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End of Year Top 10 Review of 2020

The Way Back provides a lot of spiritual guidance, resources, information and support and it is quite interesting to look back over the last year and see which pages, videos and podcasts have been most used, showing how our online outreach is helping people.

Welcome to our Top 10 look-back over 2020, we hope it inspires you to explore our resources deeper:

Top Ten Web Pages

  1. Podcast: MP3 Guided Meditation Podcast – the homepage of our guided meditation podcast series.
  2. Article: How Can You Tell if You’ve Been Initiated – An in depth discussion about initiation and how you can tell if you’ve actually been initiated.
  3. Video: Love, Overcoming Problems in the World – a video reading of channelled information about love and overcoming the problems in the world.
  4. Videos: Online Video Course – an online 45 video tutorial course teaching how to meditate:
  1. Page: The Light – a page all about the Spiritual Light and the steps towards initiation.
  2. Video: Steps for Easier Light & Sound Meditation – a video blog and article about the practical steps to more ease in meditation.
  3. Page: The Way – a page that outlines the ethos, approach and spiritual significance of The Way Back, importantly discussing why the soul journey is important in parallel with spiritual growth.
The Way
  1. Podcast: Spiritual Podcasts – the main page of the spiritual podcasts, discussing spirituality, soul and spiritual growth.
  2. Video: The Love of God – A video blog exploring the relationship between you, light, love and God.
  3. Page: Guided Meditations – similar to #1 this page offers the guided meditations as videos rather than podcasts, providing an alternative method of being guided.

The top ten list above does not include our home page, which, because of the way all websites work is naturally always the page with the most hits. So instead the top 10 above omits the home page to provide a more significant look at the other pages people are drawn to either from browser search results or external links. Also because we moved away from using google analytics then the results above are based on data from August through to December.

Top 10 YouTube Videos

Below are our Top 10 YouTube Meditation Videos for 2020 ranked by total watch time in 2020.

#1. VLOG 1 – “What is Light and Sound Energy Meditation?”

#2. LOVE: Hidden Knowledge [Part 1 of 4] The truth about love, unconditional love, life, soul & spirit

#3. VLOG 18 – Life Purpose: Enlightened teacher shares 9 spiritual truths that explain your life purpose

#4. VLOG 19 – The Love of God: Truth resonates – Your spiritual relationship with GOD – love is the key!

#5. Guided Meditation #15 “Heart Chakra & fill yourself with LOVE” 25 min

#6. VLOG 15 – How to start a Light and Sound Energy Meditate & avoid holding yourself back in meditation

#7. LOVE: Sending Love [Part 2 of 4] Learn the three ways you send love & unconditional love to Others

#8. Guided Meditation #01 “Love and Stillness” 14 mins

#9. Meditation Tutorial 01: Introduction – Guidance for Light & Sound Meditation

#10. VLOG 16 – Sending LOVE to the Planet. Spiritually heal yourself and planet Earth

We think it is testimony to the importance of love in everyday life as well as in the spiritual journey that 6 out of the top 10 videos this year have “Love” in their title! Wishing you all Love – The Way Back Team

Top 10 Video Viewing Countries

In this Top 10 we explore where our YouTube video views are coming from, showing how people around the world are enjoying and sharing our videos, ranked by the amount of video content viewed.

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Ghana
  3. Switzerland
  4. India
  5. Seychelles
  6. United States
  7. France
  8. Spain
  9. Bulgaria
  10. Singapore

Top 10 Podcasts

Below we share our Top 10 Podcast episodes, from both our spiritual podcasts series and our guided meditation series combined. The results are ranked by number of plays.

Number 1:

#26 “Make the Best Decision: Stress free with meditation”

Unlock the power of your intuition through guided meditation to access a more profound level of inner stillness. Get the full story and bonus video footage. You can make the best decisions about important choices without getting stressed or anxious! Many...

We’ve also written an article about making the best decisions.

Number 2:

[21] Counting Breath – Guided Meditation

The counting breath is a true bedrock of meditation. Whether you are a beginner or very advanced we highly recommend this meditation. Experience being guided […]

We also provide a more in-depth video tutorial about this healing form of breath meditation.

Number 3:

[01] Love and Stillness – Guided Meditation

Explore the power of love and stillness within a gentle guided meditation. Unlike others, meditation facilitator Mark avoids visualisation, music and invoking imagination, focussing instead […]

Number 4:

[18] Raise Your Vibration – Guided Meditation

In this meditation your awareness is guided into a more profound level of inner stillness. It is within this stillness that you begin to explore […]

Number 5:

#24 “The Way Back – the bigger picture”

This is a direct reading of "The WAY", one of the cornerstone pages of The Way Back: read by it's author Mark. It discusses the holistic approach to the spiritual journey and explains why some people struggl...

This is the page which is referenced by the podcast above.

Number 6:

#01 “What is Light and Sound Meditation”

Enlightened meditation teacher Mark talks about light and sound meditation, introducing the process of "initiation" and explaining how spiritual light and sound meditation is different from other forms of meditation. Questions like "is there more than on...

This podcast is the audio from our first ever video blog back in 2016.

Number 7:

[13] Letting Go – Guided Meditation

You’ve probably heard that you just need to “let go” in order to meditate. This meditation guides you how to “let go” and explores a […]

Number 8:

[07] Mindfulness – Guided Meditation

The best way to learn mindfulness is to be guided into a mindfulness meditation. Meditation facilitator Mark gently introduces mindfulness in this 15 minute meditation, […]

If you are interested in this then check out our detailed guide to mindfulness.

Number 9:

[02] Sacred Space – Guided Meditation

A closed eye guided meditation to explore how you can embrace your sacred inner space. Bringing your body, environment and inner stillness into alignment. This […]

Number 10:

[17] Being Present – Guided Meditation

This gentle but powerful meditation guides you into being more present and “in the moment” within your inner stillness. The stiller you become the easier […]

2020 has certainly been a challenging year with lots of restrictions on people. We’re grateful that our website and online resources have meant we can continue to provide support to people around the world via our videos, podcasts, MP3s, books, articles and other resources. We’ve also been working hard to support our growing community of meditators as well as people around the world. Many of our members have been doing positive energy and healing work and we’re delighted with the positive feedback and stories we’ve been hearing from people. We wish you all a wonderful and uplifting 2021 with love at the core of all you do. – The Way Back team.

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