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Practical Guidance on Light and Sound Meditation. Progressing to Enlightenment

This page provides practical guidance on aspects of meditation depending on where you are in your personal journey. Although everyone is different everyone starts at the same place. These are not rules, but rather an indication of practices which make it easier for you to meditate on Light and Sound energy, and importantly to progress.

Throughout your journey we encourage you to keep the principle of love at your core. So for example where we recommend doing 30 mins a day of meditation, from your mind's perspective you may think something supportive like "I'm looking forward to that", or you may think something unhelpful like "How can I fit that in?". But when you move from your mind to your heart then instead of "thinking" about meditation, you can start "loving" your meditation. With love as the guiding principle you would want to do more as it's natural to want more of the things you love. Then it's not about time, it's about the quality and joy within that stillness. So please understand these guidelines are given with love.

At all Stages of Your Spiritual Journey

The following guidelines will help support you at all stages of your journey.

Appreciating the "Bigger Picture". Where Does this Energy Come From?

It always helps to remember that you are a spiritual being already. You are here to learn, to experience, and to love. The chance for you to connect with spiritual light and sound energy, which takes your awareness into higher spiritual dimensions is a gift of grace from the Spiritual Hierarchy. This energy is not always present on the planet but if you are ready for it then you will be born into a life that has the potential to connect with it. Each life you have is a chance for your soul to become more ready for that spiritual potential and on this journey you are never alone. You are supported by your spiritual guide, and beings of light and love.

Enjoy Living The Six Virtues

The following virtues help you align even more with the principle of love, raising your vibration and making it easier to meditate and to integrate with the states of higher spiritual consciousness which you discover within inner stillness and more so once you have access to Light and Sound Energy:

Remember that each of these virtues can be explored in relation towards yourself, towards others, and towards the Spiritual Hierarchy. For example be grateful for your life, be grateful for others in your life, be grateful that the Spiritual Hierarchy are there.

Maintaining High Vibration

You have a Spirit Guide, and although most people are not aware of them, your guide is always there. One of their roles is to protect your energy. Your Spirit Guide is on a higher dimension where there is less duality and more alignment with Love. When you ask for protection they can put loving energy around you which helps keep your vibration high.
More about protection.

Drugs and Mind Altering Medicine Plants
Avoid the use of recreational drugs, medicine plants including cannabis, peyote, ayahuasca iowaska, mushrooms, or yagé and other such things. These will rapidly close the crown chakra, and disrupt your connection to higher consciousness.
More about drugs

The Spiritual Hierarchy recommend that you reduce or avoid eating meat, poultry, or seafood, and are vegetarian. Consuming meat lowers your vibration and also the vibration of the planet too. Lowering your vibration will slow down your progress.

The damage that smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol does to you increases with the amount and frequency used. Everyone is different and you are responsible for yourself, and the vibrational consequences of your choices. Small amounts can be tolerated but too much of either will begin to lower your vibration, holding you back in your meditation.

Any behaviour which is harms your self/energy/vibration or causes harm to other beings demonstrates a lack of respect for oneself or life in general, going against the virtues of Love.

Best times to Meditate
As an energy being you are also affected by the energy of the environments around you. When there is light then the planet is lighter, and when it is night time the planet is naturally darker. These daily cycles also affect the vibration of your environment. As a guideline it is best to meditate any time after 4:30am and not later than 1am. No matter what stage you are at, it is not advisable to meditate between 1am and 4:30am as this is a very low energy time.

Getting ready for Light and Sound Energy

Preparing for Light and Sound Energy is learning how to reconnect with inner stillness and aligning your vibration towards Love. As your soul evolves over lifetimes your vibration naturally becomes more loving and you would naturally be drawn towards a spiritual journey and Light and Sound.
Light and Sound is a gift of grace from the Spiritual Hierarchy and your teacher will be able to check with the Spiritual Hierarchy to make sure you are ready for the energy and that it is given at the right time for you.

The following guidance will help you to get the most from the opportunity to meditate on Light and Sound.

Once you have Access to Light and Sound Energy

The gift of Light and Sound Energy benefits you as a meditator but also the whole planet, including those around you that you care for and love. Regular meditation helps you keep your connection open and increases the positive impact you have on the world around you, by bringing in more light. As a "first initiate" you truly become a light worker, able to perceive and channel spiritual light directly from The Source.

Getting ready to progress towards the "Second Stage"

Once you are a "Second Stage" Meditator

As a second stage meditator your consciousness has been expanded even further. You now have the potential to be completely beyond your mind and your ability to go into profound stillness and to channel Light and Love is even greater.

Preparing for Enlightenment

Once you have attained Enlightenment

Enlightenment is not the end, it is the beginning. Throughout your journey you would have been integrating with the 5 virtues of humility, gratitude, respect, non-judgement and unconditional Love. As an Enlightened person you will understand that it is not your personality that is Enlightened, and that it is through these virtues that you integrate your state of consciousness with your personality, to live a life more holistically aligned with Love.

Benefiting from High Energy "Grace Periods"

The energy of Light and Sound flows from The Source and it is by the grace and compassion of the Master of Light that it is made available to people via the process of initiation. At this time, to help humanity evolve spiritually, the Master of Light boosts the amount of Light and Sound energy sent to the planet on a monthly basis. These high energy periods are called "Grace Periods". During these times meditators who have already been initiated will find it easier to get deeper into their meditation.

There is more practical guidance and information about Light and Sound Energy meditation here.

If anything is unclear then please get in touch, or ask your teacher for guidance. We are here to support you.
The information here is kept up to date and may have evolved from some of the guidance in the past. This is because, as mankind is evolving spiritually, the guidance we are given by the Spiritual Hierarchy also evolves. This page was last updated in May 2018.
These are guidelines and you are encouraged to be self motivated because the more you do the easier you will find it to enjoy your meditation and progress. Historically Light and Sound meditators would meditate 2 hours every day and 6 hours once a week for a year just to prepare for receiving the Light and Sound. After many more years of daily meditation on Light and Sound they would sit for 10 to 12 days doing up to 16 hours a day of meditation to receive Enlightenment. Because of the kindness and grace of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the Light that those meditators channeled then the journey today is much easier and quicker.