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There are many references to “The Light” dating back thousands of years. Probably the most well known is “Let there be LIGHT“, which is a reference to the start of creation. These references to light demonstrate that light is important to us all. In spiritual terms though can there be a more profound understanding of light? Spiritual light is energy, in fact it is one of the most fundamental of energies.

The Source of Spiritual Light

Spiritual light emanates from The Source; from Unity; from God, but in reality these are just words people use. Unless you experience the truth behind these words for yourself, then it is just an idea or belief. If you value direct experience over belief then we encourage you to experience spiritual light and go beyond an idea.

But how can you discover the truth about spiritual light for yourself? The journey of spiritual light is not an intellectual journey. It is an experience based journey through higher consciousness, which has little to do with your mind. This is good news because it is simple, it is about sitting in stillness and simply enjoying the meditation experience.

Your mind cannot take you on this journey, it is a journey for your spirit. Your spiritual journey truly begins with the revelation of inner spiritual light. This revelation is needed because only spiritual light can take your spirit into higher spiritual dimensions.

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#01 "What is Light and Sound Meditation"

Spiritual light has always been present on higher dimensions but its vibration is too fast for anyone to notice normally. This is because it is much faster than any part of you including your mind, your emotions or your body. For this reason you need a higher consciousness that is as fast as the light to become aware of it.

Initiation into Spiritual Light (and Sound)

Gaining this higher consciousness happens in a natural process called “initiation” which reveals spiritual light. Initiation is performed by an enlightened Master or teacher working with higher spiritual beings known as the Spiritual Hierarchy. Initiation creates your higher consciousness and opens your crown chakra so you can go into the spiritual dimensions.

More is known about the process of accessing spiritual light with an overview in Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH. Book #3 goes into even greater detail and this will be published in the near future (today is Jan 2020).

An Overview of the Journey of Spiritual Light

Here a brief summary of the spiritual journey and the vital role of spiritual light (and sound) energy within it. For those who wish to know more the journey will be fully explained in book #3. However it is a wise person who comprehends that “understanding” is not the same as “doing“.

Understanding about spiritual light should never be mistaken for having access to spiritual light. It is said that without initiation there is no illumination and knowledge cannot move you, only inspire you.

STEP 1. Start enjoying meditation

The journey begins not with thinking, but with doing. It is after all at its core a journey into stillness, into love and thus learning to be stiller is a great place to begin. There is good reason too for when you are stiller you can “understand” in a much more profound and intuitive way.
When anyone tries to learn something with a busy mind all they are really doing is noticing their own internal chatter, and often feeding it. However when you are able to be stiller then you can begin to notice the truth behind the information and you start to be receptive to your own inner guidance. Stillness first, learning second.
This website has lots of practical advice, tutorials and guided meditations to help you get started and of course there may be a The Way Back meditation group near you.

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STEP 2. Learn about spiritual light and your potential

Now that you are enjoying exploring stillness and inner peace in meditation the guidance of The Way Back will make a lot more sense. The part of this website dedicated to “The TRUTH” is a great starting point.
There are also a number of books published which contain channelled wisdom and guidance from spiritual teachers specifically to help prepare you for your spiritual journey.
The important thing to keep in mind, it’s not about knowing everything, just enough to be inspired! Take your time and have fun, it’s meant to be enjoyable (inner-JOY-able).

Visit “The TRUTH” section of the website where you will find lots of helpful information.
Find out more about the different books available.
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STEP 3. Embrace your soul’s development

The Way Back is a holistic approach to spirituality based on experience and a deep understanding that your soul and spirit are intrinsically linked.
Your soul development plays a vital role in unlocking your potential to begin and progress along your spiritual journey and until your soul is ready your spirit cannot easily start the journey.
Now that you are enjoying regular meditation and have a better understanding of your true potential it is the right time to really embrace The Six Virtues. These are the foundation upon which your soul develops and your level of “spirituality” is raised.
Spirituality can be thought of as your natural ability to let go of your mind and ego and to go into higher states of stillness and is not an intellectual thing, nor is it desire or will power.
Spirituality is a quality deep within your soul and is developed through practising The Six Virtues, sitting in stillness and embracing God in your life.
The spiritual journey to enlightenment is the journey to transcend limits to discover that which is limitless: “The Source“, God. The light emanates from God to guide you back to God. For this reason having God in your life and heart, whatever that means for you, ensures that your life is more aligned with your spiritual journey.
As you create more harmony between your soul and your spirit it allows your journey to progress with ease

Find out more about The Six Virtues.
Understand the connection between your soul journey and your spiritual journey.

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STEP 4. Practice meditation regularly

By this stage hopefully you are enjoying regular meditation, interested in the bigger picture and already starting to notice some profound changes for the better in your life.
Even before the advanced spiritual light and sound meditation, regularly practising things like breath meditation and sitting in deep stillness can have amazing health benefits as well as developing your spirituality.
But beyond these things there is the simple fact that practising sitting in meditation and letting go, means that when you are initiated you will have a real ease of sitting without getting distracted by your body. You will find it a lot easier to be present within this more advanced state of consciousness.
When practising you could aim to build up to enjoying about 30 minutes a day of meditation and perhaps once in a while sit for longer periods like 1 to 4 hours. It may sound a lot, but like anything you enjoy, time flies especially when you are experiencing inner peace, stillness and a profound sense of love.

I remember my first meditate, I got my stop-watch out and timed it. It lasted for ages and I was blown away by the experience. When I finally opened my eyes it was about 2 mins and 30 seconds! How could anyone sit for hours?

In the years to come I would sit easily for 2 hours a day and would look forward to longer meditates. When we first start anything new it can seem a challenge to do more, but then look at how much time people can spend doing things like watching TV or sitting in the cinema and we soon realise it is not about the time, it is about what you value and prioritise.

Start with whatever you are comfortable with, forget about time and instead just enjoy and value the many benefits you get from being stiller, relaxed and tapping into inner peace and love, who wouldn’t want more of that?

– Mark Zaretti, meditation teacher.
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STEP 5. Discuss the potential to progress with your teacher

Time is precious and one must never forget that the potential to receive initiation exists, but one must also not rush forwards or put themselves under false pressure.
The student can never tell if they are ready, since how can they judge that which they have yet to experience? Some may think they are ready when they are not, and conversely those who are truly ready are so humble they may not ask.
There must always be balance and this is why the teachers of The Way Back encourage discussion about the subject of initiation, once the steps above are began. Once you have read the various articles and books you will understand that not every soul in this particular life may be ready for initiation.
But if you do have the potential then your teacher can help you prepare. It is vital that you understand that the teachers of The Way Back work directly with the higher ascended masters and will only provide initiation once the ascended masters have given permission for it to happen on a case by case basis.
The same is also true when progressing from first initiation on to Enlightenment. The teachers of The Way Back respect that the gift of The LIGHT comes ultimately from God and it is God that provides this amazing gift to humanity.

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#05 "Preparing to Progress in Your Meditation?"
The Way Back
“Begin your spiritual journey…”

STEP 6. Initiation into spiritual light, your journey begins

Initiation is the beginning of your spiritual journey giving you the potential to access spiritual light and sound energies. All the practising you have done plus embracing The Six Virtues and the guidance from The Way Back will help you realise that potential.
If you are truly ready to start your spiritual journey then there are three amazing steps ahead. However it is a wise person who avoids the mistake of becoming ambitious and striving to rush through the process. Wisdom and experience have shown that the best way to progress is to be fully appreciative and present within the meditation you already have access to. The steps along the true spiritual journey are:

First initiation: your crown chakra is opened and new spiritual consciousness is created for you.
Second initiation: provides you with the opportunity to go to the higher spiritual realms, to fully realise the limits of all creation.
Third initiation: the final energy is given to enable you to transcend the limits of creation and attain enlightenment.
Practical advice on getting the most from light and sound energy meditation.

FAQs About Initiation (7)

In order to be initiated a person must be at least 18 years old. Although in rare situations it is possible if the person is a little younger it is inadvisable. It is only once a person is 18 years old that their aura is suitably formed to allow initiation.

As you read the information in this website and the books you will discover that initiation is a gift and it comes from higher spiritual beings. Ultimately it is a gift through them from God and it starts the journey of your spirit returning to Unity, to God. The decision to initiate is made by these higher spiritual beings, known to some as the Ascended Masters. The energy of initiation cannot flow unless the higher spiritual beings release it.

Before you can be initiated a senior teacher of The Way Back consults with the Ascended Masters to ensure that they approve of the initiation. Their decision is final. It may be “no” or it may be “not yet”.

Initiation is a gift, it is not however a right or something that can be demanded by anyone. Since the highest spiritual goal of any human is to be initiated and to attain enlightenment, then the Ascended Masters would only indicate that initiation should not proceed if there was good reason. Not every person is ready for initiation in this lifetime even if they believe they are. This is why humility and trust are so essential since they prevent ego from being the reason initiation is desired.

The Ascended Masters want everyone to be initiated since it is an important step towards spiritual fulfilment. They also appreciate the fact that your soul is learning over many lifetimes so it may simply be that you are not ready in this lifetime. However the guidance we provide, much of which is channelled directly from the Ascended Masters, will help you prepare for initiation by developing your soul spiritually.

The more your soul develops towards love the more “ready” you are for initiation and if there is synchronicity, the opportunity, and it is aligned with your personal life-plan then you will be guided towards initiation. But even if you do not receive initiation your soul development in this life time will carry with you into the next.

We share many articles and videos about the purpose of the soul journey, because it is through the soul’s growth that you become ready for initiation. No amount of meditation can prepare you unless your soul is spiritually ready. Here is a lovely video which goes into detail about the soul journey and life-purpose. There is also an in-depth discussion on these topics in the comments of an article here.

Many people use the word initiation to mean lots of different things. For example some people talk about being “initiated into TM meaning they were taught how to do mantra meditation and received a mantra; in Reiki the word “initiation” is used to describe each level of learning. Other groups talk about initiation in terms of being given secret postures or attending a ritual.

Mantras, mudras (postures), mindfulness, breathing techniques, chants, rituals, postures, ideas, visualisations and so on are all fundamentally activities that you do either with your body or with your mind. Initiation is not a doing thing although there is a prescribed process, the process is not the initiation. Initiation is the opening of the crown chakra and the creation of higher consciousness along with the revelation of spiritual light and sound energy.

Because it is an ancient thing then there have been a number of teachers and awareness of initiation exists in many cultures. This means there are many teachers who use the word and some who even perform a ritual or process. But despite the fact that there are about 65 groups claiming to be doing light and sound initiation, the reality is most are ritual and process without the actual substance.

Consider it like this: a person could talk about initiation, they could do the process of initiation on you and you would not be initiated. The reason is simple. Initiation requires the involvement of enlightened higher spiritual beings to be involved and to allow the flow of energy and to create the higher consciousness. Without their involvement there may be process, there may be knowledge but there is no initiation.

Since initiation is accessing spiritual energy you have never accessed before using a consciousness you have never had before via a crown chakra that has never been open before then it becomes easy to understand that mantras, mandalas, words, postures, rituals and the like are not initiation, even if the teacher uses such a word. This is not said to devalue such activities but rather to help the seeker of truth understand that all activity has a limit and it is only via initiation into spiritual light and sound via the cooperation of the higher spiritual beings who support humanity that it is possible.

Since the spiritual journey is always moving forwards into the unknown then you cannot know if you are ready for what is to come next. Your teachers, having already progressed, will have a better appreciation for what “ready” means and they can guide you.

Readiness for initiation requires several things including:
1) That you are practising The Six Virtues in your everyday life.
2) That you are spiritually developed. This has nothing to do with philosophical or intellectual understanding. It has a lot more to do with humility and a desire to let go of “self” and discover “truth” through experience.
3) That you are in good mental health and old enough.
4) That it is in accord with your life-plan and the wishes of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
5) That you are practised in basic meditation and can sit comfortably in stillness.

As you review the list above you may realise that some of the things are under your control but some of them are not. Ultimately it is not up to you and cannot be judged by you but keep in mind that your teacher wants you to be initiated IF it is what is meant to happen.

As you read the different information on this site you will understand that the spiritual journey runs in parallel with your soul journey and both are amazing, essential and of great benefit. Experience has shown that the best approach is to be open to the possibility of initiation but to focus on the part of your journey you are already on, because every step is vital. If you are meant to be initiated then everything will line up and things will happen naturally and harmoniously. If you try and push things forwards you ultimately create tension and resistance where there was none. Trust.

It stands to reason that a lot of meditation experience should mean that you are more ready for initiation compared to someone with little or no experience. But experience over many decades has shown time and again that sometimes those with the most experience struggle to progress. This may surprise you but it makes sense when we truly understand that true initiation reveals access to energy and consciousness that is beyond the comprehension of your mind. In fact the single biggest obstacle to meditation on light and sound is the habits of the mind.

A person who has practised meditation, such as mindfulness, mantra, TM, kundalini, yoga, affirmations, visualisations and the like has been working in the mind and creating a powerful and repetitive mental habit. That does not mean they cannot progress, but often what is seen as a support is actually a crutch. Another challenge faced by those who have been students of some “spiritual meditation” groups is that they have been given a lot of information and ideas which may not actually be relevant or helpful for spiritual light and sound meditation. There is often a lot of letting go of ideas, expectations and dogma before they are neutral enough to start preparing properly for spiritual progress.

So whereas an inexperienced meditator must learn to meditate, an experienced meditator must unlearn how not to meditate. Prior experience does not mean you are more ready, though it may help. This is good news for those of you who have never meditated. Many who have attained enlightenment started meditation on light and sound having had little to no prior experience. They were pure like a blank canvas.

Kundalini is an energy that comprises of two parts, one is yin and the other yang. This energy naturally moves around your body interacting with your chakras (energy centres). In some yogic and tantric practices a lot of emphasis is placed on “raising the kundalini“. But raising the kundalini, although an interesting and sometimes powerful or profound experience, is not necessary and is not actually that spiritual.

There is no new consciousness revealed and there is no lasting change, it is, like so many things just a nice experience. Because kundalini regulates your body’s functions including temperature then there is a slight risk that over-stimulating the kundalini if you have energy blocks within you, may lead to discomfort or worse.

On the spiritual journey of Spiritual Light and Sound energy, there is no need to practice kundalini, which is just one of the energies found in the lower vehicles of every person. The seeker of truth is encouraged to discover that which is higher than these realms. Curious phenomena like kundalini are much easier to explore when you have gone beyond the limits of the bodies that contain them.

Another perspective on Kundalini:

You can also find this video on YouTube.

Paula, who co-founded The Way Back in 2018 was a fully qualified and professional Reiki master for many years. Not long after she received initiation and advanced in her spiritual journey she stopped working as a Reiki healer because she discovered that she now had access to much more powerful forms of healing.

Reiki energy originates in the 5th dimension and can be quite useful for healing. However upon initiation you would have access to the 6th dimension where spiritual awareness begins and so would have access to much higher forms of healing and energies.

This information that is shared with you now only became known in 2020 as a direct result of working with initiates who were struggling to get further into their meditation. It was through exploring the cause of their problems that a deeper understanding of how Reiki energy works came to light. There is no judgment about those who use Reiki for the good of themselves and others, rather the information is shared to give you a deeper understanding so that you can make informed choices in life. Shared with kindness.

Where does Reiki come from?

The Reiki symbols do not come from the Spiritual Hierarchy of humanity and although they provide some healing potential they are grounded within the lower realms due to their nature which is geometry and form. Because of their source and how they work they are not suitable for someone who is intending to go into more spiritual and higher experiences or who wishes to attain enlightenment.

You can be initiated if you have previously been Reiki attuned, including level 1 to 3, similarly if you have had treatment from those attuned in the past you can still be initiated. However because of the limiting nature of working with symbology, which is a form of spell, and the lower 5th dimension energies involved you may struggle to progress if you carry on performing Reiki or receiving it once you are initiated.

Knowing this then if someone chooses to continue working as a Reiki practitioner or receiving healing from a practitioner they cannot be supported further on The Way Back as they are choosing to undermine their spiritual development and prioritise a lower form of energy and practice over the higher spiritual light energy.

Those who wish to help heal others and themselves can be guided in how to do so and many of the advanced The Way Back members do a lot of healing work. In keeping with the ethos and principles of The Way Back, no one charges for their healing work and it is always given freely without condition. Healing is a gift that comes through us, not from us.

You can find even more answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about meditation, working with energy and The Way Back.

Love in your heart chakra

STEP 7. A new beginning

Enlightenment is not the end, it is the beginning! Once you are enlightened your potential is vast, but is not automatically realised. You are now spiritually complete and what happens next is down to you.
The soul journey which The Way Back have guided you on alongside your spiritual journey has prepared you for this moment. Having embraced the Six Virtues you are more able to “bring the light” into the world around you and you are now a spiritual light worker in the truest sense.
If your soul has not matured alongside your spirit then you may block the shining of this light, however your potential is to shine and let the radiance of The LIGHT within you help guide those around you. This is the true meaning of “En-lighten-ment“, to “put The Light of God within you“.
Upon enlightenment the spiritual light that has guided you gives way to the highest light, the Light of God. This light now sits within you and by embodying The Six Virtues and are humble it radiates from you. In book #3 we go into great detail about the process of enlightenment.
In practical terms once you have attained enlightenment then you may have the opportunity to become a teacher of The Way Back. However there are no expectations or requirements put upon you. We will simply support you as much as we can to get the most from your enlightenment.

Learn more about “spiritual maturity” and how to integrate into higher states.

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