I first started meditation in 2006 and received initiation in 2007. I have had a number of teachers but it was only when I met the other meditators who are part of The Way Back that I felt myself really progress. Through them I learnt much more about stillness and importantly that it is not all just about meditation.

    The revelation that behind it all is God and love has really been helpful and I’ve experienced for myself how powerful the “Soul Journey” is. I’ve helped teach and support a number of people over the years and I’m more than happy to help anyone who wants to learn more about The Six Virtues, Love and having God in their lives.


    Author : The Way Back

    The Way Back is a not for profit group dedicated to sharing spiritual guidance, support, information and inspiration. Founded in 2018 by a number of advanced light and sound meditation teachers based in the UK The Way Back now supports people around the world.