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Podcast/MP3 Guided Meditations

We have produced a series of powerful guided meditations which can be listened to in four different ways. This includes getting each guided meditation as a free MP3 download:

Option 1: Listen to the Guided Meditation Podcasts

Our guided meditations are available as podcasts on all your favourite podcast platforms including apple, spotify and more.

Mark Presents:

Guided Meditation Podcasts

Guided Meditation Podcast

These are not your typical guided meditations. Based on decades of meditation and teaching experience this guided meditation podcast series helps you explore more profound levels of inner peace and stillness. Free from distracting music, visualisation and other gimmicks, these meditations work on a much deeper level.

Option 2: Download them as an MP3

You can download each of the podcasts as an MP3 file, which you can then listen to offline anytime. You will be able to do this from your favourite podcast player or from this website. Simply press the “guided meditation podcast” button above, select the podcast you want and then click on the “Download file” link as shown in the image below:

Option 3: Watch the videos

If Podcasts and MP3s are not really your thing, then you can watch all our guided meditations as youtube videos. The easiest option is to head on over to the guided meditation page and watch them there. Alternatively watch them in a playlist on youtube.

Having them available on youtube means you can watch them on your smart TV too, simply search youtube for “the way back meditation” and be sure to subscribe.

Option 4: Download the videos from YouTube

As explained above our guided meditation videos are on youtube along with all our other videos. There are a number of free online services where you can download a youtube video so that you can have an offline copy. Simply search the internet for “how to download a youtube video“.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please note we do not endorse any of these third party services and it is your responsibility to ensure that your actions are legal. Please remember even if you download our videos they remain the property of The Way Back, however we are happy for you to make a copy for your personal use to aid your spiritual development.

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Get the most from these guided meditations

For the best results please sit somewhere comfortable and ideally upright. Close your eyes and most people find that if you wear headphones then that gives the best results. The most important thing though is to enjoy and find what works for you. Please be safe and avoid listening to these meditations while you are driving, or need to give your attention to something else.

guided meditation with silence
Click this image to learn why our guided meditations may help you to reach a more profound level of inner peace and stillness.
Guided Meditation Podcast Series
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The Way Back Guided Meditation Podcast

Enjoy listening to our empowering and relaxing guided meditation podcast on your favourite player. Even if it’s not in the list below the chances are you will find it.” – Mark

If you know any other podcast directories that we could be registered with, please let us know and we’ll do our best to do so.

Last updated 7th Oct 2020

Want more inspiration?

Looking for more guided meditations? There are a few more in some of the news articles and also the free online meditation video training course. We also have our popular meditation podcast.

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