Daily meditation dice roll game

Daily Meditation: The Dice Roll Game

How to play:

  1. Below are six suggestions for beginners of meditation to do on a daily basis. There is one for each dice number.
  2. Every day simply roll a dice (or use the virtual one below) and then read the corresponding daily suggestion before clicking on it.
  3. If you’re more experienced then we recommend you enjoy this game in addition to your daily meditation.
  4. If you got the same number as yesterday, simply reload this page to roll the dice again.
  5. Please don’t worry if you miss a day, keep it fun and remember it’s not a competition, it’s about love x

Your virtual dice roll for today:daily meditation dice roll

Enjoy an online meditation tutorial video offering practical meditation guidance and insights into “the bigger picture“.
When you finish meditating today “stay in the stillness” and choose a random sitemap link to read and see what resonates with you.
Relax and enjoy one of our uplifting guided meditations specially designed to improve your meditation and aid your spiritual growth.
Be inspired and learn more about love, peace, meditation, your soul journey and spiritual potential with these free to download MP3 podcasts.
Get together/meditate with like-minded people, even if you can’t meet face to face do it remotely. A great way of being supported and inspired.
Behind everything is love, so enjoy bringing love to yourself, sending it to others, or even back to The Source. These videos will guide you.

We hope meditation becomes a natural part of your daily routine. Once it does then notice what changes as you do this exercise in addition to your daily meditation.

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