[eBook] The Way Back: An Anthology of Spiritual Guidance

[eBook] The Way Back: An Anthology of Spiritual GuidanceIt is several years now since I got the calling to create The Way Back website as a place to collate and share spiritual guidance and teachings. Since that time the volume and richness of useful resources has steadily grown.

This Anthology brings together those parts of the website’s content that lend themselves naturally to being read. By compiling this guidance into a book, it provides a wonderful resource for those moments where quiet study, reflection or seeking a deeper understanding are desired.


What’s inside this eBook?

  • This eBook brings together many years of all the inspiring spiritual guidance found throughout this website in one place, including images and artwork.
  • Over 500 pages with the following sections:
    1) Channelled Teachings – sharing higher knowledge and wisdom
    2) Additional Articles – positive guidance for all seekers of TRUTH
    3) Cornerstone Content – the core understandings of the soul and spiritual journeys
    4) Light & Sound Meditation FAQs – providing real answers to real questions
    5) BONUS: 7 inspiring forum topics** – enlightened teachers share their experience and insights
    6) Glossary of Spiritual Terms – avoiding jargon and keeping things simple
  • Includes 5+ years of channelled articles and guidance from 2016 through to 2021

**Bonus Spiritual Guidance in this eBook!

The BONUS 7 forum topics share answers from experienced and enlightened meditation teachers, that are not publicly available. These include detailed discussions on:

Positive thoughts
Changing your destiny
Seeking prosperity
Becoming stiller
How to switch off in meditation
Understanding The Six Virtues in a different way

eBook details:

Author: Mark Zaretti
Published: 2021
Language: English (UK)
Format: PDF
Pages: 517 (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Size: 4.9MB
Paperback: n/a Only available as an eBook from this site
T&Cs: No sign up, simple purchase via PayPal. You receive the download link immediately and via email. Link valid for 48 hrs. No refunds.

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