Spiritual Light and Sound Meditation Teachers

Light and Sound Meditation Teachers Meet-up

The Way Back meditation was founded in 2018 and since then a lot has happened with much of this work behind the scenes. There is a lot that goes into creating the videos, guided meditation MP3s, running courses and of course writing the books.

As things have progressed others have advanced along their journeys into spiritual light and sound meditation and so the number of meditation teachers has naturally grown. Some like Dan have been involved for many years while others have joined more recently, but we welcome them all to the team.

Dan, Mark and one of the students going through the new website.

A few of us met up in Canterbury, Kent this evening and during this meeting we discussed a number of topics which include future plans for:

  • More potential for meditation classes, talks and workshops.
  • How to provide even more support for The Way Back meditators.
  • Developing the free resources available on the website.
  • Future book publications.
  • Making more resources available via online forums like facebook.
  • Increase the team managing the website.

It’s a great to have so much support and it means that we are better able to help guide you and anyone else who genuinely wants to learn meditation and discover more about your spiritual potential.

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