over focus or pay too much attention to this chakra. Some people find that focusing there can even lead to headaches. Spirituality starts beyond the dimensions that the brow chakra can access and beyond the limitations of your chakra system.

Explore chakra awareness:

Once you are initiated into higher/spiritual light and sound energy then you will experience your crown chakra in a way not possible before initiation. You will also have an opportunity to explore the fact that it is more important to be full of love, than full of focus or information, and so the best advice we can give with respect to the brow chakra is do not pay too much attention, it is a distraction rather than a spiritual destination.

People often ask “when to meditate?“. For example “is it best to meditate in the daytime?” or “is it safe to meditate when it is night time?“.

As a guideline it is best to meditate any time after 06:00 and not later than 02:00. There are several reasons why we make this recommendation.

When to meditate?

Meditate when there is light

Because you are an energy being then the energy of your environment will have an affect on you. When there is light then the planet is lighter and when it is night time the planet is naturally darker. Meditation and spiritual growth are the pursuit of light and love and so when there is light then spiritual pursuit is supported. These daily light cycles also affect the energy and vibration of your environment.

During the daytime you are drawing in subtle energy which helps you to be aware and conscious. However this energy, which some people call “Prana“, is dependent on sunlight. Therefore by about 02:00 in the morning this energy has completely depleted from your environment.

Without Prana within you it is very difficult to be aware at this time. For this reason it is very challenging when you try and meditate after 02:00 in the morning. By about 06:00 the levels of Prana start to built up again.

This also explains why people generally need to sleep during these times, because normal “awake” consciousness needs energy.

Does living in a city make a difference?

Although it is not directly related to the topic of “when to meditate” this may also help explain why people feel more tired in busy cities. If everyone needs energy which they get from the air, then in densely populated areas that energy will run out quicker. Contrast how you feel when in the countryside compared to in a city centre. Obviously there are other factors at play, but the availability of subtle energy is an important one.

This may mean that if you live in a busy city then the best time to meditate is when it is still light. Waiting till late in the evening/night might mean you lack the prana to remain conscious in your meditation.

Is Meditation Safe at Night?

Just as there are positive and negative people in life there are also entities which are positive and negative. We explain more about these in this article. The negative ones tend to be more active between 02:00 and 06:00 because they prefer the dark.

If you are meditating late at night then you are more likely to attract the attention of these negative things. Some of them wish to parasite your energy, others are just up to mischief. We discuss how people can easily help protect themselves here. It is important to know that as humanity is spiritually evolving then the planet is also raising in vibration and many of these mischievous things are therefore disappearing. By the time you read this it may even be a thing of the past.

Is it better to be asleep at night?

There is another good reason why it is recommended that you do not meditate during these low energy times. You are meant to sleep at night and be consciously aware and awake during daytime. When you choose to go against this then you go against the natural order of things.

Although basic forms of meditation such as breath and mantra can be done lying down the reality is for most people that when you lie down you are much more likely to fall asleep.

Once you have access to spiritual light and sound energy following initiation then meditation must be done sitting upright. For first and second initiates the light energy cannot enter your crown chakra if you are lying down. Upon enlightenment your crown chakra is more open and even when lying down some light may enter however it is much easier when you are sitting upright than lying down.

There are other energy reasons concerning alignment of the chakras and other factors and for all these reasons the best advice is you need to be sitting upright to meditate. It is important to know that the process of gaining access to spiritual light and sound energy is always done sitting upright.

There is sometimes a difference between meditating in a class or group and meditation in your house. when doing meditation at home you may be on your own. So meditation at home presents two challenges. Firstly getting it right and secondly staying motivated.

From experience there is a lot you can do to improve the quality of your meditation when at home. To achieve this many people find it helps to focus on three key areas:

  • Create a supportive environment
  • Manage your time better
  • Use helpful resources appropriately
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We have created a guidance video in which you learn the approaches and strategies for effective meditating at home. This video is also available as a podcast which you can download as an MP3 for free. In these videos meditation teacher Mark explains the steps you can take as well as the mistakes to avoid. Did you know that using incense sticks or music might be holding you back?

Many people first hear about meditation as a means to reduce stress. However did you know that it may not always be the best option? How do you know if you are ready to use meditation as a tool for stress management? Because this is such an important topic we have produced a Questions and Answers video which is also available as a podcast or MP3 download.

Meditate to reduce stress
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We have also created a number of powerful resources to help you which are freely available. Once you have watched the video or listened to the podcast, you may benefit from the following resources related to “meditation to reduce stress”:

For many people, one of their first experiences of being more “spiritually awake” is starting to work with and experience crystals. Unsurprisingly it can also become a significant interest for people since crystals are tangible, collectable and look beautiful too!

meditation with crystals

Many of the teachers of The Way Back were themselves curious about crystals and practised using them for meditation, healing and energy work. As you probably know though, they have been working hard to help people awaken to their true spiritual potential which included experiencing the profound spiritual light and sound meditation. This led to the discovery about the limits of crystal meditation and the understanding that, while crystals might provide a useful experience for beginners, they do not help a person to advance spiritually and can actually hold people back.

For a more thorough exploration of this topic you may be interested in:

FAQs About The Way Back (6)

This is probably one of the most common questions and it is a very good question to ask because not all types meditation will have the same results, even if they look similar (eyes closed, sitting comfortably).

To understand what makes one type of meditation different from another you need to first appreciate that you are special and that you have different parts to yourself. Namely these include your soul, spirit, consciousness, mind, emotions, etheric body, aura and physical body.

Different kinds of meditation interact with different parts of you. For example mindfulness meditation, as the name suggests will work with your mind and although that is of benefit it has nothing to do with your soul or spirit.

Breath meditation, chanting, yoga, walking meditation and these kinds of approaches are all involving the body and so, while they can relax you and be of great benefit to your health and wellbeing they will not reveal higher consciousness that is nothing to do with your body.

The list is really quite long so below we’ve listed some of the popular types of meditation and what it is they are working with:

Breath: body, mind, etheric and aura

Chanting: body, mind

Crystal: etheric and aura awareness

Kundalini: body, etheric and aura based energy

Mantra: mind

Mindfulness: mind

Visualisation: mind

Yoga: body, mind

The Way Back approach starts by teaching breath meditation to prepare you for advanced meditation, but it is only seen as a beneficial tool, a “stepping stone” to something more profound. Although mantras may be used in rare cases these too are only a means to an end and are not considered meditation to The Way Back.

The Way Back meditation starts when a person gains access to spiritual Light and Sound Energy, in a process some people call initiation. Many people, just like you, have experienced this for themselves and have benefited from and enjoyed “light and sound meditation“.

Spirit based meditation, not mind based

What makes this kind of meditation different from other forms of meditation is that it is not based on any of your parts that you can experience using the many forms of meditation above. These spiritual light and sound energies work directly with your spirit and as such The Way Back meditation is spiritual rather than mental in nature.

It is through this light and sound energy that your spirit and your awareness are raised up and you get to discover something new, rather than more of what you already had access to. This is one of the common and defining experiences of those who begin light and sound meditation: that there is a whole new form of inner experience which has nothing to do with the body, emotions, chakras, aura, etheric body, mind, kundalini or imagination.

What we have discussed above is only a short answer, to fully understand how special this type of meditation is you have to experience it because this is not an intellectual journey, it is one of experience, revelation and ultimately love… that simply cannot be put easily into words.

Want to know more…

There is no spiritual basis for the caste system. Just as men and women are equal in terms of their spiritual potential, so too are all people. The Way Back do not recognise any caste system as a barrier to people benefiting from their teachings or practice.

Furthermore spiritual truth, by its very nature, must be true for everyone, since everyone comes from the same source. Just as the sun shines upon each person equally, and the wind blows against each person equally, then the spiritual light provides the same potential to each person equally.

The only limits a caste system presents to an individuals spiritual journey is how much they cling to it. Those who are loving in nature would not recognise caste in another person and would only see someone to love. It is the people who are loving who progress with ease on a spiritual journey. Those who have hate or judgement for others, who see another person as lower caste and do not respect them for it, will struggle on a spiritual journey because it is a journey to discover love.

How can any person profess to wish to attain enlightenment, which is to aspire to be one-thing-everywhere and the source of everything, and at the same time, reject or dislike other people? They would be rejecting and disliking a part of themselves. There is no place for caste in the seeking of TRUTH. Your caste does not determine your future, your heart does.

Mark used to say “belief is a poor replacement for experience” and one of the foundations of The Way Back is that it is not a belief system or a religion. All actions and journeys start with belief and it is belief that motivates people to try something new, believing it may be of benefit.

The great thing about the spiritual journey and indeed the soul journey, both of which The Way Back support, is that although you may start with belief, you get to experience for yourself and ultimately can replace belief with experience.

What this means in practical terms is that, for example, where we talk about initiation revealing spiritual light, you do not need to believe it, rather you are encouraged to find out for yourself. This is why we make all our support materials like videos, podcasts, articles and tutorials freely available, we want people to move past belief and into direct experience and knowing.

If you already have belief systems (in all honesty most people do) then that is OK. We are not here to tell you what to believe or not. If something we propose challenges your belief system then that is perfectly alright and normal. In such a situation you have the opportunity then to explore your beliefs and to decide whether you wish to embrace what you have discovered or stay where you are, and of course we will support you completely in that.

Everyone is at a different part of their own personal journey and we respect that. Some people will benefit from our books and articles, and for them that is enough. Others will have a deeper desire to know and find out for themselves and will be drawn to explore the spiritual light and sound meditation. It really is up to you. Simply take what you find helpful and nourishing from what we offer and if you feel like it, then share it with others.

Peace be with you all, whatever you believe.

To understand this question better you would benefit from reading the book “Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH” or “The Way Back to TRUTH“. Duality can be thought of as everything manifest, which includes all the spiritual dimensions. Unity is that which is one, the Source, God, call it what you will.

The “spiritual journey” as the name suggests is the journey your spirit takes to get back to Unity, a journey that starts in Duality, down in the physical realms.

So this is an interesting question because it asks what the potential of the soul is. Keeping things very simple, the soul and spirit are two different parts of you and they both span many lifetimes, so that this life, is just one of many that your soul (and spirit) will experience.

As we discuss in the various books, videos and articles on this site your soul is also on a journey and the simplest understanding of this journey is that your soul is trying to become more loving, to embody and demonstrate the qualities of the highest love which is unconditional love. Unconditional love emanates from the Source and can be considered the start of Duality, although it is more accurate to say that it is by Grace that it comes into Duality.

Since your soul is a vehicle of experience then it always needs duality, in order to have experience, learning through contrast and so your soul’s journey can take it to the very edge of Duality but not into Unity. This movement is achieved through meditation on Light and Sound energy and your soul reaches its zenith at the moment of enlightenment.

Everyone’s journey is different so I appreciate that what has helped me may not be relevant to others. But I hope that by sharing honestly what I have experienced it may help and inspire others in a similar situation, so this answer is my own. It is not meant to apply to everyone.Mark Zaretti

When I first discovered light and sound meditation it was 1998 and I was in my early 20s. I’d already done a lot of meditation but was “looking for something deeper“. Light and sound was what I had been looking for and I trusted my dear friend who I thank to this day for introducing me to the group involved. Here’s the first bit of advice I wish I’d been given:


You see in finding a group that could initiate me into light and sound I was confronted with a dilemma. I knew absolutely that this energy was what I was looking for but there was a lot that I was being told by the teachers of this group that didn’t sit with what I felt intuitively to be true. They told me that there was no such thing as a soul or reincarnation, that Jesus was a made up story, that their master was an avatar, basically that he was God. The idea of a spiritual hierarchy of ascended masters was dismissed.

I should have walked away but I knew the energy side of things was real and because I trusted their ability to give the energy I ended up falling into their beliefs, which were dictated by their master. To some extent I had no choice but to go along with it all as the alternative was to be “kicked off the path” and so like a few others who in private voiced their concerns, we persevered and endured in order to follow the journey to its conclusion.

Years later I was enlightened (yes the light and sound was the real deal) and started to go far beyond the limits of what I had been told by that group. By which time I had been ostracized from that group and after confronting their master about the poor treatment of people, I decided to leave them altogether.

Imagine my delight when I finally discovered there is a soul, that we do come back over many lifetimes and that the master was not exactly who or what he had claimed himself to be. It was about this time that I was shown a document written in 1986 by that master where he actually validated the existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy, ascended masters, and that he was not the only way to get initiation, contrary to his more recent teachings.

Thankfully I also rediscovered the truth that some of the ancient teachers including Lord Krishna, Quan yin and Jesus were actually real and began to find inspiration in their spiritual teachings (not in religion). This was a hard journey coming back to truth because over the 12 or so years involved in that group, I was literally brainwashed against my gut feeling and intuition into letting go of a lot of things that I felt were true deep down. So I beg you to always follow your intuition! The truth will ALWAYS come out.

Much of what I learnt about the soul, incarnation, Jesus and the truth about the Source (God) and where the energy really came from led me to the next thing I really wish I had been told right at the start:


It sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many people lose sight of this. I’ve been guilty of this and I’ve seen it too many times in others. The spiritual journey is the journey to enlightenment and it is driven by LIGHT, which you meditate on. During my days meditating on spiritual light and sound energy under the guidance of the Path there was literally no mention of love. It wasn’t discussed at all, and being honest there was little demonstration of love from the teachers either, with a few great exceptions.

Don’t get me wrong there were some lovely people but many at the top never included love in their teachings. The attitude was very much “meditate, and if that doesn’t work, meditate some more“.

But love is and always has been at the core of everything. In fact I can tell you honestly having attained enlightenment that love is higher than light. It is true that you need the light in order to progress but it is also true that without love you can only progress so far.

So many people are obsessed with getting the light that they forget about love. I know I did for a while. Trust me on this, keep love at the core of everything and you’ll find it much easier to meditate on light and also to enjoy and benefit from the meditation.

Love is the bedrock of The Six Virtues and I have produced a complete series of videos exploring love in more detail. Love is actually so important that you cannot attain enlightenment unless you have love within yourself and this leads me on to the final bit of advice that I wish I’d been given:


Again so many people make the mistake of focusing on the spiritual journey that they forget about the soul journey. I guess it could be because it is easier to be aware of spiritual progress because of the landmark revelations of light and eventually enlightenment. But the spiritual journey is one half of the coin, the other side is the soul journey and at the risk of giving the game away, neither journey ends upon enlightenment, which is actually “the beginning” of a life of amazing potential. But unless the soul is ready for it that potential never gets realised.

The soul journey really matters and just as point (2) suggests, love is at the core of your soul journey. To help you on your soul journey this website is full of guidance on how to develop your soul and I would start with “The WAY“.

I have also produced a number of podcasts where I explore the topic further: (1) Spirituality and the Virtues (2) Ego and (3) God.

There is a specific reason for the name which will probably make more sense as humanity and Earth evolves spiritually. For now it’s easiest to understand as the name referring to “The Way Back to SPIRITUALITY“, which also means it is “The Way Back to LOVE“. One of our founders has also suggested that perhaps it means “The Way has come Back” since much of the teachings and books are channelled from the ancient spiritual teachers.

While it is entertaining to speculate on the name, it is important to understand that the name was given, and that there is significance. But it is also valuable to turn the question around and ask you that as someone who follows The Way Back, “where has it led you?” and “what have you discovered?“.

Because what matters most in your life is what you know to be true from you own experiences and The Way Back is ultimately here to reveal to you TRUTH that transcends any form of belief or imagination, since it is founded in direct experience and inner realisations.

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