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Important Information For Those Performing Initiations

Over the last two years since 2015 there’s been a revolution in spirituality on the planet with many people across the world receiving initiation into spiritual light and sound energy. The process of “initiation” literally opens your crown chakra and connects you to spiritual energy. By meditating on this spiritual energy, which you experience as inner light and inner sound, you are guided by the light to realise enlightenment. This is beyond self-realisation, beyond belief and beyond your mind or imagination.

If you are not sure what light and sound meditation is and want to know more this video about light and sound meditation is a good starting point. This article is primarily intended for those who are already initiated into Light and Sound, but it is also useful for you if you desire initiation. By understanding the considerations for initiation it will help you to work more closely with your Light and Sound teacher. Once you have access to this spiritual energy, having been initiated, and more so once you have attained Enlightenment then you may have the ability to initiate others giving them access to this amazing energy and the opportunity it creates.

There is a meditation book which is also available as an eBook that explains all about this spiritual journey and the process of initiation and how higher guidance can come from your spiritual guide and the Ascended Masters.

Important Things to Consider Before Initiating Someone.

This is a journey to discover absolute love and one of the greatest acts of love is therefore to initiate someone. It is not just an act of grace for the person, but also on a global scale because every single person who gets initiated is acting as a channel of light and love helping to heal the planet and humanity bringing about a spiritual awakening for Earth.

Initiation is the sacred act of connecting a person to spiritual light and sound with the potential to realise enlightenment.

“Initiation is not an experience or an event but the start of a lifetime dedicated to unconditional love and it should be entered into consciously and with full awareness.”

– Mark Zaretti

Guidelines to Consider Before Initiation into Light and Sound Meditation

1. The Health and Balance of the Person to be Initiated.

If someone is not balanced in their lower vehicles (mind, emotions and body) as well as within their chakras then receiving initiation can actually make them unwell. This is because receiving initiation is supremely powerful as higher spiritual dimensions and the pure flow of energy from the source become connected with the slower lower vibration bodies of the person. If there are blocks within a person’s chakras then this influx of energy can create “pressure” within the person.

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This does not mean that a person needs to be perfect as that is unrealistic but it just means that you as the initiator must be satisfied that the person is as ready as possible. It may be that a little more time doing breath meditation or a specific healing mantra and practical advice will make all the difference.

As mentioned above health includes considering all different aspects of wellbeing. This includes their physical health, emotional health, and mental health. You may not be medically trained (most of us are not) so how do you interpret the meaning of “health”. When it is a physical problem then it is relatively easy to make a judgement call. If someone is recovering from an injury or operation then it makes sense to delay the initiation until they are out of pain. Similarly if someone has just suffered an emotional upheaval such as loss of a loved one then out of kindness you can give them appropriate time and support to emotionally heal before initiating them. But what about mental health issues?

Should People with Mental Health Issues Meditate?

Meditation is a natural process and initiation can give a person access to states of consciousness beyond their mind. But remember that the mind will also still always be present. The act of meditation and the healing potential it creates can be extremely beneficial but some people mistakenly believe that because of this potential, meditation will automatically fix people’s problems. We have to remember that imbalances, such as emotional or mental problems exist within the emotional and mental vehicles and their corresponding vibrations. When a person is initiated they get access to much faster energy and a lot more energy. The imbalances that were there before in the lower vehicles will still be there, but there is now going to be more energy flowing through these vehicles. This energy can rebalance things OR it may actually make it worse. The energy from the meditation is neutral, since it comes from love, but the effect it has will very much depend on the individual. Someone who is already oriented towards self-healing can benefit. But if a person is caught in a negative emotional or mental patterns then more energy could magnify their negativity.

Even before considering initiation, and advanced light and sound meditation, if a person has a mental health imbalance then the practice of sitting still and trying to calm their mind could be a very bad idea for them. If a person is bipolar, depressed, suicidal, or schizophrenic for example then asking them to sit still, close their eyes and have fewer distractions from their troubled mind may not be an act of kindness. They need to be healed and be comfortable with their mind before being encouraged to spend time sitting alone with their mind. It is a failure to understand this that has sadly led to the media discussing the “dark side of meditation”. My experience is that meditation is positive and neutral, that it comes from love and it can connect a person to higher love. This is the crux though. Can the person sit in neutral stillness and connect with love? If they are not emotionally or mentally well at the time then they will not be able to sit in neutral stillness, which means they are not ready for initiation.

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I have worked with people with a range of physical, emotional, and mental health problems over the years and I learned that sometimes kindness means taking things slower so that the person can heal before starting their spiritual journey, and also accepting that not everyone is ready for the higher spiritual light and sound journey in this lifetime. They can still benefit greatly though from the beginners meditation and the guidance and support of The Way Back core teachings.

The general advice directly from the Spiritual Hierarchy is that if someone has mental, psychiatric, or psychological problems then they are not to be initiated. It does not mean that they cannot be spiritual, it just means that more time, healing and support is needed. It is never kindness to initiate someone who would not be able to cope with the energy involved.

But how can you asses the situation and decide whether to initiate someone? One approach is to be K.I.N.D.

Know the person. Find out about their wellbeing. How well they can meditate. Understand their emotional and mental health, remembering to be respectful to them and also respectful of the Spiritual Hierarchy, because you are the ambassador.

Intuition is important. What is your neutral instinct when you let go of any attachment to the idea of initiating the person? If in doubt then ask the Spiritual Hierarchy if you should initiate them at this time. If you do not know how to communicate with the Spiritual Hierarchy accurately then there are those of us who can ask for you.

Notice how the person is in everyday life. The way they communicate, their focus, how they act are all clues about how they will progress. Someone who is negative in their everyday outlook will be negative on their journey. If a person has mental imbalances or does not cope well with the awareness they already have access to then giving them more awareness will give them more to not cope well with.

Duty of care. It is not about you, it is not about a goal to get as many people as possible initiated. It is about a Duty of care to the person you are initiating. You are responsible for them and are going to be supporting them. If in doubt wait a little while, and meditate more with them to support them.

2. Is the Person Pregnant or Trying to Get Pregnant?

During the first 14 weeks of pregnancy the developing baby has a very fragile chakra and aura system and the energy influx of receiving initiation, which is very neutral will change the balance of the foetus’s energy. At 14 weeks the soul has yet to connect with the baby and so there is no higher vibration present to help maintain a sense of self, and so the neutral energy of initiation, which is Love, will create more neutrality in the foetus’ energy. Without the natural imbalance in the foetus’s aura it cannot develop and so the foetus may stop developing and there is a risk of miscarriage. This is why it is really important to know if the person is pregnant or may be pregnant.

3. Is it Your Enthusiasm or The Enthusiasm of the Person to Be Initiated?

It is easy as a teacher to get enthusiastic to share this amazing gift. In our enthusiasm we can lose sight of the fact that the person who is to be initiated does not understand what is to come in the same way you do. Those of us that have been initiated and more so those who are Enlightened will understand that it is an amazing gift, and one that comes with a responsibility towards self, others and the Spiritual Hierarchy. If a person is not dedicated towards daily meditation and a life of Love then even if they are initiated they may not benefit. Without regular meditation or working with Light and Love (once Enlightened) then the crown chakra begins to close. As the crown chakra closes the person looses their connection to the higher spiritual dimensions and their ability to benefit and help others also diminishes.

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It is kindness to make sure that the desire and enthusiasm for spiritual truth rests within the person who is to receive the grace of initiation, and that their being initiated is not a projection of your own desires for them.

4. The Age of the Person to be Initiated

Generally speaking the age of the person to be initiated must be 18 years or older. If both parents are already initiated and consent, and the meditator is very mature having demonstrated a dedication to meditation, then they can be initiated once 16 years of age. There are several reasons and they include the development of a person’s energy system and chakras as well as other factors which are covered in the free meditation eBook.

Other Factors to Consider When Planning an Initiation

These are some of the main topics to consider. What I have not touched on are the more practical aspects which are equally important and which can make a big difference to how easily the person relaxes and benefits from their initiation. These include:

  • Where are they going to be initiated?
  • Do you have all the cushions, blankets etc?
  • Do they have any special dietary requirements?
  • Are they on any medication such as insulin?
  • How will they travel to and from the initiation?
  • Will they be meditating alone or in a group and if it’s a group, are they at ease with the other people in that group?
  • Do they understand what the initiation is for? It is a life changing event.

I’m sure you can think of many more factors. The goal of this article is not to explain everything but rather to give you guidelines and to encourage you to contemplate how best you can serve those who you will initiate. Every initiation is a miracle and we must always respect the person we are initiating and importantly respect what initiation is and where it comes from.

Remember: Kindness and Duty of Care to Yourself

Throughout this article is the theme of your duty of care to others. There is also your duty of care to yourself. If you have in the past, or currently are experiencing emotional trauma or mental health concerns then it is important to know that you are not to channel light, or to perform initiations on others. It is not everyone’s role to be a channel or to initiate. If you still need healing then your duty of care and kindness is to yourself first. When you are ready then you may serve others in the future, but check with your teacher. If you do need healing then let those enlightened teachers who you were guided by know and they can send specific healing vibrations to help you. But also you are empowered from the moment you are initiated to bring down higher healing for yourself.

This article was published on 12th January 2017 at a time when there were many people around the world able to do initiations. Many of them had had very little training or experience and so the Spiritual Hierarchy asked Mark to write this guidance to ensure the best outcome for those involved. Although there are now fewer who can initiate the advice above is still good advice and so this article has been left. It is also an accurate record of the information and guidelines at the time.

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