The Way Back Podcast

#26 “Make the Best Decision: Stress free with meditation”

The Way Back Meditation Podcast
The Way Back Meditation Podcast
#26 "Make the Best Decision: Stress free with meditation"

Do you want to get answers from meditation? Learn how to make decisions in meditation. Firstly unlock the power of your intuition through guided meditation to access a more profound level of inner stillness. Secondly, you can use meditation to make important decisions avoiding stress or anxiety!

It is natural that many people experience anxiety and stress over important decisions and choices. Therefore 2016 Mark recorded two meditation videos providing insight and direct meditation experience to help with this.

In this podcast, Mark provides a focused exploration into this empowering meditative approach to overcoming decision anxiety and the stress of having a choice. It fuses together the two different videos into a powerful message. Vital when it comes to big decisions like should you make-up or break-up your relationship. Should you relocate or quit your job. Discover the secret behind it all in this spiritually focused podcast, ideal for everyone.

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