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Homeschooling meditation

Homeschooling: Learn Meditation Online & What is Spirituality

In this inspiring video blog Mark discusses a number of topics including homeschooling, health and spirituality…

Homeschooling Meditation

Our free online meditation course is perfect for homeschooling and home education. By using the videos and guided meditations which are also available on youtube, it means that parents and their children can enjoy learning meditation together.

Although the more advanced spiritual light and sound meditation is only available to people who are at least 18 years old, everyone, even young children benefit from the forms of meditation we teach online on our free course. These include the “natural breath” and “Stillness and Love” meditations, which are particularly helpful for children and adults alike.

Health Benefits of Meditation

In the video above Mark explains a little about how breath meditation, in particular the “counting breath“, can improve the health and immunity of your lungs. These forms of meditation can strengthen your lungs too and from personal experience can even help overcome some respiratory problems such as asthma, hay fever and the like.

What is Spirituality

The last part of this video is an inspirational look at what is Spirituality and how it can really help you cope with challenging times (such as the Covid 19 crisis we are in the midst of).

Spirituality gives you a way to reconnect with inner stillness, peace and love. Whether you are just a beginner looking for a bit of relaxation or someone more experienced looking for something even deeper, every meditation is a gift and it’s so easy to learn. Just close your eyes and be guided.

Love Meditation - find inner peace

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