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Supporting The Way Back

A personal message from The Way Back Teacher and Founder Mark Zaretti

Mark Zaretti The Way Back Meditation Teacher I do not charge for any of The Way Back teachings, which removes the financial barriers to people receiving help and guidance for their spiritual and soul journeys. It's my way of "giving back" to the universe. Because I know that giving is the highest form of Love. I used my own finances and resources to manage the site, make all the videos, pay for the hosting and travel to see people and teach. I give it all to you gladly as it's my true life's work and calling and in 2018 I retired from my "day job" to focus completely on teaching The Way Back.
I've created this page because some of the kind people I've helped asked me if there is a way for them to donate. Making a small donation is the easiest way for you to support The Way Back and every donation goes towards The Way Back whether its helping to pay for hosting or paying towards the travel of teachers or the rental of halls so people can receive free lessons, it's always appreciated. Below you'll find several ways to support The Way Back.

We all are just grateful that you're even considering it as every little bit helps and can be less than the price of a coffee in your favorite coffee shop!

Whether you leave a donation or not I want you to know that we all appreciate your support however it comes. I know many people can't afford a donation which is why I've made the amounts very small. If you can't leave a donation then I totally understand and all we ask is that you share this site with others so that they can benefit from The Way Back guidance for themselves and subscribe to our youtube, facebook and instagram pages. Sharing is the greatest form of caring - thank you, Mark Zaretti.

Alternatively simply click here to donate any amount you want.