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Guided Meditation MP3 Downloads
Download powerful MP3 guided meditations

Download MP3 Guided Meditations

Each powerful guided meditation is available here as an MP3 download, which you can also find as YouTube videos on our guided meditations page. We have made them free to download so you can listen to them offline.

Please avoid repeatedly downloading the same MP3 files instead download them once and feel free to copy them to your other devices. Most importantly… ENJOY! If you know anyone else who would benefit please send them a link so they can read the important information about guided meditations here.

Did you know: these free MP3 guided meditations have been specially produced with periods of silence to allow you to explore your inner awareness in a much more profound and deeper way, without the distraction of music.

These MP3 downloads are making a positive difference:

Amazing people like you have already downloaded 1392 of our guided meditation MP3s and meditation podcasts since 23rd June 2020.

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Looking for more guided meditations? There are a few more in some of the news articles and also the free online meditation video training course. We also have lots of free MP3 Podcasts which you can download.

How to Get the Most From These MP3s

These MP3 files can be downloaded onto your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop or any MP3 device. For the best results please sit somewhere comfortable and ideally upright. Close your eyes and most people find that if you wear headphones then that gives the best results. Most importantly though is to enjoy and find what works for you. Please be safe though and avoid listening to these meditations while you are driving, or need to give your attention to something else.

Are you on an Apple iOS phone or tablet?

Apple Users

Please note that on an Apple mobile device you probably won’t be able to download any MP3 files because apple want you to get MP3s through their iTunes platform. You would have to first download them on a laptop or desktop and then use iTunes to put them on your phone or tablet.

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