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The Way Back Meditation - Website Map

This sitemap makes it easy for you to see all the different parts of the website and also all the different articles which have been published so far.

Complete list of all The Way Back channelled articles:

Where Does Compassion Come From? The Truth About How Humanity Becomes More Compassionate 27th October 2018
The Importance of Trust on Your Spiritual Journey 15th July 2018
The Real Purpose of Prayer, How Prayer Works 20th June 2018
An Open Letter to Light and Sound Meditators on John Yarr's Path 28th April 2018
Keep Your Vibration High & Positive: How to Avoid Negativity and Stay Aligned with Love 27th September 2017
Can you Expand Consciousness with Ayahuasca, Iboga, Peyote, LSD and Other Drugs or Medicine Plants? 3rd September 2017
How Can You Tell if You've Actually Been Initiated? 11th August 2017
Why Do Some People Seem to "Walk Away" From Their Spiritual Journey? 2nd July 2017
Your Spirit Guide: Protecting Yourself When Channelling & Meditating. 13th March 2017
Advice on Channelling Love: start with yourself 10th March 2017
Love Orchestrates Harmony: Notes on the Spiritual Journey to Unity 10th February 2017
How Do You Know if You've Progressed to the Next Step in your Spiritual Journey? 26th January 2017
Money and Meditation: Why Initiations are Free 15th January 2017
In Meditation: Is Spiritual Progress a Reward or a Gift? 30th December 2016
The Role of Grace, Humility and Love on a Meditation Journey to Enlightenment 6th September 2016

Complete list of all The Way Back news and blog articles:

Book - Guidance for the Seeker of Truth is now on Kindle 13th November 2019
Understanding The Six Sacred Virtues for Raising Your Soul's Vibration 27th May 2019
Your Spiritual Journey: Putting GOD in your heart 26th May 2019
Meditation Classes... A Different Perspective - YOU are the teacher and student! 11th May 2019
The PureEnergyMeditation.com website is Now Replaced With This Website 17th October 2018
Practical Advice about the Day of Initiation into Light & Sound Energy. How to Prepare 6th July 2017
How to Make a Portable Meditation Bragan for Light and Sound Meditation 21st January 2017
Important Guidelines for Initiators into Light and Sound Energy. 12th January 2017
Can Someone be Enlightened and Still be a Bad Person? 17th December 2016
FREE Meditation eBook - Guidance for the Seeker of TRUTH 11th December 2016
VLOG 10: Kundalini Meditation What is it? Is Kundalini Yoga or Meditation Spiritual 7th November 2016
VIDEO #5: The Best Way to Prepare to Progress to the Next Step/Stage in Your Meditation? 27th June 2016
VIDEO #4: How To End a Meditate and Bring More Stillness and Love into Your Life 15th June 2016
VIDEO #3: How To Still and Calm Your Mind in Meditation. Is It Even Possible? 9th June 2016
VIDEO #2: 9 Ways to Improve Your Meditation - Are You Struggling In Your Meditation? 6th June 2016
VIDEO #1 - Video Blog "What is Light and Sound Meditation?" 3rd June 2016
Light and Sound Meditation - Access to Higher Consciousness from The Heart. 22nd May 2016
Video Testimonial About the Benefits of Meditation and Lessons Versus Books 12th January 2015
Mick Describes How He Found Pure Energy Meditation Took Him Deeper than Many Years of TM (Transcendental Meditation) 17th November 2014
It's Not Important How You Sit And Meditate, It's Important That You Meditate 8th July 2014
Great Feedback From NHS Employers on The Benefits of Meditation in The Workplace 15th March 2014
How Long Should You Meditate? The Travelling Meditator 30th January 2014
Free Beginners Meditation Taster Session at The Orchard in Horsforth, Leeds 16th January 2014
Recording a Meditation Audio Podcast For NHS Employers In Leeds, West Yorkshire 8th January 2014
The Benefits of Meditation For Health and Wellbeing. A talk to the Cookridge U3A 6th January 2014
The "Absolutely on Purpose" book which I've written a chapter in goes on sale today! 1st October 2013
Can Meditation Naturally Reduce High Blood Pressure/Hypertension Without Medicine? 28th September 2013
If a tree falls over in the forest... 20th August 2013
Lessons From Meditating in the Ryoan-Ji Zen Garden in Kyoto, Japan. 23rd July 2013
Crystal Meditation - How to Use Crystals To Improve Meditation 12th July 2013
Statues and Status - Can Anybody Meditate and Get Benefits - Lessons from Japan 10th July 2013
Tao Te Ching - Explaining Why We Meditate 6th July 2013
What's The Difference Between Meditating Lying Down or Sitting Upright? 30th June 2013
Can Meditation Reduce Anxiety and Get Rid of Panic Attacks? 19th June 2013
No Meditation Class on Wed 22nd May in Horsforth 20th May 2013
Meditation Talk at the Orchard, Horsforth 18th April 2013
Free Meditation Taster Session Monday 8th April Horsforth Leeds 27th March 2013
Meditation Classes and Courses for Beginners in Horsforth, Calverley and Leeds 20th March 2013
What should you be noticing when you meditate? 16th March 2013
Free Meditation Class in Horsforth Leeds 27th February 2013
Meditation for Children - Can Children Meditate? 6th February 2013
Meditation Forum for Beginners and Intermediate Meditators 10th January 2013
Free Meditation Taster Class in Horsforth Leeds 8th January 2013
Book update - Spirituality and Meditation Guidance book will be coming soon! 2nd January 2013
Numerological meaning of 2013... musings and meditation 1st January 2013
Spiritual SatNav? What's Guiding Your Journey? 21st November 2012
No meditation class on Wed 14th Nov 2012 13th November 2012
How Pure Energy Meditation differs from other kinds of meditation. 24th October 2012
Letting People Know About The Benefits of Pure Energy Meditation 22nd August 2012
What is Pure Energy Meditation? 15th August 2012
Free MP3 Audio - Guided Breath Meditation - 15mins 6th August 2012
The Value of Communicating with Like Minded People 30th July 2012
Meditation Classes in Leeds, Horsforth 5th July 2012
Why meditate? 25th June 2012
Meditation Course for Beginners in Leeds 20th June 2012
Online Group Philosophy and Discriminiation Session a Success 6th April 2012
Meditation and Philosophy 26th March 2012
Meditation Book - Update 7th March 2012
Natural Health Magazine - Meditation Masterclass Article 1st August 2011
Using Meditation to Gain Answers to Questions and Mental Clarity 3rd January 2011
Exploring the Tao Te Ching 27th September 2010
The Benefits of Regular Meditation 25th January 2010
How often should I meditate? 13th October 2009
Meditation to Still the Mind? 1st October 2009
Meditation in a Group 3rd August 2009