Lorna, Meditation teacher


    I have always been quite spiritual and had a belief that there was more to life. My son was at school with Mark Zaretti, the founder of The Way Back and over the years he had taught him meditation. In time I started learning too and experienced for myself what it is like to have access to this spiritual light and sound energy.

    One day I was lucky to survive what could have been a fatal motor accident and when I got home I realised that I really was being watched over by something higher. That was a spiritually affirming experience and I am aware of the connection I have to something special.

    I am happy to support people seeking The Way Back and help them if I can. We are all students and teachers on this journey.


    Author : The Way Back

    The Way Back is a not for profit group dedicated to sharing spiritual guidance, support, information and inspiration. Founded in 2018 by a number of advanced light and sound meditation teachers based in the UK The Way Back now supports people around the world.