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A personal message from The Way Back team:

We do not charge for any of The Way Back teachings and guidance, including the online resources, free MP3 downloads, classes and courses we run. This removes the financial barriers to people receiving help and guidance for their spiritual and soul journeys and is our way of “giving back” to the universe. Giving freely is one of the highest demonstrations of LOVE and kindness and we invite you to share these resources with others.

100% Not for Profit Meditation Group


Registered in England as a “not for profit” company with Companies House number 11873364.

We also understand that in order to reach out to people and support them we need a website, to rent venues and cover costs of things like leaflets, travel and domain names, the list goes on. So over the years our co-founder Mark used his own finances and resources to make sure the site and courses were available to all. He also funded all the filming for videos. He would say “I give it all to you gladly as it’s my true life’s work and calling” and in 2018 he stood true to his words and retired from his “day job” to focus completely on teaching and supporting The Way Back. In 2019 The Way Back Group Ltd was setup as a not for profit and Mark donated his life’s savings to ensure our charitable work can continue.

We created this page because some of the kind people, just like you, who’ve been supported by The Way Back or have found our teachings and free resources of personal benefit have asked if there is a way for them to donate and support the work we do. Below we provide a number of ways and because we are a not-for-profit company every single penny donated or from our book sales goes towards The Way Back Group whether its helping to pay for hosting or towards the travel of teachers or the rental of halls so people can receive free lessons, it’s always appreciated and used to do good things.

However you can support us we all are just grateful that you’re even considering it as every little bit helps and can be less than the price of a coffee in your favourite coffee shop!

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